Monster Hunter, you're such a tease!

In case you didn’t know, Monster Hunter is a crazy-popular series in Japan and, unlike the US versions, has always been online. So it only seems justified that Capcom would place subscription fees, although fairly hefty, onto the fans. Probably because they know the fans would eat that up.

The prices stand at 800 Wii Points for thirty days, 1500 will get sixty days, and 2000 will go for ninety days. Don’t worry; if you aren’t sure that this floats your boat, you can always start with the fourteen-day free trial that arrives with the game.

The game isn’t even going to be localized outside of Japan, so why is this significant to us, you ask? Speculation flying around says that this may be the pricing scheme for Monster Hunter 3, which is being released worldwide. However, as previously mentioned, the pricing schemes for online has not been seen in the US, let alone the online, so the pricing for the game is still anyone's guess.

Does this mean the beginning of subscription gaming for Wii?