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    Now more complete

    After a half-year wait, Terraria is now also available on the 3DS's big brother system. The handheld release suffered from some annoying issues, mostly related to hardware limitations, so does the Wii U version fare any better? For those who weren't really interested in the game up until this point, Terraria is a 2D sandbox game...


  • News 505 Games Confirms Terraria Wii U Release Dates and Details

    Eight-player online multiplayer is in

    Terraria has made its way to the 3DS already, but due to the portable's limitations it doesn't deliver all of the features from the full-fat home console versions. The good news for Wii U fans is that firm release dates for the system's iteration have been confirmed, along with details on its various features...




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    A downsized download

    Originally released on PC back in 2011, Terraria could be described as a 2D sidescrolling Minecraft with graphics reminiscent of 16-bit games. Over the years it received many updates and eventually started getting ported to many other systems. Now it's finally Nintendo's turn to get the game, but does it still hold up or did too...



  • Video Terraria Shines on Wii U and 3DS

    The wait is almost over

    There were a load of indie games to try out at EGX this year, and many of those were on the Nintendo stand. One title with firm indie roots, although now outgrown its stable, is Terraria. As you no doubt know this is the 2D side scrolling Minecraft-a-like that actually has much more going for it than simplified block...