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  • News Mario Kart TV Web App Goes Live

    It actually works

    One of the new features of Mario Kart 8 is the ability to save, edit and share video highlights through Mario Kart TV. As we reported yesterday, those that have received copies early didn't take long to start uploading highlights to YouTube and Miiverse. The game is now out in Japan — in fact, Japanese gamers have had most of...

  • News Nintendo Reveals 'Mario Kart TV' Web App in Financial Results Briefing

    Connecting with NNID will provide extra features

    Earlier today we shared a report from Nikkei announcing a Mario Kart 8 website or app in translated comments from a Satoru Iwata press conference. Now that the translated investor briefing has been released we have some more firm details and a screen of the service in action. This will be a web...