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  • News ​Online Support is Being Cut For Disney Infinity

    Looks like it didn't go to infinity and beyond

    A couple months ago, it was announced that the ongoing Disney Infinity project is being shut down, its development studio shuttered, and that Disney is exiting the video game publishing business. Evidently, it was ultimately due to issues with turning profits from the overstock of unsold toys. It was...





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    Wii U

    Review Disney Infinity 3.0

    The Force is with it

    This year's Disney Infinity game has a trump card in play, Star Wars. This, along with some triple-A development assistance from the likes of Studio Gobo, Ninja Theory and Sumo Digital adds up to an impressive overall pedigree. The game itself comes in the now-standard Starter Pack, although this year if you already have a...


  • News Disney Infinity 3.0 Goes Big With Star Wars Content in Latest Trailer

    The nostalgia is strong with this one

    In the next month or so we'll have the battle of toys-to-life. Along with Skylanders SuperChargers and LEGO Dimensions we'll have Disney Infinity 3.0; it's going to be a hugely competitive - and expensive - battleground, and a particularly important one for Disney in light of momentum being lost with Infinity...

  • Video Here Are The Features In The Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box

    Now includes farming!

    In preparation for the North American release of Disney Infinity 3.0 on 30th August, Disney Interactive has released a trailer showcasing the new features and toys in the Toy Box 3.0. One of the highlights includes the addition of farming, where players can feed, clothe, and nurture townspeople sidekicks and then put them to...

  • News Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain Momentum

    Disney Interactive revenue falls by $58 million

    Prior to more recent releases such as Nintendo’s amiibo line, and even the upcoming heavy hitter, LEGO Dimensions, the toys-to-life category has been dominated by Activision’s Skylanders and the Disney Infinity play sets. With market saturation in the toys-to-life category now at an all-time high,...












  • Rumour Disney Infinity 2 Coming To Wii U, But Not Wii

    Job listing appears to confirm sequel is on the way

    Last year, we saw Disney Infinity hit multiple formats and impress with both its toy-based gameplay and commercial performance. Unsurprisingly for such a high-profile, family-friendly franchise, it would appear that Disney is keen to turn the series into a yearly event; a new job listing seems to...


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    Wii U

    Review Disney Infinity

    Infinite possibilities, infinite potential

    The first impression that some on the periphery have of Disney Infinity is that it can easily be written off as a direct copy of the Skylanders blueprint. In truth, what we have here is an action-adventure game that uses real-world figures and implements them in the video game as playable characters, which...


  • Review Disney Infinity Figurines

    Beyond Infinity, into your home

    To fully grasp the concept behind Disney Infinity, it’s important to understand that the whole game uses a meta concept in which things in-game also must exist in real life. Without delving too deep into theories or abstractions, the simplest way to put it is by saying that everything is a toy. Whether it’s the...

  • News Disney Infinity Producer Outlines The Features Available To Wii U Players

    Nintendo UK interviews John Day to find out more about the game

    Disney Infinity is now available on a plethora of platforms including Wii U, 3DS and Wii and there are a range of toys and playsets you can buy to beam into it for some virtual fun. To help give players a feel for the game and how it plays, Nintendo UK has interviewed Disney Infinity...