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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Downright offensive

Welcome to Young Justice: Legacy, where the mechanics don't work and "play" doesn't matter. The game purports to be a strategic turn-based experience but accomplishes nothing more than being a horrendous nightmare. It is astonishingly incompetent in every field. Its gameplay, engine, animations, and entertainment value are among the worst in class.

Its technical shortcomings are unbelievable — dropping our jaws to the floor with such speed that our chins cracked the Earth's crust — and its gameplay so mind-numbingly basic that our brains actively rejected it. Young Justice is one of the worst technical offenders the retail channel has seen since Superman on the Nintendo 64 cursed the world with its Fog Plague. At least that game had the sense to bake in its technical crappery into the fiction, even if its so-called "kryptonite fog" is one of the worst narrative justifications possible for that developer's inability to render the most basic of scenery.

The game is set in closed arenas, with usually no more than six polygonal characters on the field at once — three on your side, three bad dudes — and incredibly basic, flat-textured environments. Legacy's framework doesn't stray from the fundamentals of the strategy RPG: gameplay consists of you and the AI taking turns moving your crews around the board and bopping each other on the head in a poorly animated fashion. As the game is turn-based, only one character is generally animated at one time. It's hardly pushing the boundaries of what the 3DS is capable of, but the game acts as if its modest tasks are of a Sisyphean nature. The framerate and gameplay speed is comparable to a dead rat dipped in lead and buried 200 feet in the ground. The animations are so atrociously done that they transcend laughter and hit straight in the pity.

How bad could this possibly be?, you ask. Surely, you're exaggerating how poor the animations are?

To which we say: Robin's "heavy" attack animation actually sends Robin through the walloped character and off the screen, only to magically reappear at his starting point after what feels like 10 seconds. We didn't time it because we didn't have the heart to involve any other electronics.

As a 'strategy' 'game', Young Justice is heavily dependent on menus to get anything done. These menus are death traps for your sense of joy: they are unintuitive, obscure vital information, and nest so deeply that the simplest tasks require taps upon taps upon taps of the A button. It drags the pace of the game down but certainly accelerates the speed at which your 3DS will fly through your window. Want to move a character? OK, well, you need to select the option from the menu and press A, move the cursor to where you want the character to go on the field and press A, decide which direction you want the character to then face (which is not only entirely trivial but defaults to the direction of the nearest enemy) and press A, and then end your turn by pressing A. That's four button presses just to move — heaven forbid you want to do anything else during your turn.

The overzealous button pressing and drip-slow animations cause the speed at which the game moves to be, to put it lightly, slow. We're no doctors, but we reckon that in the time it takes to move a character five steps you can enter a coma, have a coma, and then awake from the coma before they arrive at their destination. Once there, you have to wrangle the satanic menus to attack, or defend, or what have you.

And good luck making sense of anything on the field. The camera obscures anything important if you're too close, making it then impossible to tell how much damage your character received until your next turn, at which point you can squeeze that information from the cold dead hands of the menus.


Young Justice: Legacy doesn't try to do a whole lot, but what the game does attempt to do is pulled off with spectacular atrocity. Quite literally everything about the game is terrible, from its shocking technical incompetence to its vacant design. Friends, don't let anyone play, speak of, look at, or ponder the existence of Young Justice: Legacy. Shoot on sight. Bury deep. Curse its grave. Honestly, just thinking about this game makes our blood boil.

Young Justice: Legacy is downright offensive.

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User Comments (49)



Tops said:

lol Were you competing for the lowest score after seeing the 2 that was handed out earlier today??



sinalefa said:

Is Philip training other reviewers in the art of writing funny reviews about bad games?



Anguspuss said:

I thought this had been canned.
What amazes me after soooooooooooooooo long that the likes of pele soccer Sega Mega drive/geneis arrived in shops at £9.99 (this was seriously cheap back then)before reviews & was a total crap fest we have 30+ years later still having game companys doing the same. Serious no quality control what so ever.
Didnt someone say STOP this is crap.

It really makes it hard to feel sorry when some companys go tits up.

PS Nintendo seal of quality aint worth RAHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Porky said:

Wait so how many hours of play is this game? And you didn't mention the plot or anything just the controls and flaws.. Seems like you played a little bit of it and stopped.



Kid_A said:

Wahlgren's reviews of bad games are just legendary. Amazing read!



palatinus said:

Likely since the TV show the game is based on was cancelled during production, the company stopped caring about the game knowing they had lost all of their tie-in publicity.



MegaAdam said:

@palatinus This seems to be what obviously happened, and development of the game was interrupted, but then the publisher tried to mitigate their losses by releasing the game as it was still in a middle stage of development, before optimization and bug fixes really began.



SheldonRandoms said:

If you think this is a 3DS eShop only game, then it's not, because i've seen this in stores, retail/physical versions, they exist! Gamestop has this game for about 11 bucks used, though Five Below will probably take in all the unsold copies......maybe, I don't know, if they want :I



Neeyahaha said:

How is the pressing of the A button anymore than in other strategy games like say FFTA? You choose whether you want to move or attack first (one press), choose a location (second press), choose a direction (which is moderately important (third press), and of course end your turn (fourth press). If you want to attack you're looking at another two to three more presses.



epicdude12302 said:

@SheldonRandoms I saw it at Gamestop in a physical copy too so I was confused when this was listed as a "3DS Eshop" game. I almost picked this up because it was only $10 at Gamestop and I was a fan of the show. Glad I didn't.



Giygas_95 said:

That was a pretty funny review. Especially the end: "Shoot on sight. Bury deep. Curse its grave. Honestly, just thinking about this game makes our blood boil. Young Justice: Legacy is downright offensive." Hah hah...Pretty funny Mr. Wahlgren! You're getting to be almost as good as Mr. Reed!



Genesaur said:

"Downright offensive," no doubt exacerbated by the fact that Young Justice is an awesome show.



Yoshi said:

This game is a shambling mockery of a game. You should be insulted that someone thought you were dumb enough to even consider buying this turd. If you ever see a rating of a one DO NOT even consider buying this game. RUN for your life!

An apt description for a game earning a 1.



Collision_Cat said:

Farsight Studios? This was made by the same people as the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of Action 52! I see their level of quality hasn't changed over the years!



Artwark said:

.......shovelware..........there just has to be shovelware at some point of time..........T_T



ToniK said:

Wanted to see some gameplay so watched a video on youtube. That was hilarious in a painful way. The textures looked like they were from '97 and the animations and effects.... yeah. Can't see why they bother.



Morpheel said:

I heard this TV show was cancelled because it got more popular with teenage girls and young female adults than its intended audience (young boys). After that, DC kind of just let it die in every sense.



Mk_II said:

@Anguspuss the Seal of Quality program has been stopped a long long time ago. Nintendo was forced to end it by the courts because third-parties claimed it was used to stiffle competition.



ashlyquin said:

....p....a....s...s....I....n...g.........o...u....t..........from..........bore-DUMB!..........ccccc......can't..........hold......on..........NOOOOOoooooo.......(flat line)



gregrout said:

We should have a moment of silence for the 3DS owners out there that bought this horrific screen saver.



wut said:

I owned this game for a short bit of time since it was advertised as having online play before it was released, there was no online play at all, just a terrible turn based crapfest. Glad I was able to resell it at a decent price before reviews started coming out on the game.



Windy said:

I had this game in my hands several times at GameStop. but, then all the comments from other reviews starting filtering through my head. this review just solidifies what others have said about the game. I guess it just stinks......and its not your run of the mill kind of stink. I was lucky enough to put it back each time.



Kolzig said:

Haha, not surprised the game was cancelled on at least Wii U. If the 3DS version is so shoddy and badly done for a game, then I can't even imagine how botched job they were going to do on HD quality.

Such a shame since the actual tv show was awesome, true Bruce Timm & co. quality. It's also a shame that it got cancelled because WB couldn't get toys sold.



Knuckles said:

I remembered that is game bombed, saw it on sale on the eShop for $4.99, and refound this humorous review. I figured if the game wasn't too bad, I wouldn't mind playing as Nightwing and Robin. Not for this quality.



sWiTcHeRoO said:

Jesus Christ everything about this review killed me from laughter. This is fantastic.

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