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Young Justice: Legacy (3DS eShop)

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One Will Rise. One Will Fall. One Will Die.

Experience an epic adventure that answers unsolved questions and includes never-before-seen action. Assemble your team, level up and customize your characters while traveling the globe in search of justice.

  • Play as 16 different heroes and battle 12 devious villains
  • Experience the dramatic events between seasons through a brand new original story
  • Be mentored by the best--Batman, Superman and more

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Downright offensive

Welcome to Young Justice: Legacy, where the mechanics don't work and "play" doesn't matter. The game purports to be a strategic turn-based experience but accomplishes nothing more than being a horrendous nightmare. It is astonishingly incompetent in every...

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SirQuincealot said:

this game still happening? the shows canncelled, and it doesnt seem like they'll make it for feburay, unless they own a time machine



wut said:

Don't buy this game. It is a very slow moving turn based game with no online multiplayer, despite it being advertised as having such and that being the reason I purchased the game. It doesn't feel like a complete game, just something they rushed out to make the already pushed back release date.

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