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palatinus commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

Yes, Sony built the sound chip for the system. They were part of the building of the system. Which is exactly what I said. I did not say the SNES was a full collaboration of Sony and Nintendo. That was something that Thanos somehow misunderstood. My point was that if the two companies were to collaborate now they could build a great system.



palatinus commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:


In the modern age a thing like a sound chip might seem like a somewhat trivial thing. This was definitely not the case in the time of the SNES. Also one of the things about the Genesis that was so crappy was the sound chip. Comparing the sound on the SNES to the Genesis is certainly a significant factor.



palatinus commented on SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Ope...:

When Sony and Nintendo built the SNES they made a wonderful system. Nintendo always seems to struggle to build hardware that appeals to 3rd party developers. If a Sony/Nintendo collabaration resulted in an amalgamation of the best aspects of both companies it could be an excellent result.



palatinus commented on Rumour: Mega Man Is Starring In A Mega Movie T...:

@MitchVogel @Megumi
Just wait for the video game adaptation of the movie. I'm sure it will be amazing. I mean, there will be some cosmetic changes to match the movie universe of course. He'll be a dark color instead of blue, because dark is in now. He'll be carrying a gun instead of having one for an arm because a gun arm makes the sex scenes too hard to do. And of course it will be a battle against terrorists and not Dr. Wiley. Also, he'll spend most of the game not wearing his helmet because we'll need to see the actors face unobscured. And he won't be a robot anymore. He'll be a guy in a robot suit. But really aside from a few minor details it'll be a great game. Also he won't really do a lot of platforming. It'll be more of a FPS. So, cool. New movie, better games. Great.



palatinus commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

Yay! Bonus footage in an HD remake. It's good to have even little touches added when a game gets a re-release. Sort of the opposite of the 25th anniversary release of Super Mario All Stars. Reminds me a bit of the Samus in a bikini at the end of Metroid only less shameless and sexist.



palatinus commented on Latest Splatoon Splatfest Results Are In, Eati...:

As far as the teams being uneven in a match . . . it seems to me that if one team has less people, someone from the opposing team should be randomly booted until it is even. I'd rather get booted from a match than play unbalanced matches.



palatinus commented on Nintendo Offers Humble Thanks For Condolences ...:

Times like this really prove out how Nintendo is more a part of our lives than just a distraction or form of entertainment. So the Wii U might not be the financial success that people may have wanted, but I would never want Nintendo to stop being Nintendo in order to make a buck. Whatever Nintendo does, as long as they do it in their own way, I'll be happy.



palatinus commented on Guide: How to Get Involved in Splatoon's First...:


It is not inconsequential to note that The Americas is where the largest chunk of Nintendo's profits come from and that the USA is the single largest source of income for them by country. It does seem a bit silly to not take major American holidays into account for the Splatfest. One thing I am thinking is that maybe this was an intentional move to reduce the total number of participants to cut down on server load.



palatinus commented on Fans Are Creating A Brand-New Quest For The Le...:

There are 2 main reasons.

1. There is a ton of overhead in releasing a new title. There are internal processes that are likely quite cumbersome including budgeting, staff assignment, marketing, programming, debugging, and so on. Then you have to go through all the external overhead like localizations, ratings systems, sales, etc.
2. Some companies do just churn out a bunch of games with the same engine but Nintendo fans don't seem to respond well in the marketplace to Nintendo doing that and so such a game would not have high sales expectations.



palatinus commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

The N64 was definitely the best multi-player system of its era and probably still one of the best to this day. The variety of multi-player titles, the built-in 4 controller support, and the analog stick really made this a fun system. I remember playing lots of Smash Bros, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Chameleon Twist, and Bomberman. That was all I played and there were so many more. I never got into Oot or Majora at the time this system was out because we were too busy playing multi-player. Although we used to play Mario 64 multiplayer by sharing the controller and setting challenges for each other.



palatinus commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd May (Europe):

Double Dragon II is the first Double Dragon game I played. My brother and I completed it when we were kids. I've never played a Double Dragon game I liked as much. If not for the wonky jump controls coupled with too much platforming considering how hard it was to jump, this would be one of my all-time favorites.



palatinus commented on One Piece: Unlimited World Red Is Getting A Ne...:

Kaze is right. One Piece manages to stay fresh and relevant despite how long its run. This is obviously due to the love and care its creator puts into the manga and how hard the anime creators work to bring that to the screen. I hope this game is a good one that does the series justice.



palatinus commented on Australian Ratings Board Reveals Portable Cast...:

Aria of Sorrow is my favorite of the three. I played it first and regretted that a little because it plays the best out of the three and it is hard to get into the other two after playing it. All three are great games though.