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Demon's Crest Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does this adventurous Ghosts 'n Goblins spin-off live up to expectations?

Fans of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series should be familiar with the rather annoying little demon Firebrand; he would be the main reason Arthur'd spend his time walking around the many levels of the games in his underwear. Capcom obviously thought enough of the guy to give him a series of his own, which began life on the Game Boy systems. Not content with these titles, Capcom decided to give the little guy his own Super Nintendo action release and the made it every bit as difficult as the Ghosts 'n Goblins titles as well. Okay, maybe not quite that tough, but you get the general idea.

To help make things a little easier, the control system used in Demon's Crest is lightyears ahead of the Ghosts & Goblins series. Not only do you have full mid-air control of Firebrand in this one, but you also have a wide range of attacks and special moves. You can jump and hover in mid-air, which makes avoiding some of the nasty obstacles in the game a tad easier. You also have the ability to grab onto walls, as well as thrust your shoulder into objects to break them open. But as helpful as all of these moves are, it's your ability to breath fire that will prove the most invaluable tool of all.

As if your wealth of gameplay moves isn't enough, you will also acquire items throughout your quest called Transformation Crests that will allow you to change into a much more powerful demon with special abilities, ranging from swimming, cutting vines, jumping higher and reducing the amount of damage you take from enemies. You can even purchase items such as potions that allow you to use magical spells that will definitely come in handy on some of the tougher levels and later bosses. It is worth mentioning that this game is not for the less-seasoned gamer and should be approached with caution for those that tend to find themselves easily frustrated. This is a game that's going to take a lot of playing in order to beat, so prepare yourself accordingly. But other than the stiff degree of difficulty, this is a terrific-playing game with a surprising amount of depth for a side scroller.

Fans of the Ghouls & Ghosts series are going to feel right at home in the nicely constructed worlds of Demon's Crest. Each area has a very spooky and distinctive look to it, complete with the high level of detail we've come to expect from Capcom. You'll see everything from graveyards and towers to the underwater city of Atlantis. Since this was one of the Super Nintendo's later games, you can rest assured that the visuals are some of the best the Super NES has to offer and the sheer level of detail, even in the distant backgrounds, is astonishing. You'll even see some nice drop-shadow effects when you're near the flames on the torches. The bosses in the game are huge, but the animation on some of the larger ones isn't quite as fluid as you might, but given the size and detail of these bosses, it's difficult to complain.

If you've played any of the Ghouls & Ghosts games, you're gonna have a pretty good idea of what the music in Demon's Crest is like. It features a spooky, pipe-organ style theme in most tracks that sets the mood perfectly for the game. It's also quite nice that most of the tunes are fairly long as to avoid the constant repeating of the same melodies over and over again. The game also sports some downright scary sound effects that do a really good job of showing off the Super Nintendo's sound capabilities.


It's hard not to find anything not to like about this game, despite it's difficulty. The ability to play the levels in different orders, not to mention the free-roaming feel of the game make playing it feel a little like an rpg at times. The fact that it's also chock-full of gameplay elements just further makes the game endearing and enjoyable. It's fairly safe to say that if you loved the Ghosts 'n Goblins titles you're going to love this spin-off and even if you're not a big fan, you might find that the added playability of Demon's Crest might be enough to make a fan out of you.

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User Comments (37)



JayArr said:

Wow, I didn't see that high of a score coming! Once again, a very nice SNES Friday review.



Corbs said:

I had forgotten how good the game was. So much stuff to do.



Noire said:

Nice review Corbie; I like the sound of this game. While I don't think I'll ever get the chance, if I see it lying around I'll be sure to give it a shot.

Also, Super Nintendo Review Fridays ftw. Nothing better on Friday than to read a review dedicated to my fav system ever.



Devil_Hunter_Dante said:

@Corbie Thanks for the review. This will help when I look at retro games ! I cannot remember if I played this before. Me and my cousin back in the NES and then SNES days used to rent a ton of games.



WanderFan91 said:

I love a good challenge from a game! :) I'm not scared to admit that I played and replayed Super Ghouls'n Ghosts many a time because of how challenging it is. Now I'm more than convinced; I should give this a go sometime. Good review, Corbie. :)



WolfRamHeart said:

Excellent review Corbie! This is another game that I never got the chance to play. I feel like I'm really missing out on a great game and I would love to see this come to the Virtual Console one day.



ReZon said:

I have to admit that I never even knew this game existed, and I absolutely LOVE Super Ghouls N Ghosts (SNES) and Ghouls N Ghosts (Genesis).

Here's hoping to see it on the VC.. because there's no way I'm paying what people are asking on eBay!



JamieO said:

Absolutely brilliant, I try to guess what the next 'Super Nintendo Review Friday' game will be and Corbie pulls it out the bag with a "surprise, check this out!".
What a fantastic location for a game, it was ingenious of Capcom to take Red Arremer / Firebrand and place him in his own context for the 'Ghosts and Goblins' universe, improving the controls, adding character abiilty progress and still keeping the notoriously unforgiving difficulty level. They tested the water with the Game Boy and took advantage of the hardware. The SNES drew the best out of Japanese developers like Capcom and Konami, they were mighty fine days, indeed.
It was superb for Capcom to take the stunning visuals for 'Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts' and turn them up a notch. Such a well deserved 9/10. I do not own this game, yet this review has provided inspiration for me to head over to eBay (I have to admit, I need to buy this game pronto, but just like just like @ReZon mentioned it ranges from £16 to £57 as a US import, I must choose the seller wisely).
Like the past two Fridays, cheers as always, @Corbie .



WanderFan91 said:

I guess I may not get this game from eBay anytime soon. I had made a vow not to pay past $50 for some time now.
Though I do wish this game would hit the VC, someday, too. :( Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'd love get a chance to play it.



Sabrewing said:

Firebrand needs a new game. And don't think I'm just saying this to empty air; as a kid, I used to write Capcom letters all the time. Not that it helped much, since I was writing their American division. :P

@#14: Gargoyle's Quest II would probably show up first.



primeris said:

One of my all-time SNES faves, and one of the few titles I'd pay for again to have on the VC! And it kicks G&G's ass any day.



JamieO said:

@y2josh (comment 12). Cheers for the Amazon link, only one left now, has a Nintendo Life reader picked up the other? It would be really cool if @Corbie 's review and @y2josh 's link combined to persuade a retro gamer to get hold of this cracking game.
I have not bought much from Amazon, do you know if they ship internationally? I can not tell if this one is boxed with instructions. http://bit.ly/lnmL5
My only other choice is a cartridge only eBay sale. I simply can not afford a £60 fully boxed/ instructions copy.



Sage_Joch said:

I really hope this comes to the VC, together with Gargoyle's quest II for NES. I have not yet played any of these titles, but i did own and enjoy the first gargoyles quest for the game boy. I really liked that game...



Sneaker13 said:

The Gameboy game was amazing. I really want to play this one. Nintendo, release it for VC already.



Jockolantern said:

This game was and still is outstanding. Terrific review, Corbie! I really hope Nintendo gets wise and puts this and Gargoyle's Quest II on the VC sooner or later.



y2josh said:

@JamieO: It depends on the seller I believe. I bought straight from Amazon Canada and they did ship to America, but I kinda doubt the regular sellers on there do.

Just checked: "International Standard: 3 to 6 weeks ( may take 8 to 12 weeks due to customs delays)"



Kafei2006 said:

Played this game years ago and i still remember it fondly. A well deserved 9 IMO.



deggs said:

i love this game. i play it all the time. it truely is one of the best games on the console. the original gargoyle's quest was awesome as well. tons of fun... i never got a chance to play gargoyle's quest 2 but i'm truly hoping for a vc release of that game. it's almost absurd that neither GQ2 or DC have made a vc appearance. even on super gameboy, the fist game is still quite enjoyable. this is definitely an amazing series that deserves another chance for a comeback.

i remember reading somewhere that supposedly, this game was a huge financial flop for capcom (as was the second GQ game). supposedly, they were quite baffled too considering the first game sold so well. i think part of the reason for the first game's success stems not only from the fact that it was a solid game but that it was probably one of the best, if not the best game out for the original gameboy in its early days (if possibly bested only by metroid 2, operation contra and nemesis).

a vc game in the series would def be amazing. an amazing return to 2d gaming that would respark interest in the original series... i really wonder what's stopping capcom from putting this and GQ2 out. it's really a shame that vc fans don't get the chance to enjoy this



deggs said:

watch out though. this game basically contains some of the most frustrating gaming i've ever experienced in an enjoyable title. there definitely are times when i get livid at dying mid stage... that said, that's the way games used to be back in the day. that said, the difficulty ramps up pretty evenly and fairly though. the early stages are just easy enough to get you hooked to the game.



CanisWolfred said:

Was this game ever included on a collection? I never played Ghosts 'n' Goblins, but I might give this a try(if it's on one of those zillion collections Capcom put out).



Sabrewing said:

#26: Nope. The Gargoyle's Quest games (of which Demon's Crest is technically the third) have never been published on anything beyond their original cartridge.



deggs said:

one last thing, personally, i can't stand the ghosts n' goblins games. for some reason, i never liked the series right from the beginning. i hated the c64 game, the nes game, and i despised the snes game (though i did really like ghouls and ghosts for a while when the genesis first came out, seeing as it was one of the better early genesis tittles).

this gq/dc series plays nothing like that series. it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun. trust me...



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, this one's been pretty frustrating so far. Still, it's a very good game, with lots of options, and NO LIVES. Really, for a hard game, it really comes off as forgiving. It's the bosses that drives me crazy.:(



minneyar said:

Demon's Crest is really one of my favorite SNES games. I rented it on and off for years before I finally found a used cartridge for sale, and I still pull it out to play it occasionally; in fact, I found this article because I've been playing it again for the last few days and decided to do a search for it...

Overall the difficulty is pretty even; some of the bosses are tough, but taking the time to figure out their patterns and work out a dodging strategy will help a lot. If all else fails, there are few bosses that you can't just steamroll over if you walk in with a full set of Ginseng potions. The non-linear nature of the game also means you can usually just leave and go look for powerups somewhere else.

The only boss that's just frustratingly hard is the "secret" final boss, and I can forgive that, given that he's a bit of a secret and there's no benefit to beating him other than bragging rights.



CanisWolfred said:

Well, IMO, it is very hard, it's just that it's incredibly forgiving, so you can learn from your mistakes and get better at it.



GearsOfWarU said:

I've Never played this but am a Huge fan of Super Ghouls N Ghost .... Hope this comes to The Nintendo Wii U eShop

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