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Demon's Crest (Super Nintendo)

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Collect the six elemental stones, and gain the power to conquer all realms!

The Demon's Crest consists of six magical stones that when combined will give the holder power to rule all. The inhabitants of the Demon Realm had long fought for possession of this infinite power until one gargoyle emerged victorious: the red demon known as Firebrand. At the end of his final battle, Firebrand was ambushed by his nemesis, Phalanx, and the stones are stolen.

Now, Firebrand must recover the stones before humans and demons fall under Phalanx's sinister rule. Breathe fire, claw walls, and hover across seven intense levels of the Demon Realm. Gain new transformations and abilities as you fight your way through Phalanx's forces. With three different endings to experience, twenty-five hidden items to discover, and six magical stones of cosmic power to control, can you save the realms from total anarchy?

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Posted by Corbie Dillard


Fans of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series should be familiar with the rather annoying little demon Firebrand; he would be the main reason Arthur would spend his time walking around the many levels of the games in his underwear. Capcom obviously thought enough...

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Saber said:

They really need to put this on the VC so I could finally play it after 10 yrs



Ryno said:

Fantasitic game, get your self a SNES and a copy of this!



Retrogamer88 said:

i love this game,lucky for me my cousin has a cart of this game so when ever i see him i have to ask to barrow it,and yeah if it were on VC alot more people could play a great game they never knew about it in the first place,i hope on the wii U VC they make it so we the gamers get to vote on games we want to play and not them telling us what to play because its a shame games like this and some others dont get to see the light of day on the VC which i thought was so people could experience games there childhood or for people playing them for the first time



edgedino said:

I cant wait for this to finally come and I have nvr played a ghost'n'goblins game but this just looks cool.



mozie said:

Hope this comes to pal regions soon, an old favorite that I would love to play through again.

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