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Posted by Philip J Reed

Beware of incoming duds.

Welcome to Incoming!, a game of projectile combat. You command a tank (or a small group of tanks), and you will be expected to demolish the other tank (or small group of tanks) by adjusting the angle and velocity of each shot. You've played games like this before, and you've probably enjoyed them. In fact, the first time you play this game, you'll take one look at the screen and say, "Oh, this game is like such-and-such!" Enjoy that flash of recognition; it's probably the only joy you'll get from Incoming! whatsoever.

When you boot up the game, the first thing you'll see is the menu screen. Or, we should say, the first thing you'll see is a static image of the game's logo, which you'll realize is the menu screen after it doesn't go away. There are no words (apart from "Incoming!" in the logo), and the whole thing reeks of prototype. It's sort of like the early days of DVD, when you'd just get some unflattering screen grab and one or two options to choose from, except those early DVD menus at least told you what the options were!

Two of the game's options are easy enough to figure out. The uppermost button features one silhouette, and one beneath it features two. So that's one-player and two-player mode. Easy. The third (and final) option is not quite so straight forward. It looks kind of like a stylized Wii Remote and nunchuk, so I expected it to be an option for customizing the controls. (Note to developers: if you're going to eschew all text in favor of icons, at least make sure those icons are vaguely recognizable.) Selecting it, however, just brings you to the credits.

No, not a credits sequence, just another static screen with the same logo and some typewritten credits down the side. Obviously we don't need flashy introductions or credit sequences to enjoy a game, but in this particular case, it's just depressingly symptomatic of how little effort went into Incoming! at all. Basically, if a corner could be cut, it was cut. I have nothing against a game that streamlines itself for the sake of efficiency, but in the case of Incoming!, this streamlining seems to have sacrificed everything fun.

There is--to be perfectly blunt--no fun to be had with this game. Anywhere.

When you start a single-player game, you choose the color of your tanks, and that's about all there is in the way of customization. You can't give your team members silly names as you can in the Worms series, you can't change the default control setup, you can't change the sound-effect volume (though you'll wish you could), and you can't even stick a Mii to your save file. You simply choose a color and that's the last option for customization you'll ever see. (We're lucky they even gave us that much!)

The game begins with one tank on each side of the screen. You control the tank on the left, and the computer controls the one on the right. The object, obviously, is to defeat your opponent before he defeats you. A direct hit does a good deal of damage, a glancing hit does a small deal of damage, and a miss causes no damage, no matter how close you were to the target (there is no blast damage). Your projectiles look and behave like cannonballs.

There are only two things you can do at any point in the game: fire upon your opponent, and move from side to side. Limiting? Yes. But that wouldn't be so bad if the control wasn't so horrible. In order to fire, you point at your tank with the Wii Remote, hold A, and drag the cursor diagonally upward. An arrow will appear, showing you the angle and velocity (via the arrow's length) at which your shot will travel. (It does not take arc or gravity into account.) Releasing A fires the projectile, and a few seconds will pass before you can fire again.

Moving your tank, oddly, uses the same control scheme, except that you drag the cursor to the left or to the right, rather than upward to the left or right. When you do this, a flag will appear somewhere on the ground. You position the flag where you'd like your tank to move, and then you release A, which starts your tank rolling slowly to where the flag was. Has there ever, in the history of real-time combat gaming, been a more convoluted way to move your character slightly to the left? And because the moving/firing mechanisms are controlled identically, you will often end up firing when you meant to move, or moving when you meant to fire. Triggering either event locks the tank into an action that can't be followed up on for another few seconds, so prepare to be continuously frustrated.

Strategy goes out the window when playing against the computer, because the enemy seems to just fire randomly. You can't have a strategy against chaos (it's impossible), so all you can do is sit there and press A and drag your cursor over and over again until you kill them. Or until they kill you. Whichever happens first, you'll just be glad it finally happened. Tanks take a lot of damage, and the gameplay never changes from the standard press-drag-wait pattern. Over and over again. Press, drag, wait. If you really want to, you can roll back and forth, but the movement is so sluggish, unresponsive and imprecise that you're just as likely to roll into the line of fire as out of it. Everything you do in this game feels like you're controlling your tanks not with buttons and levers, but with long rubber bands tied to those levers from several miles away. About the only good thing I can say about the controls is they allow you to fire straight up into the air and kill yourself.

As you complete levels, additional elements will be added to the game, but they don't so much improve the game as they do compound its issues. You'll start of battling tanks one on one. Then you'll move on to two on two and three on three. You'll gain the ability to launch rockets (as will your enemy), and while this sounds cool, you have no control over them. You just point at the rocket icon that appears and press A; a rocket will launch, and you'll hope for the best. Hooray. You can also shoot down your opponent's rockets by -- you guessed it -- pointing at them and pressing A. (Why do developers forget that the Wii Remote has more than one button? Could you imagine playing Super Mario Bros. if every action -- including movement -- was mapped to the A button?)

Eventually power-ups will start raining from the sky. If you highlight one and -- all together now! -- press A, you'll snag it. These can range from a temporary shield to special one-time freeze-shots, and things of that nature. None of them affect the gameplay at all. You're still pressing A, dragging, and releasing. The same way. Over, and over, and over again. You're not likely to come out of this war with PTSD, soldier...but you just might end up with Repetitive Stress Disorder.

If you win a battle, you're punished by having to play another round. If you are defeated, a Stephen Hawking sound-alike bleats out YOU LOSE!!, which, to be honest, is the highlight of the entire game.

Two-player mode should have been this game's saving grace, but...well...it's no better. We enlisted the help of a Nintendo Life outsider to test the multiplayer (local only), and boredom was vocalized (repeatedly) before the first round was even over. It's no different from the single-player campaign in terms of gameplay, but there are a few more options for customization here. Namely you can turn the rockets / power-ups on or off, you can adjust the speed of play, and you can set the number of rounds. We chose to play a marathon best-six-of-eleven match (the longest you can select), and it was just awful. The only additional fun provided by competing against another human is the chance to laugh about how bad the game is with somebody else.

The graphics aren't so bad. Each of the backgrounds is pretty cool, and we did like the stage with the Earth rising behind the action, but they're not nearly enough to save this game. The music is your basic Casio techno-rock, and it's nothing you'll find yourself humming later. The sound effects range from the passable to the dreadful; my personal favorite being the sound of the cannonball hitting a tank, because it sounds like an acorn dinging somebody's fender.


From the creators of such classics as Pong Toss and WD-40 Spray Game it’s fair to say that we didn’t have high hopes for this game, but this really is an all time low for JV Games. If you've played Incoming! for only thirty seconds, you've gotten just as much out of it as if you've played for several hours. There is nothing this game has to offer that can't be found elsewhere in a superior form. The graphics are passable, but the music is completely forgettable, and the gameplay absolutely reprehensible. In short, this game is recommended only to parents who are tired of their kids asking for more Nintendo Points; buy them this game, and they will never ask you for points again.

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User Comments (86)



Mabbit said:

woohoo 3rd 1/10 for wiiware!! thats too bad though, i wanted to get this game



Mabbit said:

yeah this is like the depression of wiiware. we havent had a great game recently



Knux said:

OUCH!! I knew this game was going to be a pile of dung! Congratulations on your 1st review, Chicken Brutus! JV Games should be proud of themselves, they have finally made a game WORSE then Pong Toss!



Egg_miester said:

scary when pong toss is better then the companys new game, i got turned off from buying the game by the eyes on the tanks now i am really glad i didn't get it



Philip_J_Reed said:

@ P.D4NG3R:
"You guys should review non-blantant shovelware next."

Trust me, I would have loved to review something else. I did actually expect that this game would be decent...I guess I won't make that mistake again!

Thanks for the congrats, Wiiperson11. I think Dazza tried to scare me away by assigning me this review.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I thought the premise held a bit of promise but after I saw the trailer I was ready to completely label this as shovelware with nothing good about it. I wasn't surprised by this review at all and it re-confirmed some of the thoughts I had about it perfectly. CB, great review. You could've easily just been like "Shovelware. Not fun. Avoid it all costs." but you went into detail to explain why the game should be avoided and how poor the game really is. Clearly the devs haven't learned their lesson... Can't wait to see more reviews from you... that is if Dazza hasn't already scared you away.

This is absolutely terrible for Nintendo to approve a game like this but... I just hope this doesn't even make it into the Top 20 this week. It'll be quite sad if it does.

@P.D4NG3R: Don't call Ant Nation shovelware, especially if you haven't even played the flippin' game.



Machu said:

When I first saw this game a week ago, for a moment I prayed it was a remake/port of that cool Dreamcast game. It wasn't, but I still held out hope, until the chicken got brutal on it, ouch!

Ty 4 the heads-up, I was tempted.



Vendetta said:

Congrats and good job on your first review, Chicken. Too bad it was on such a clunker. Tell us honestly, did Corbie lobby for an extra star for their drawing eyeballs on the tanks?



pixelman said:

Awesome review Chicken. I knew the game was trash the second I saw those over-used-in-every-flash-game freeware explosions.



paulcmnt said:

These 1/10 reviews are the best to read.
Though to be honest, I don't think your criticism of the fact that you do everything by pressing A is fair. It really shouldn't be a problem unless of course, you end up doing something else than what you intended.

EDIT: Also, congratz on your 1st review. I hope you had fun. The review was very clear and well formulated.



Terra said:

I guess my early judgement was right for once. This is complete shovelware. We get Karate Phants, you guys get Incoming. Two 1 star games in a matter of days is just appalling. I feel sorry for anyone who did buy this or was given this.

Oh, and congratulations on your first review Chicken B, great review but I'm sorry you got this game. Quite the baptism of fire for your NL reviews



thewiirocks said:

@Chicken - Great review! I love the one-liners! Your review had me in stitches.

Sorry the game didn't turn out better. I know you had high hopes for it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Good point, but that's exactly what happens in this game, sadly. The firing/movement controls are nearly identical, and, as the review mentions, you'll very often end up doing one when you meant to do the other.

Pressing A to do everything is fine if there's a clear way of distinguishing between what you're doing. If you press A on a tank, you might move or you might fire. If you press A in the air you might shoot a rocket down or you might grab a powerup. I wouldn't complain about simple controls if they actually worked.

Different buttons would have been a huge help, and there's no excuse for not at least mapping movement to the d-pad or nunchuk. That would have improved the game greatly...maybe even bumping it all the way up to a 3!



Omega said:

I think everything can be sold with the right advertising. Even the biggest flash-crap. I'm sure that many people (who don't read reviews) buy this game only because they think that grim-looking tanks are funny and somehow cute. Congratulations, Chicken Brutus. Nice to see that they don't fool you. Make mince meat out of them!



Pahvi said:

I'd rather read 1/10 reviews to tell me to avoid some games than see them just ignored. And sometimes what looks like shovelware might turn out to be a surprisingly fun game... not that I'm saying this applies to Incoming! (based on this review, I really doubt it).



MarkyVigoroth said:

This was your 1st review?
...in all seriousness, Corbie should have been the one to rate this, partially to spare you having to play this as your first review, and partially because Corbie (and I?) actually likes those tanks with eyes.



warioswoods said:

Chicken, I am pleased that you are a reviewer now; your writing voice here is enormously entertaining throughout. And, this might suck for you, but you're so entertaining with bad games that I recommend they just ship all the shovelware over to you henceforth.



Metang said:

OUCH. That's WiiWare's third 1/10 and only one 10/10.

And congrats on your first review, Chicken Brutus!



accc said:

Nice review Chicken! I guess this must be like a hazing ritual for becoming a reviewer here, having to review a shovelware game first before you can move on to the good stuff



Modern_Legend said:

Im starting to like the beatdown's our mods are laying down now, now companies really gotta be serious now lol



Objection said:

Yay awful games! Their reviews are often more fun to read than good ones. Thanks for taking the bullet, CB. Nice job.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I clicked on this review expecting a low score, but when I scrolled down and saw the 1/10, I was still a bit surprised. It's hilarious, though; I just yelled out "OOOHHH, BUUURRRN!" and laughed loudly enough to draw my mom's attention from a floor away.

I knew this game would be crap the instant I learned who made it, but I couldn't possibly conceive of it being THIS bad! I feel sorry for anybody who thought it had even the slightest chance of being fun, though.

Oh, and I did actually read the review to see WHY it got the 1/10, too. That's just sad. How could their production values have dropped THAT much from their previous release?



Philip_J_Reed said:

Fun fact: I just found out that this release comes almost exactly one year after the release of Pong Toss.

Happy anniversary!



MrDanger88 said:

WTF I called Ant Nation shovelware? When? Where? I want to play the damn game but I want a review first to see if I want to spend 700 points on it. Stop accusing.



SwerdMurd said:

Cee Brue - didn't realize this was your first review! It was awesome (a bit long winded, but I enjoyed it so much who cares?) and I feel 1/10 is more than justified...it's seriously games like these that aggrivate me as a developer....I mean you have a team of people capable of programming, good graphical work, and who have a license to develop WiiWare, and they turn out games like this. I just don't see how games this unplayable can get through a development cycle with out someone, somewhere along the line going "Yeah you guys know this is feces, the Wii game, right?"



Ricardo91 said:

Another timeless classic from JV Games...

I knew this game was gonna be sh!te the minute I saw those buggy-eyes, uglu tanks. Great first review, Brutus! These reviews of bad games are always a fun read! Hopefully though the next game you review will be slightly better.



Stevie said:

Nice review CB, brutally honest and entertaining at the same time. I hope someone from JV Games reads this and asks themselves some serious questions. For us at NL it is ok as we would not touch this game with a ten foot barge pole now, but for people who don't know any better and actually buy this game, well they are basically being robbed. If i worked at JV Games i would not be proud to put my name to this POS.



Golgo said:

When oh when is Cave Story coming out? Please, this glut of dreary WiiWare titles (S&S notwithstanding) must be brought to an end.



BrazCanaMan said:

Wow! another 1/10...
JV Games really sucks if they managed to screw up such a simple game premise. Seriously, they should find another line of work 'cuz this ain't working for them.



Adam said:

I'm still waiting for the first 0/10 review. Come on, guys, it'd be funny.



WolfRamHeart said:

Fantastic first review Chicken Brutus! I knew that this game was going to suck but I didn't realize it was going to be this bad! I'm sorry that they stuck you with such a turd but you made the best of the situation with a really entertaining review! I just love your review style! I find it very informative and hilarious; it was a such a delight to read! I'm really looking forward to your next review! Keep up the great work!



Corbs said:

Great review Philip. I'd also like to second the "assign all shovelware to Chicken" sentiment. How about it Daz?



Dazza said:

@Adam - Our system doesn't allow for 0/10 yet. It would have to be a very special exception like a videogame that somehow gives you a life threatening disease to warrant that! haha

@Corbie - You're not getting away from the calculators and clock apps THAT easily! mwwwoohhahahaa



Metang said:

"In short, this game is recommended only to parents who are tired of their kids asking for more Nintendo Points; buy them this game, and they will never ask you for points again."

LOL. Maybe we should have Chicken Brutus review all the shovelware games.

@iSonic, #40: Didn't you say that about Karate Phants, but you said elephants instead of tanks?



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:



Back on topic, I'm actually not suprised by the 1/10. I mean, it's from the maker of one of WiiWare's worst games.



Metang said:

@Olimar_91: Well it is JV Games.

This game might as well be a prototype. Seriously, a static menu screen with "Incoming" being the only word? That is just half-assed.



BrazCanaMan said:

Ya.. I was actually just thinking that, and because of the low price and cutesy graphics it will sell. I just hope it doesn't make the top 10. 'Cuz if it does, you know we'll see another "masterpiece".



Swiket said:

@56: We all knew that, we just decided not to tell you.

Can't wait to see an Ant Nation review.



Ren said:

awesome review! very funny. I had a feeling about that one just from looking at those screenshots.



JayArr said:

How good a review about such a horrible game be so good? Nice job man.

Hopefully you get a better game for next one. Tales of Monkey Island, perhaps?



Chatham said:

Wow Brutus, thank you for saving my ass from terrible games! Glad to see you reviewing now!



Bloodact said:

Sorry I origionally posted this on the top 20 and it belongs here.

Hello all,
I was a tester for Incoming and we’re not supposed to comment or interfere with any review but (Sorry Jag if you’re reading this) I just can’t let this go.

If you hate the game or the company – Fine.
Before you start, I know… A review is an opinion.
I do believe though that when someone calls themselves a reviewer they are saying to the world that they are qualified to be impartial and give fair and logical opinions.

Here are some of my problems with this review and why I make such a statement.
1) Why so much emphasis on the title screens? I’m having a hard time believing you can’t tell the difference between the icons showing 1 and 2 player or the relationship of dog tags to mean credits. You didn’t like the fact that the credit screen didn’t scroll… Really? The credit screen is a place the developers should have spent more time on?
Is the title screen really less static then Onslaught?
The title screen should be a simple mechanism to get to the game-play; I don’t understand what you were expecting.
2) Can’t attach your Mii’s – Nintendo will not allow their Mii’s to be utilized on any game that depicts violence. – That is something every reviewer should know.
3) I don’t think you’re fully grasping the design or the strategy line. The mentality is, the missiles never miss their target but can be shot down. The tanks’ firing is more difficult but can’t be stopped. The strategy and skill comes into play by being able to pay attention and defend what your opponent is doing all the while trying to take him out. Chaos is the whole idea of the game.
4) Nintendo went to great lengths to develop a controller that takes away the complexity. It’s the main reason the system is so popular. Why create controller complexity by assigning buttons when they’re not needed? How many other Wiiware games only use the “A” button (World of Goo, Defend your Castle)? But yet Incoming is criticized for it. When you compare your cons with other games that were rated very high, they are the same.

As I said before if you consider yourself a reviewer, have the integrity to be fair.



Bibberishly said:


"How many other Wiiware games only use the “A” button (World of Goo, Defend your Castle)? But yet Incoming is criticized for it. When you compare your cons with other games that were rated very high, they are the same."

The controls in those games actually worked. The controls in Incoming were broken.


"Can’t attach your Mii’s – Nintendo will not allow their Mii’s to be utilized on any game that depicts violence. – That is something every reviewer should know"

One word: Bomberman

And also, hi guys!
Im new here!




Bibberishly said:

Hi Corbie!

I've been reading your reviews ever since Wiiware World was still around. You're my favorite reviewer! Your reviews are really funny, and your avatar is awesome.



Bloodact said:

The controls aren't broken, they work very well but we'll leave that to a matter of opinion.
Philip is clearly frustrated at the fact that you only press the "A" button to play the game. My point - there are many games where you only press the "A" button but they were never ridiculed for it.

What version of Bomberman are you playing? Those aren't Mii's.



Crazed said:

Does NintendoLife have a beef against their new reviewers? First you gave Sean Karate Phants, then you give Chicken Brutus Incoming. It's almost like reviewing a 1/10 game is part of the test to become a NL reviewer. Harsh...

@Bloodcat- I think Bibberishly is refering to Bomberman Blast, but I'm not sure. However, I know for a fact that sword-fighting is one of the mini-games in the upcoming Wii Sports Resort, and that's technically violence (it's very mild, but still counts as a loophole )



Bibberishly said:


Bomberman Blast has the option to play as a Mii, and technically, it is violent
And also, Chicken Brutus was simply stating that you should have added more control schemes. Keep debating, I could do this all day...



Swiket said:

Not to mention, Punch-Out!! used Miis for save files,and Miyamoto worked on the game himself.



Bigby said:

Well I bought Incoming and I've pretty much been playing it all day.
Admittedly I tend to disagree with some of the reviews here and this one is no exception. I would have given World of Goo a much higher rating I loved that game.
While Incoming will never win any awards it's a pretty fun game and I feel it didn't deserve a 1, there is a lot worse (subject to opinion).
I mentioned somewhere that it reminded me of Defend Your Castle, being a twitch game and all. I think it comes pretty close to that mentality.
Once you get used to the controls it works well and the strategy really comes out in later levels when everything really speeds up and the computer becomes much more accurate.
I somewhat agree with Chicken that the controls are a little wonky at first but I think I know why he didn't like it. If you do a shallow shot (keeping the pointer close to the front of the tank, it might go into movement mode unless you raise the pointer higher.) The trick here is to do high shots because they do more damage. I think the developer was trying to force the player away from doing those type of shallow shots, because it's so easy to to gauge and hit the opponents tank.
There could have been much better explanation here instead of just having to figure it out. It took me awhile to understand why the damage was always different when you hit the tank.
It was kind of weird that the first couple of starter levels seemed much harder then the middle. Once the missiles came into play, it seemed to get easier for a long time (I really like super hard games so this might just be me.).
Single player - I'm currently on level 64 and it's getting tough but surprisingly i'm not sick of it. As I write i'm kind of wanting to play again but my wrist is too jacked up from playing all day (Defend your Castle did the same thing to me, I couldn't stop playing that either.)
Like all things multi-player, that is the most fun for us. Unfortunately right now I have an unfair advantage over the rest of my family, ive been playing it so much.
Im kicking their a$$e$$
The marathon mode is really kind of odd or dumb even. I guess I can understand it if you have 2 great players that just want to see whos the best. The most fun of course is just playing with everything turned on.

I don't think im qualified to give a score but in my opinion for 5 bucks and if you liked Defend you Castle, you'll get just as much enjoyment out of Incoming.

Doing reviews is kind of fun - Corbie is their a job opening



Bibberishly said:

Well, I downloaded this game via homebrew, and I decided to write a little review on it

The main menu itself works, but with some flaws. When you start the game, you are given a picture a one person, and a picture of two people below it, and that of course is the single player and multiplayer options. However, the option under the multiplayer button was rather confusing. I still don't know what it is a picture of, but when you select it, it takes you to a rather simple credits screen. You are not given any settings to turn down the music or sound effects in the game, or change the control scheme, and while this is not crucial, it would have nice to have them there. You are given the option to choose the color of your tanks, though. Overall, this game has a bare-bones low budget look and feel to it.

Ok, there is only one song in the WHOLE GAME. The song itself fits the game pretty good, But JV Games could have made it to where every three or four levels, the music changes. After ten or fifteen minutes, you'll probably get a headache from hearing the same song repeat itself over and over again. The sound effects are pretty basic, with generic "booms" and "clanks". For some reason, your tanks make a beeping noise when they move, like they're pretending to be a tractor or something. If there was an option to turn down the music, it wouldn't be so bad. JV Games could have put some more effort into this category.

Once again, there's just not much here. Your tanks, and all of their ammunition is animated well, as are the missiles. For every five levels you complete, the background changes. However, there are only three backgrounds. So after playing for a while, they start to get repetitive. And everything in the background is perfectly still. Nothing moves at all. For example, in the space background, planet Earth is right in the center, behind your tanks. It just sits there. It would have been nice if it would have rotated, or exploded, or grew a mouth and sneezed for all I care. Just do SOMETHING! Everything here works, but there is nothing special.

The idea here is to destroy the enemy tanks. You do this by shooting what look like cannonballs at your opponent. You can also move left and right to dodge bullets, or get closer to the enemy. Later on in the game you get missiles. Missiles do a lot more damage than tanks, but they can be shot down using one of your planes that constantly hover in the sky. The farther the missile is from your plane, the longer it will take for your plane's bullet to reach you enemy's missile. You can also shoot powerups that fall from the sky. When you shoot a powerup, it applies it to one of your missiles. Powerups have different abilities, such as causing an explosion, or splitting your missile up into three pieces. The gameplay works pretty good, and you can develop a strategy against the enemy tanks.

To fire, You Select a tank with the A button, and draw a vertical line towards the tank you want to shoot. To move, you select one of your tanks with the A button, but instead of drawing a vertical line, you move a little yellow flag to where you want to move. To fire a missile, you simply click on an icon to the left. The icon shows you which tank it will shoot. To shoot down a missile, point at it, and press A. To shoot a powerup, do the same thing, point at it, and press A. The controls are executed well, but it would have been nice to have been able to use the nunchuck to move, and the Wii Remote to fire.

For five dollars, Incoming! is easy to pick up and play. I definitely don't think it deserved to get a one out of a ten. If you liked Defend your Castle, I would recommend that you get Incoming!.



Bigby said:

Dude you pirated the game... Bad form and very uncool...

Good review though, much more detailed then mine
Audio - I think there's more then one song even though they do sound the same.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Good job with the write ups, guys; it was interesting to read them, and to see the game from a different perspective. It's nice to see that somebody who downloaded the game is enjoying it, and I appreciate the civil nature of your disagreements. Well done.




Your next game, CB, is now We Move: Pain vs. Pleasure. As bad as it looks, knowing you, you could actually really enjoy it.



StarDust4Ever said:

"wii move, pain vs pleasure" was nothing more than a hoax - it was never developed by anybody; the videos that existed were fakes.

Also, to the reviewer who said "i would have given World of Goo a higher score than that", is like comparing apples to onions; it is the only Wiiware game ever to get a 10/10 score on Nintendo Life.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@P.D4NGER: It was the way you worded it. You made it seem like Ant Nation was shovelware but it wasn't as obvious. Anyway, minor misunderstanding.



vikeif said:

You know, I bought this on impulse before reading about, and I was expecting... no... HOPING for a Gunbound clone...
How do you screw up a Gunbound clone!?
Shoot, Gunbound was a online clone of Worms...

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