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Be prepared to yell “Incoming!” while furiously avoiding flying cannonballs and missiles.

Incoming is a fast-paced strategic combat game. The goal of which is to defeat your opponent by destroying their tanks using the arsenal and power-ups you have at your disposal. Advanced munitions and defense items become available at different levels of the game.

Incoming features two distinct games: A progressive single player game, advancing levels as you pit yourself against and increasingly difficult AI; or multiplayer mayhem where you and an opponent duel it out and see whose tanks are defeated first.

Can you defeat your opponent tanks before they conquer yours? Collect power-ups to give your arsenal that tactical advantage. Your firing must be quick and your aim true to claim victory.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Beware of incoming duds.

Welcome to Incoming!, a game of projectile combat. You command a tank (or a small group of tanks), and you will be expected to demolish the other tank (or small group of tanks) by adjusting the angle and velocity of each shot. You've played games like...

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GotWii said:

From the video it seams very repetitive, but it does look like it was developed well even if it is a simplistic game. For 500 points maybe, I will wait for the review though.



Bass_X0 said:

Wouldn't look out of place as a game on Wii Play.

EDIT: With a score of 1/10, Nintendo wouldn't let this game near Wii Play.

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