1-2 Switch

Do you remember good old 1-2-Switch, the slightly forgettable minigame bonanza everyone bought alongside the rather excellent The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? It went on to sell a whopping 1.37 million units, so it certainly found its audience.

Even if like many of us at Nintendo Life you have grown tired of virtual cow-milking and gunfights, Nintendo hasn't forgotten about its Switch launch game and has put out a v1.1 update - it doesn't add any new minigames, but it will allow you to capture 30 seconds of video footage to share on social media by holding down the capture button. So, if you always wanted to show off your soda shaking skills to the world, now you can.

In truth it's an odd update, as it's a game that encourages players to look at each other and not the simplistic on-screen visuals that will be captured in the video. Still, it increases the small tally of games supporting video capture on the Switch, so that's something.

Let us know if you are still playing 1-2-Switch with a comment below.

[via en-americas-support.nintendo.com]