In a recent editorial breaking down timelines for potential NX details we highlighted 26th October as a key date - this is the date when Nintendo will report its second quarter financial results. In the equivalent reports for the last financial year, Company President Tatsumi Kimishima delivered a Corporate Policy Briefing, while a shareholder Q & A was also published. Both are common in Nintendo's quarterly reports, but they don't happen every time without fail.

In an article outlining key details for next week's financial reports, however, The Wall Street Journal has reported that no Corporate Strategy Meeting is planned this year, meaning that Nintendo will face fewer direct questions beyond its initial presentation of results. This doesn't mean that no updates are expected, far from it, but there likely won't be as many fleshed out details as we'd perhaps expect; the officially published presentations and investor Q & A articles can be insightful and full of information, but they seemingly won't be present this year.

To move onto more positive ground, WSJ still expects updates - though potentially limited in scope - on key topics, as company President Tatsumi Kimishima will be presenting the Q2 financial results and answering some questions from the media.

Key points are summarised below.

  • Nintendo "is expected to announce its plan on how it would unveil its next-generation videogame platform... It is unlikely—though not impossible—that the company would talk about the NX this week via online presentations".
  • The financial results will show what impact Pokémon GO has had on Nintendo's revenues, with some detail expected on the performance of the Plus add-on.
  • As normal we can expect some reference to the 3DS and upcoming games.
  • Some additional information may come for Super Mario Run, a key Mobile arrival this year on iOS.

Of no surprise is that analysts expect Nintendo to return a profit for the reporting period, despite a decline in revenues compared to last year.

Some interesting points from a reputable publication, in any case. The apparent lack of a formal Corporate Strategy Meeting means that Nintendo can easily limit any detail it gives. This option to avoid extensive questioning from shareholders does open up the possibility of revealing an unveiling strategy for NX without going into much further detail.

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