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Sat 15th Sep 2012

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ajmetz commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

@Azooooz See, this is what I'm thinking, but contrary to all the national news reports of PS4 outselling XBone, there were circa 200 people turning up at my local GAME's midnight opening for Xbox One, and only circa 100 people turning up for the PS4 midnight launch. I fear my local town has more Xbox One fans than PS4 fans in it, =S. Unless all the PS4 fans were at Tescos that night, XD. Even amongst friends, I know more people who bought Xbox One.



ajmetz commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

@Kifa Knack is the only child-friendly game on the platform atm. Although from the demo I played at Eurogamer Expo, it's more a trial and error challenge - progressing a bit further through each level, each time you die - but quite unforgiving in that you will die multiple times, before you get it right, XD, and you've gotta memorise enemy positions and be ready for 'em, etc, as you die in only a few shots. So yeah - looks like kid's fodder, but you'll have your donkey handed to you on your first play, ^_^. But yeah, on Wii U, there's Mario, or Lego City, or New Super Mario Bros, or - gosh - even Ben 10. On PS4, there is only Knack for platformer/kid-friendly-title. But yeah, I was surprised by the number of people picking up Lego Marvel at launch too btw. But at least it shows not everyone is just in next-gen for Battlefield and COD.



ajmetz commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Leaping To The Wii U An...:

Most VC releases have just been the ROM basically, with no tweaks for the system, =/. But there were special 3D versions made of a few games for the 3DS. Do you think it's likely SMB3 will get any 3D Classics treatment?



ajmetz commented on Liege Confirmed for Wii U and Passes All Stret...:

I'd been joining in with everyone moaning about the lack of Wii U software, but as things begin to pick up, I doubt I'll be able to keep up! Also, 'cos you have to launch Wii mode to access backwards compatibility, I keep forgetting there are a tonne of Wii games I still need to pick up / play at some point, and that's not counting all the Wii U games I'm seeing at stupidly silly (cheap) pre-owned prices in CEX. Am not a huge tactical RPG fan, but do like my RPGs in general, so definitely will look out for this, and possibly give it a go. In the meanwhile - huge congrats it got funded! And chuffed to bits a Wii U version stretch goal was met! ^_^



ajmetz commented on Netflix Now Available on TVii:

I know right? It's insane, =P. And we can't even use the BBC iPlayer Wii app in Wii Mode or anything, =(. Boo!

We need 4OD and iPlayer either via Internet Browser, like Youtube works, or via TVii. [Wouldn't mind a dedicated app either].

It seems crazy that whilst big name games aren't appearing until later in the year, that they can't at least keep us satisfied with TVii. =S Of course, maybe they're waiting on BBC and Channel 4, =S, but still....(!)....



ajmetz commented on Review: Transformers Prime (Wii U):

Season 3's been amazing so far hasn't it! =D. The characters that have debuted. XD...oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Gotta figure out if I want the 3DS or Wii U version, =S. =/...



ajmetz commented on Review: Transformers Prime (3DS):

@Banker-Style Really? I was worried all the movie-tie in ones weren't particularly good, =P. But if it's an old DS title, I might be able to find it cheap somewhere, so do let us know if it really is something special - or do you, like with this Prime review, mean it was just relatively decent, but still nothing special?



ajmetz commented on Nintendo UK Looking To Maintain Wii U Momentum:

It's good that they're making an effort. Personally, though, I'm likely to only buy one (or at a push, two) games in H1 2013. Nothing particularly appealing to me on that list of games mentioned for Q1...I'm more likely to buy up some Wii classics I've missed out on, and possibly some casual or retro titles from the eShop. I don't doubt the format will be buzzing this time next year... but I'd still expect a slump in interest until Q3 2013. However, with only 40,000 sold in the launch weekend, I reckon there are still plenty of people who want a Wii U, so hopefully they'll get more stock in, and demand will continue to result in some good sales at least up until Christmas. Good to know Nintendo UK is making an effort to keep momentum up however, =).



ajmetz commented on The Godfather of Video Games Is Baffled By The...:

I think Wii's been the revolution, and Wii U is just about matching X360 and PS3 as far as appealing to hardcore gamers go. People seem a little confused by the GamePad I guess, but as far as I can see, we've been using two screens since 2004 and the Nintendo DS, and it'll be good to get that in the home as well as on portable consoles.

The thing about the Wii U, is that even though the focus is on the GamePad right now, it can continue to entertain simple wiimote games for any confused by the GamePad.



ajmetz commented on Transformers Prime:

Totally...just hit Nintendo Life's list of Wii U launch titles, and this is the one I'm most excited about! Don't have cable, but have watched every episode on Youtube the day after it's first broadcast abroad...haha... the age of the internet 'aye? It's been painful following Titan's comic that's sooo far behind and still talking about Season 1. I'm all on edge after Season 2's cliff hanger ending! =O...! But what's the deal with this, as the Activision movie-based games were all supposed to be turds weren't they? Should I get this, or prioritise Fall for Cybertron on PS3 or something? I'm currently looking to get either a PS3 or Wii U soon...but money's tight. I've just got a 3DS though, =D, so it's cool it's for that too. Is there likely to be a big difference between Wii and Wii U versions? The graphics in this trailer look almost as good as the animated series which is amazing! And is that Thunderwing? Haven't seen him since the end of the Marvel UK comic! Awesome, ^_^.