The Pokémon cartoon has been very successful on television in all territories, capturing the minds of viewers young and old. Each year, there is also one new Pokémon movie that usually centers around a particular legendary or special Pokémon, but these are usually fairly small scale releases. Outside of Japan, these Pokémon animated movies rarely are shown in theaters, but it seems that the Pokémon Company may have big plans for its IP coming to the silver screen around the world.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Legendary Entertainment is currently poised to acquire the film right to produce a big budget, live action Pokémon movie. Sony and Warner Bros. are also seriously interested, but it looks like Legendary is the one that will be scooping it up. Legendary's latest notable release was 2014's Godzilla reboot, produced alongside Warner Bros. and Toho Co, so it already has some connections to the Japanese film industry. Of course, Warner Bros. is still being given special consideration, too, after it was responsible for distributing the first three animated films in the west. Naturally, none of this is set in stone until one of these companies confirms it officially, but it wouldn't be surprising given the franchise's popularity and 20th anniversary.

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