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Target Blast Mini-Game Blows Up on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


After devoting a lot of time earlier this year to the HD sibling of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Masahiro Sakurai seems to have clicked into the fact that as the portable version arrives first, he should perhaps plug that the most in his "Pic of the Day" posts. That's been the case this week, certainly, with two new stages revealed for Paper Mario and Pokémon Black & White.

Sakurai-san has now used his latest Miiverse post to reveal an additional mini-game for the title, called Bomb Blast; it looks like a fun Angry Birds-style distraction — details below.

What's up with this bomb? This looks like the stadium for the Home-run Contest, but there's no bat. Once you touch the bomb, it begins to count down. Give it enough damage and launch it at the right time…then once the bomb's countdown hits zero…!!

...It goes BOOOOOM! Not only will the blast destroy targets, but it'll also cause a chain reaction by using shattered walls and bomb blocks--all of which contributes to you getting a high score!! This is a new activity that combines the concepts of Target Smash and the Home-run Contest--it's called Target Blast! Your final score is the total you rack up over two rounds. Of course, your Target Blast scores contribute to your Global Smash Power, too.

Do you like the look of this addition to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.


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2Sang said:

Not the most exciting thing, but interesting nonetheless. I also like that it will contribute to your global smash power.



ShadJV said:

Angry Bros?

Figures though. While I'm not a fan of the series, it's incredibly popular and successful, why wouldn't they mimic it? Not worth complaining though, it's just one of the minigames.



BakaKnight said:

Target smash + home run contest = Angry birds? O_O;

Seems like math is much more unpredictable than people think...



ModestFan93 said:

@AlexOlney 10/10 Will buy forever.

Well rod is a surprise. Sounds fun as well but I'm hoping that the Wii U isn't left outta the fun for their exclusive Mini-games.



Samuel-Flutter said:

I wonder if it's possible to hit all of those targets? And if so how big is that bomb explosion? And for the Angry Birds references, it seems as if the targets are suspended in midair and won't fall to the ground, breaking themselves. With different physics, it could be much more compelling than the mobile game. I'm just gonna have to wait for the games release.



Kosmo said:

This does remind me of Angry Birds, but hey, if it's well done, why not?



heyzeus002 said:

Seems like a cool little distraction from the main game. Cant wwaitfor this. Can someone who has played this (or know the answer) please tell me if you are able tto use the d pad for movement or is it just analogue? Im used to playing 2d fighters with d pad and would much prefer it that way..



S3OL said:

This looks pretty darn awesome. I have no idea when I'm gonna be able to get a hold of the 3DS version and an actually 3DS XL, but I absolutely cannot wait to try this mode.



KHaceattorney said:

@TeeJay Well, it's not fully angry birds, it's seems more like Home Run contest with a slight, very small hint of Angry birds falling blocks..... I think it looks fun.



KHaceattorney said:

@KHaceattorney @heyzeus002 Correction: you've only been able to use the d-pad for Brawl, but I don't know why you would. The circle pad feels much more natural, especially considering tilts, platforming, and just overall more accurate controls.



NintendoFan64 said:

This could be fun. I liked both Break The Targets and Home Rune Contest(mainly Home Run Contest), so I'll probably have fun with this.



GuSolarFlare said:

so, mix two modes that were getting boring(especially break the targets, it was better in melee when every character had its own stage) and get a mode that can be really interesting? nice!



Zemus-DJ said:

This seems fun, thought I can't help myself and hope that the home run contest will be in the game as well......hopefully I just love the whack of the bat lol

Edit: after a quick research I found out there is a home run contest, not sure how I've missed that. I'm just waking up xD



HyperSonicEXE said:

Well that's just wacky!

Hm. Board the Platforms and Break the Targets taught you how to hit and do more advanced maneuvers as each character. I think that's gone away, unfortunately.



heyzeus002 said:

@KHaceattorney I see what you are saying but its just me. When im playing a 2d game I always use d pad if poss, just feels more intuitive to in dk: tf I tried stick controls and just couldn't get on with them. Its no deal breaker though and ill just have to adjust. Ive only played brawl on wii very very briefly so this will be the 1st smash game ill be playing 'properly' as it were. Thanks for the response btw, much appreciated kind sir.



Tsuchinoko said:

@rjejr Angry Birds didn't invent the whole launch physics game, I remember playing indie games exactly like that years ago (like, WindowsXP and earlier, oh god I'm old). Somehow Angry Birds
Got ridiculously popular even though it was a game that had been done dozens of times.



ikki5 said:

oh look... another minigame feature on the 3DS... now... what will the Wii U get that is different (and don't give me that crap stages and trophies excuse) because again...The Wii U lacks everything.



The_Ninja said:

@ikki5 Your always complaining everytime there is just a liftle bit of news on the 3DS version, Sakurai will make both versions equal. Don't worry.



KHaceattorney said:

@heyzeus002 No problem, I usually prefer the D-pad for a couple 2d fighters myself, but smash has always felt more natural with the control stick/ circle pad.



ikki5 said:

@The_Ninja that because I can only afford one version and that one version will be Wii U. If he is going to make them equal, he better start announcing it soon because if they wait until the 3DS version is out, I am afraid that is going to be too late as the 3DS is just going to over shadow the Wii U version then. The gap between releases isn't really that much and if there is nothing new by the time the 3DS one comes out, what would interest people that are in my boat that can only afford one, what is going to interest them to wait? Nothing. If there is nothing at all that is different or enough to merit even getting the Wii U version, I may even just skip over this entirely.



TeeJay said:

@ikki5 Are you serious? Of COURSE the 3DS version is going to get more attention because its release is right around the corner. And of COURSE the Wii U details will come after the 3DS version's release because they are concentrating on the 3DS version right now because like I said, its release is right around the corner. Common sense.



dronesplitter said:

This looks fun and a fresh take on the old home run contest (even if it borrows from something else). Can't wait!



CapeSmash said:

#34 @ikki5 The Wii U version is coming out in 3 or 4 months. We WILL get a ton of info on the game very soon. Patients is the key, my friend. Now, stop your pointless complaining.



ikki5 said:

@SockoMario @TeeJay and the Wii U version will probably be about a month to a month and a half following the 3DS version and if they wait until then to spill the info, it will be too late. The Wii U version will be over shadowed by the 3DS version. It is already bad enough that they are releasing them at different time with the 3DS version first as it will already result in poorer sales for the Wii U version because face it, most people are just going to jump on the 3DS version, then play it to pieces and then get bored and many will not bother with the Wii U version.



CapeSmash said:

@ikki5 "it will be too late. The Wii U version will be over shadowed by the 3DS version."

Honestly, who cares.

"most people are just going to jump on the 3DS version, then play it to pieces and then get bored and many will not bother with the Wii U version."

Only casual Smash players will do that. People who have deep love for the franchise will continue to play the games for years (like me).



LavaTwilight said:

Looks awesome - real clever idea. I just hope it's not 3DS exclusive because I won't be picking up the 3DS version. Had to sell my handheld not happy about that but had little option.



KHaceattorney said:

Listen, I see where you're coming from, but when I can play through Kid Icarus uprising without if breaking, then I know the circle pad can take some abuse. And like I said before, smash takes precise controls. The Wiimote never cut it for me, and it's a less comfortable experience overall.



Danny429 said:

@heyzeus002 I normally play platformers with the dpad too. But smash bros. is not really considered a platformer but more of a 2d fighter. Using the dpad would limit the amount of available moves, just like the dpad on the wiimote, while using the circle pad would allow for more actions and more precise controls.

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