While Nintendo may have endured some disappointment in hitting its own high targets for 3DS in the past 12-18 months, positive statistics do nevertheless keep coming for the portable system — especially in Japan. Not long ago we saw 3DS titles dominate the charts for the first six months of the year in the country, with Mario Kart 8 as a welcome imposter for Wii U.

Those half year results show that 2014 could be rather similar to 2013, in terms of 3DS titles leading the way as the biggest selling games over the whole year. A compilation of the top-selling games for last year show that only games on Nintendo's portable enjoyed sales in excess of a million in Japan; the top ten is below, with lifetime sales for that period also in brackets.

1. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 — 3,110,240 (3,110,240)
2. [3DS] Pokémon X — 1,967,479 (1,967,479)
3. [3DS] Pokémon Y — 1,759,117 (1,759,117)
4. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf — 1,628,044 (3,597,999)
5. [3DS] Tomodachi Life — 1,612,037 — 1,612,037
6. [3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Fighters of Eden — 1,237,825 (1,237,825)
7. [3DS] Puzzle & Dragons Z — 1,005,658 (1,005,658)
8. [3DS] Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon — 1,003,188 (1,003,188)
9. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V — 649,091 (649,091)
10. [PS3] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle — 483,378 (483,378)

The more things change in 2014 the more they potentially stay the same, too, with Monster Hunter 4 G and Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arriving later this year and likely to perform rather well. Nintendo is no doubt hoping that Mario Kart 8 can creep towards one million sales for Wii U, along with other major releases on the home console in the second half of the year.

[via neogaf.com]