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A Pre-order of Sonic Boom Will Bag You an Exclusive Sonic Figurine

Posted by Alex Olney

3DS or Wii U version, it doesn't matter

Any Sonic fans out there might be interested in this; if you pre-order either Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Wii U or Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for the 3DS you can get your mitts on an exclusive figurine of Sonic holding the Ancients' Crystal.

The model itself looks fairly nicely done, Sonic has articulated arms and legs which makes a nice change for Sonic figures and the paintwork isn't too bad, especially considering the item won't actually cost you anything! It's rather refreshing to see a physical bonus for pre-ordering as so many publishers simply offer in-game bonuses.

This model will only be available with a pre-order of either game as there are no current plans to release it for sale by itself. The offer is exclusive to GameStop in the US and EB Games in Canada, with no hint yet of a similar offer in any other territories.

Are you seduced by this sizzling Sonic sensation? Have you been convinced to pre-order in to get this metaphorically delicious bonus?

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User Comments (51)



FragRed said:

Not the best way to show off the figurine. Much prefer to see it out the box. Still not going to pre order it though, not until I see some reviews.



unrandomsam said:

Articulated joints is good (Toys are for playing with not looking at, at least my young self always thought so).



Tsurii said:

@AG2014 how do YOU know, there's been multiple events with demos by now...

That figurine looks super cheap.



Mega719 said:

Oh wow I just read the Skylanders Trap Team article then this happens. Hope this game ends up being good, it has potential but doesn't have the same hype as other games releasing on Wii U



FilmerNgameR said:

Are there any people who are pre-ordering Sonic Boom. Not that it looks bad but it just doesn't seem like that much of an awesome game. tbh



ModestFan93 said:

@FilmerNgameR I am. The game has potential and I liked everything I've seen so far. Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith.

Cheap or no this figurine will be mine. Hopefully the whole gang gets the same treatment!



Yosher said:

I don't think I'd want a Sonic Boom figurine. The characters just look ugly, IMO. But I don't live in the US or Canada anyway so, y'know.



Ryno said:

Not one to usually resist a nice physical preorder bonus but I will pass on this one.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Preordering it myself. I love sonic games. I don't care if it's the best game ever. I just love playing as Sonic and the other characters.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Meh not for me, but if it was a poster then that's a different story.I actually really hope this game and i mean both versions, to be great and not get destroyed by reviewers.



ValiantPixel said:

Eh, I'm going to wait on this. I don't own a single Sonic game yet and plan on buying them in bulk in the near future.



jos said:

I bet it will be a Game exclusive for the UK and retail for 59.99



BakaKnight said:

It's not the best figure I ever seen, but compared to lame DLCs and stickers this is one totally awesome preorder gift!

Hoping to see it in Europe too! ...or maybe not... I mean... that could trick me in get the game sooner than I was planning XD



GreatPlayer said:

I paid $55 ($5 higher than the standard retail price) for Sonic Lost World and it was awesome! This deal, however, is limited only to North America.



TromaDogg said:

I've already preordered the Wii U version (really enjoyed Sonic Lost World ) but I live in the UK so I guess that means no free gift for me, unless GAME offers it as an exclusive bonus or something



Mk_II said:

Hah! You can still find the odd Sonic Colours for Wii on sale for peanuts with an equally horrible "exclusive" figurine. I'll just wait till this one is priced down to 10 euro as well.



mjharper said:

Not really looking forward to this game, but that's a pretty cool pre-order bonus - except, what is that white thing Sonic and the crystal come with? A water faucet?



Drobotic said:

Looks cool.Guess I really will have to pre-order now.But I'll probably leave Sonic in his little box,seeing how toys like his always have those arm and leg joints that break in one day.



Mega719 said:

Funny how it says "Inspired by the Video Games!" when it's the franchise as a whole



Intrepid said:

Sonic's design and figure quality are eww and the fact that it's a Gamestop exclusive makes it double eww.



Monsti said:

Oh, I read the headline and got excited but that figurine is terrible. :/



Monsti said:

Oh, I read the headline and got excited but that figurine is terrible. :/



2Sang said:

Meh. Maybeeee I'll get the 3ds version preordered. I don't really like the figure, but it's an exclusive nonetheless.



Palutena said:

I heard that the game is terrible. Boring, to say the least. I'm not a fan of the revamped Sonic and his friends within this installment.. Wish Sega could make great games again. Maybe Sonic Adventure 3 or a new Sonic Riders. :c



GreatPlayer said:

@Palutena Interestingly, I do not have the same opinion. I believe that modern Sonic games are more relevant to today's standard. I am okay with Sonic Rider and Sonic Adventure. I really dislike the camera angle issue in Sonic Heros. However, I love Sonic Colors, Generations and Lost World.

By the way, has Sega forgotten about making 2D sonic games? Where is Sonic 5?



Palutena said:

@GreatPlayer I actually like Sonic Heroes a lot, of course, I'm a lot more biased towards the older titles considering, I did grow up with them. I can't find myself to play any of the recent titles such as Colors. I watched a level from colors and the music and level design is great, I can't just find myself actually sitting down and playing it because of it's new mechanics such as those special power ups, or transformations Sonic can use. Lost World seems too childish to me, the only reason I'd want the game is for the free Skyward Sword level.. After Unleashed, I just stopped buying Sonic games. Unleashed has some nice levels, but it didn't appeal to me.. notably the Werehog levels, which many do not fancy. The elevator-like music is playered just felt tiring. Secret Rings was decent in my opinion, controls suck since you're locked in pretty much, but it was fun. I'm just stuck within the past. :u



GreatPlayer said:

@Palutena Standard in the old days is different from the standard now. I grew up with Sonic 1 and 2. I certainly have nostalgia towards them, though I get bored after repeatedly play these short games. I did not play Sonic Adventure until later and thus they do not have the nostalgia effect on me. Lost World Skyward Sword level is pretty good. Level-design wise, Sonic Colors and Lost World are both good. Nostalgia can undoubtedly add more fun to a game. :>



Draken18 said:

I will preorder for sure now, I was looking to pick this game up anyways. Loved Sonic Colors and Generations. Lost World was pretty good, had a few issues with a few of the levels/level design.



SphericalCrusher said:

Nice! I'll preorder this for that figure. I'm buying the game anyway, so why not. I've demoed most WiiU games coming out, but have not played this one. It looks pretty fun though.



Socar said:

I'm pretty positive that the 3DS version is better than the Wii U one for many reasons.......Although I got angry about Knuckles new design, I'm actually looking forward to this new Sonic dimension. Who knows, maybe Sega has done the right thing by doing this.

Wish I had video game figures like how you guys have though.



Cinaclov said:

I didn't really enjoy my time with the 3DS version, it felt more like a Metroid-vania type game than a Sonic 2D platformer, but as I'm not a big fan of either genre I don't know as anyone should let my opinion sway them. I guess you'd get used to jump being on the B button. Eventually.

The figurine is a cool bonus though if I were interested in buying the game. The cynical part of me can't help but feel it's a reaction to the current negative attitude toward pre-ordering (partly caused by Sega's last Alien title) -if you're getting a figurine that usually costs a third of the cost of the game itself for free there's less perceived risk in pre-ordering.



Tiberius30 said:

This looks super cheaply made, oh well there will always be "suckers" who fall this pre-order nonsense... Gimme a break.



Nintendzoey said:

I don't really need anything like this and I am trying to cut back on figures - statues - dioramas anyway. I don't really care if this comes to Australia or not. I already have the 20th Anniversary Sonic figure anyway, that will suffice.

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