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Everyone Was Talking About Nintendo At E3 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

Setting social media alight

It's fair to say that Nintendo had a pretty successful E3, winning over gamers with its Digital Event, Treehouse sessions and a raft of exciting announcements. As if to illustrate this fact, social media intelligence analytics provider Crimson Hexagon has released stats which show just how much chatter Nintendo generated on the web.

Here's a neat summary, compiled by GoNintendo:

  • 47% of all tweets sent out during last week's E3 expo mentioned Nintendo
  • One of the most popular tweets was from Nintendo's own Twitter account — the tweet teased Shigeru Miyamoto's appearance Treehouse Live
  • Another popular tweet came from @Dropkickpikachu, who tweeted: "Nintendo has just shown more playable female characters in one game preview than the other companies have all E3 so far."
  • The '#Nintendo' hashtag was used 30,000 times
  • #E32014 was tweeted 55,000 times

In comparison, PlayStation claimed 28 percent of the Twitter conversation, while Xbox claimed 25 percent. So in that regard, it's perfectly plausible to say that Nintendo "won" this year's E3.


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SSJ3Goku said:

I knew Nintendo was gonna blow it out of the park, but not by such a huge margin.



Peach64 said:

47% of all tweets? Holy crap, that's impressive!

Oh, hang on. Unless nobody tweeted about anything other than video games last week, looks like that's just 47% of the game related tweets? Still good though!




Mahe said:

This also counts all the negative Tweets. Would have liked to see some examples of those here.



Bensei said:

Half of them where talking aboutNintendos new white Playstation 4



KO-Cub said:

That Super Smash Brothers Invitational tourney doh. Should have just did that and tell everyone about the new releases next E3 to keep the winning streak going.



odd69 said:

I enjoyed E3 this year, I cant wait to get my hands on all these upcoming games especially what Nintendo had to offer.



DreamOn said:

Makes sense, a lot of people enjoyed what Nintendo prepared and it went off better than last year for me at least. Looking forward to an even better E3 in 2015.



MJKOP said:

@Mahe as does any tweets about Sony, Microsoft, so what's your point? I doubt they were all glowing with praise... and why would you like to see some of the negative ones here?! You probably tweeted them anyway!!



LoveSugoi said:

Not surprised at all. Nintendo and Ubisoft were the most common E3 related topics circulating on my Tumblr dash, I barely saw anything related to Sony or Microsoft unless it had to do with the other two. A good number of those posts were about popular tweets too.

The response to Splatoon is what really floored me. Within two days of it's announcement, it's tag was already filled with TONS of fanart, new fanblogs, and posts from people hyped and excited for the game. Some have even made T-shirts and plushies! Nintendo has a real potential smash with this one and hopefully they're getting all their ducks in a row for a big merchandising push.



Emblem said:

I think this E3 done what last E3 didn't, show people Nintendo were serious about the Wii U and would not abandon it due to low sales and bad press.

Spatoon+Treehouse+Zelda+Smash tourny = win



LasermasterA said:

Splatoon might be the first online multiplayer game I play after a long time. I was definitely impressed by this Nintendo's showcase this year. No surprise that it was the most talked about event of E3 everything going on especially the continuous coverage via Treehouse that kept the interest going.

Looking forward to all these announced games being launched



electrolite77 said:

Shows how well their presentation worked. Watch the other two do something suspiciously similar next year....



Spoony_Tech said:

@Mahe Only no news is bad news. As long as they're in the spotlight who cares if it's negative or positive. I'm sure only like 2% of that was negative.



Grumblevolcano said:

@electrolite77 Yeah there's been so much copying Nintendo's successful ideas. Whether it works for them or not is a different matter as some ideas haven't worked well for them (e.g Microsoft's Kinect).



Gerbwmu said:

Now I patiently wait for an early August direct to remind me of the E3 hype......Fall and Winter releases seem so far away.



arnoldlayne83 said:

@Mahe It is incredible, I am reading news on this site for more than one year now, and you are everywhere, on every possible article, keep claiming how much the Pad sucks and how much Nintendo is bad.... and you even claim you are a WiiU possessor.... so what? we know you, either a troll or just a silly money-waster, so please either change your screenplay and add something new to the planet Earth or please, just move to Xboxlife or Pslife definitely.... can't read anymore the same s***t going on and on on every post.... no-one is changing his mind, u r just flaming....



Socar said:

Duh! What do you expect when Star Fox was even announced before E3 even started for them?



Genesaur said:

Yeah, most of what I saw from my friends and friends' friends was generally along the lines of, "I may just have to buy a Wii U."



hYdeks said:

Nintendo impressed me so much this year that I feel like a complete moron for selling my Wii U now, cause there are lots of great games coming that I really want! I knew before that I wanted a Xbox One, but I never thought for a minute Nintendo would show such good things that I would want a Wii U more then anything.

Nintendo easily won E3, with Microsoft being a second. I have no clue who the weirdos are that though Sony won, I personally thought that what they showed was pretty pathetic



Lukaz2009 said:

Nintendo completely destroyed E3 this year in my opinion! Lots of great games were shown, and a fair few of them aren't too far off from being released.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Uh, vague stuff right there. Who knows how many of those tweets were even positive? What if most of the tweets with Nintendo hashtags were actually negative (no Metroid, no F-Zero, where the hell's StarFox)? And don't forget that all companies present on E3 use these hashtags as well. Also, grammar is barely present on Twitter, Facebook, and the like, so I wouldn't wonder if some people misspelled it entirely.
To be honest, this stuff indicates nothing except that too many people use hashtags for communication.

And, just for the hell of it: SPLATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!



MetaRyan said:

@Genesaur That's what I've been seeing as well. It seems like the Wii U is finally hitting its stride, with Mario Kart 8 a few weeks ago and a successful E3.



Inkling said:

Nintendo won.

And to the Xbots and Sony Ponies (sorry I just had to use this here), HATER GONNA HATE SPLATOON.




Shambo said:

A lot of Splatoon everywhere... Someone will need to clean up the mess, be it with water or vacuum... Should we consider Mario & Luigi: Sunshine confirmed?



Inkling said:

@midnafanboy Insulting, sorry if it's offensive to bronies. I'm not one myself, but I think it's fine to be one. I don't hate bronies.



Hortencio said:

Great news to read after a year-plus of doom and gloom (Nintendo will fold, etc, etc.)! But the ship's still carrying water, no time to get complacent; full octane - keep pushing games and innovation and a 3DS-like turnaround will come to fruition for my beloved U...



MajinSoul said:

@Mahe I bet you do. You're probably hoping for a showcase of one your many trollish hatespeeches

On topic: Good to hear. Nintendo definetly deserved the attention since their E3 was pretty amazing.



biohax said:


It's not surprising at all that Nintendo got so much attention since they did have longer show than other companies. So yeah, obviously when you stream for several hours a day people are going to notice and talk about it.



realar said:

Nintendo kicked major ASS this year.
Especially that opener with Robot Chicken then the now famous Iwata VS Reggie scene to show off Miis in Smash Bros.
Then when Kirby and the Rainbow Curse came on, I wept in happiness.

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