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NES Remix 2 Features A Mode Which Mimics The 1990 Nintendo World Championship

Posted by Damien McFerran

Retro sequel hits the Wii U eShop April 25th

It has been revealed today that NES Remix 2 will be looking to the past in more ways than one. The Wii U eShop exclusive features bite-sized mini-games based on old NES titles — just like its forerunner — but will also include a mode which attempts to replicate the 1990 Nintendo World Championship, in which players were tasked with racking up scores on specially-modified NES titles.

Here's the official word:

Championship Mode challenges players to achieve the highest cumulative score in three specific games using a multiplier-based scoring system, with players required to have save data from the first NES Remix in order to enjoy this competitive new feature.

With the Championship Mode line-up comprising of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario, players will take on a series of three successive score-based challenges in these games to achieve a cumulative total score. In addition, your score can also be posted to Miiverse, so you can compete with friends and other players.

12 new games are confirmed for NES Remix 2, including Kid Icarus, Kirby’s Adventure and Metroid. The game hits the eShop on April 25th — will you be investing your cash? Let us know with a comment.

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User Comments (42)



DreamOn said:

This game for me is now really the only way to play NES games. I have all the NES classics, they are essential, I just don't get around to them like I used to anymore and this game does a good job of giving me that NES retro injection I crave sometimes.



Tsurii said:

I wish I didn't get the first one :-0
I'll probably be really angry, if they're releaseing that retail disc with both parts

I'm looking forward to the game. NES Remix was already really good, but..even though I never owned a NES myself (way too young, I was barely old enough to play N64 when it got released ^^), but I got to play most of those games either on the GameBoy (for example Kid Icarus) or on the SNES (I still have 3(!!) of those Super Mario Collections - 1 even includes SMW1) and they were simply amazing.

Gotta love playing around with another 100 stamps, too



AJSjedi said:

Definitely a day one pick up, absolutely loved the first one and old enough to have played all these classics back in the day!



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice. As with the first one this might be a nice way to get people to buy the original VC games. I don't have Kid Icarus yet, but after a bash her I just might get it!



manu0 said:

This has been known since the Direct in which NES Remix 2 was announced...



Whopper744 said:

Why are people sayin they are glad the didn't get the first? Did I miss something? I read the whole article and it looks like having the first one is a good thing



Prof_Clayton said:

If you don't have the first then you can't use this mode people. Why be happy you didn't buy the first then?
Losing faith in humanity over here >__>



Shworange said:

Sweet! That's an awesome idea! I will get it now and recreate the days of just reading about the championship in Nintendo Power. I really wished I could compete when I was a kid.



Ninhau said:

Bought the 1st version last weekend... has been nice, brought back some memories from the NES, but dont think ill spend another 10€ on this



ArcanineArco said:

I really want to get both NES Remix 1 and 2.. and I was about to buy the first one a few months back... BUT... once I saw that they will release a physical copy which has both NES Remix 1 and 2 on disc in Japan, I am just holding out hoping that they do the same for Europe. I much prefer physical and If I buy these 2 on eshop then they release a physical disc like Japan... I would be DEVASTATED



ACK said:

I don't understand. I can't imagine a scenario where I would prefer a disc version of NES Remix... The whole appeal is having easy access to fire it up for a quick retro fix.



dkxcalibur said:

I always wanted the first remix but the price tag seems high for what you get. I'm doubtful that I'll spend the money to get both with so many other options available.



allav866 said:

In the '80s, the games included on the NWC carts were Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and Rad Racer, right? That being the case, 2/3 of the concept for this Championship Mode are identical. We have Super Mario Bros., a puzzle game, and... another Super Mario Bros.! Like I said, 2/3.



Pod said:

Even when Nintendo does something slightly cheap, they still go all out. Looks like a lot of fun.



Doobie said:

I loved the first one and can't wait for this one now! That new Championship Mode is going to be so cool!



DiscoGentleman said:

Looking forward to this. Haven't picked up the first one yet, hoping there will be a little sale on the first one with the second's release. Like the Dr Luigi one: get $5 off Dr Luigi if you own Dr Mario.



AshFoxX said:

@Nintenjoe64 You just blew my mind...

Too bad something so freakishly simple and brilliant will never even cross Nintendo's minds. I would buy full retail NES+SNES+N64 REMIX day one. Hell, I'd pre-order the collectors edition for an extra $75.00 with the piece of hotel soap shaped like a cartridge of Bayou Billy just for this game.

Shame, really.



ogo79 said:

they should make one with characters of rare nes games, and charge a lot of money for it.



JaxonH said:

How many times will I buy the same retro games? As many times as they release them Hey, gotta upgrade with each passing generation! And this whole new "Remix" thing is a stroke of genius. Like a commenter above already stated, it's a good way to get a fix for that NES craving- quick mini-challenges keep the excitement going. Day one buy, without question.



JaxonH said:


Lol... That's the spirit. In fact, what's Earthbound doing at a $9.99 price point? They must've misplaced the decimal point or something- I'm thinking it should be $99.99, what about you?



WaxxyOne said:

This game was an instant buy for me the moment they announced it. A sequel to the fantastic NES Remix with way more good games and less duds? Hell yes...



BassLostie said:

I already own the first NES REMIX.... and this version includes one of my favorite games of all time, and the first game that made me be passionate about Nintendo games... SUPER MARIO BROS. 3!!!



MadJay1664 said:

Defo getting this! The first one is quality and this one has some of the games that hooked me into the scene so I'd be an idiot to not buy this



TonLoco said:

I hope they offer a discount for those who purchased the original. I can't see myself paying another $15 for essentially the same game.

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