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Unepic Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Includes a new "stick and poo" wand

Unepic's arrival early this year gave a solid start to the Wii U's year; we were certainly fans, awarding 8/10 in our Unepic review. A platforming RPG with doses of humour, it certainly provides an experience a little different from its contemporaries on the download store.

In good news for fans, developer Francisco Téllez de Meneses and publisher EnjoyUp Games have released a free update to improve the title. The North American version has added Italian, German and Portuguese as additional supported languages, while the European build also adds Portuguese. More importantly, some gameplay tweaks and an intriguing new item have been added; details are below.

  • Zoom on TV
  • Play with both Left Stick and D-PAD.
  • Change language within the game.
  • English Voices can be enabled in other languages.
  • A new "stick and poo" wand included.
  • Two new pets that can be obtained completing challenges.

Are you an Unepic player, or are you still planning to dive in? We suspect the stick and poo wand may be a temptation too far for those on the fence.

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ICHIkatakuri said:

I bought this first day, but haven't had too much time to get into it properly, just finishing deus ex first then it will be my main game. I am exceedingly happy that support is ongoing for the title as it really looks like a great one from what I have played.



Dark-Link73 said:

Is this game good? The video promo doesn't really convince me into buying it. Please don't refer me to the review, I'd like to hear from actual consumers. I just don't trust press reviews. Thanks!



Poki said:

Just put about 10 hours into the game, and I'm not too far into it. It's definitely fun, and I'm looking forward to continue it. It just has been a busy time since I got my 3DS XL - too many great games to play on that thing.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Get a good discount and we'll talk.
It looks good, but not as well-rounded as other download games for a tenner imo.



Anguspuss said:

great game, Funny great design actually makes good use of pad.
Plus a pooh stick whats not to like



Tsurii said:

Oh, so he finally got the update to work, huh?
D-Pad support is definitely the best thing about that update and it seems I'll finally get to know where the promised voice acting was T__T



Rezalack said:

A friend of mine is really pleased with this game and I've been tempted since day one.. but I really need to finish Castlestorm first.



Varoennauraa said:

I expected a lot from this game, but I liked it a lot more, than I ever imagined. And now, I love it even more i guess. It's very good game on its own, but it also gives me some relief in my Castlevania longing as well as easing my envy of Maze of Galious in japanese Virtual Console.

For a sequel, next game, or if there's going to be another update, please put the main inventory on the gamepad(now you need to allocate items from the start menu into the secondary gamepad inventory).



gaby_gabito said:

Awesome! Already thought this game was good enough. Gonna get back to playing after work!



ACK said:

The humor is absolutely terrible, but the game itself is an endearing throwback to arcade-style action RPGs. I'd recommend it to anybody as long as they can endure (or ignore) the gag-inducing dialogue.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I have only played up to the first proper boss, but so far some funny pop culture refs, a large looking world from the hub and a decent loot and levelling system. The mechanics are basic but fun with some potion making and plenty of weapons on offer already. The visuals too can be basic but have some nice effects from time to time and remind me of SNES era rpgs. It plays like a 2D diablo (so far) where you're really only required to push one button to mash your axe or sword into the enemies while downing potions for buffs, but it could be just as addictive as more traditional loot grinders too.



NodesforNoids said:

I'm not a fan, but this is on my Wii U so my uncle can play it. He hasn't been into gaming since the SNES (he had close to 100 games for that, so he's a bit of a buff) but the German voice option was a pretty big selling point. I also couldn't argue, as he's only here every week or so to see his nephew, added 20$ to my eShop balance (so my Link to the Past, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 upgrades are paid for) and only stays for a few hours.
The kid loves watching him game too, sits in a car seat, darting from the TV to my uncle and back. It's pretty funny, as he's usually pretty vocal, but when my uncle's here to game, my son's like a mute mouse!



Emblem said:

@Varoennauraa The creator said he is working on a similar game in a sci-fi setting at the moment, you can leave a miiverse msg for him with your suggestions.



Arock said:

Looks can be deceiving. This game is much better than it looks just from watching trailers or looking at pictures. Anyone that is on the fence can be confident and buy this. It was MUCH better than I expected it to be and I was on the fence about it as well.



MussakkuLaden said:

The improvements sound nice and I'm really interested in getting this game. I think I will get it once it receives some temporary discount.



schizor said:


I guess it's all a matter of preferences. If you like metroidvaniastyle and RPGs. BUY IT! It's very good and extremly funny



Dark-Link73 said:

Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion of the game. I'm going to get it but I'm going to wait ONLY because I have so many games to finish yet, that it'd be best for me to beat a couple of them before accruing another.

Thanks again!



Mikeopferman said:

Love this game. Kinda hoping for a multiplayer update, but the single player is good all by itself!



BlackStar9000 said:

@Arock looks at avatar of Alucard if a Castlevania buff says a 2D game is good I believe them, I truly miss the SNES/PSX/GBA/DS days of Castlevania. Please tell me that there is a whip weapon in this game?



Ichiban said:

The poo wand has got nothing on my flaming anal probe I'm using in South Park!



TTGlider said:

D Pad and zoom in on screen… two small but good updates to a solid game. I picked it up last week and other than some humor which I have a feeling is lost in translation, it's a darn solid wacky wacky uncover the map style game.



SavoirFaire said:

Really enjoyed this game, well worth the 10 bux. One of the very few games where I beat it on normal (~20 hours) and then started immediately after and started on Hard++ (that took ~10 hours, knowing fights and whatnot).
Did have a bug with one of the challenges that messed things up, but hopefully the patch fixed that. The humor was hit or miss, but you can skim past a lot of that with button presses.



Seren77 said:

I could buy this on steam, but I wont. Cannot support people who don't make an effort to put things on Australian Eshop

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