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These NES Remix 2 Screens Are Full of 8-Bit Goodness

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Dem Boos

NES Remix was a pleasant surprise when revealed as an imminent Wii U eShop release following the last Nintendo Direct of 2013, a slightly wacky compilation of memorable NES games with twists to the gameplay. Great for reminiscing or experiencing 8-bit games for the first time, and featuring a star and stamp collection system to keep the obsessives among us happy.

Its popularity made the announcement of NES Remix 2 no surprise, especially as it's probably one of the easier projects to bring together — indies zero is on development duties once again. It'll feature a new set of games, of course, and the latest batch of screenshots shows some of them in action; there are some fun examples, including one where Link takes on a Hammer Bro and runs from enormous Boos, which we're pretty sure didn't happen in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Check them out below and let us know which catch your eye.

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Prof_Clayton said:

Uh, every screenshot is taken from the announcement video...
That's just lazy, and I want to see new things! Not just pauses of what was shown last month. >:[



Bluezealand said:

Okay, so everytime I read one of your headlines and there is a "Dem" or "Dat" I get confused and wonder where does this trend actually come from? It's pretty irritating to a German guy. oO



Einherjar said:

@Nintendaholic So, according to this logic, you would feel bad for everyone buying Mario games up until 3D world because that looked so much better ?
NES Remix one just had a different selection of games from the NESs early years. Its neither better nor worse, its just different (and a blast to play).



Emblem said:

@Nintendaholic What a strange thing to say, sequels are suppose to be better or at the very least more of the same.

People who enjoyied the first one are no doubt hoping this is as good if not better.



Sean_Aaron said:

NES Remix was great and has indeed given me a taste for some of these old NES titles (though not Golf or Clu Clu Land - ugh!). I'm totally looking forward to another outing though I have Super Mario Bros., the Remix and Bonus levels to 3-star still!



Achoo said:

@Bluezealand It basically comes from hiphop, where rappers have been using words like this for decades. Now it just seems that it has finally caught on with all the young mainstream hipsters....they all do...eventually



SuperCharlie78 said:

"one where Link takes on a Hammer Bro and runs from enormous Boos, which we're pretty sure didn't happen in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link."
And I'm pretty sure there weren't any coins to collect in old Metroid games. XD



sinalefa said:

I loved the first one and I feel this one will be even better, solely for the games it presents and the fact that indies zero could have some feedback to improve this sequel. Day one again for me.



GraveLordXD said:

@Bluezealand I blame the saints and rap music! Na but seriously southern people from the united States have been speaking this way for a loooong time before hip hop. Not sure where it originated but the old Cajuns spoke this way for a long time I think hip hop just made it popular



UnseatingKDawg said:

Super Mario Bros. 3 keeps getting shown in this compilation. So, if they plan to do what they did with the original (provide a link to the eShop for those games), that can only mean one thing:

Super Mario Bros. 3 confirmed.



ikki5 said:


Your name doesn't suit your way of thinking here, if a game looks better or has more selection, then you feel sorry for people who buy the original? The original was great and this new one will be just as great. maybe you should actually try these games before you make yourself look like an idiot.



Porky said:

The first NES Remix was awesome. Why would you be sad if anyone bought it if it's atleast decent and it helps for a sequel to be developed.



bofis said:

I've loved playing the original NES Remix, I only wish they would consider making this one a DLC add on to the first instead of it being a stand-alone download only.



AdanVC said:

I laugh at the "Save Princess Peach... With Princess Peach!" she was like: Screw it, Mario! I'm gonna save myself! I'm looking forward to this game



Discostew said:

Forgive me if I sound a little ignorant. I never played the first remix, but I can't help but look at this one and see that they not only are choosing better games, but it appears that they are doing far more than what the previous one did. The first one seemed like simple emulation, loading a state, and adding visual effects (based on videos and screenshots). This one looks like they either went into ROM hacking or did actual game coding, because I honestly can't see them taking one or more characters from one game and just throwing them into another via emulation.



Great_Gonzalez said:

looks like a lotta fun to me but man that luigi game where you have to go left is really gonna mess me up :/



enderboy221 said:

@Tsuzura Hey, maybe I'm not in the majority, but I tend to speak normally. Actually, now that I think about it, wouldn't normal speech be strange. If everyone speaks badly, then that must be the normal speech.



LavaTwilight said:

I love the prospect of this game and first things first, I loved the original so much I'll be buying this as soon as it's out.

What I will say however is I'm disappointed the first one didn't feature as many 'remixed' stages as I'd have liked and instead just seemed to be 'do this, do that' which I could have done when playing the original game anyway.



JaxonH said:


Why? The first game was great. Yes, I believe this one has a better pool of games utilized, but that doesn't mean the first wasn't worth a buy. I plan to buy all of them (that's assuming they continue Remix series into SNES and hopefully N64)



micronean said:

The first NES remix, was more "Famicom" based--and popular enough in Japan to get its own physical disc. Nintendo didn't become the social phenomenon in America until sometime in 87-88, hence preference over the games made from 82-86.



sinalefa said:


The first game also has these situations, in the stages called "Remixes". One example of this was Link trying to save Pauline in DK, being unable to jump to make things harder. Since those are the best parts of these games, it is no wonder if they get advertised more and if they are more prominent in this installment.



Discostew said:

@sinalefa thanks for clearing that up. That's what I get for not playing it and looking at videos and such that don't demonstrate that. Now I am actually interested in the first one.



Mario90125 said:

Do you need the VC games in order to play the NES Remix? That must mean Super Mario Bros, 3 must be coming soon.

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