NES Remix was a pleasant surprise when revealed as an imminent Wii U eShop release following the last Nintendo Direct of 2013, a slightly wacky compilation of memorable NES games with twists to the gameplay. Great for reminiscing or experiencing 8-bit games for the first time, and featuring a star and stamp collection system to keep the obsessives among us happy.

Its popularity made the announcement of NES Remix 2 no surprise, especially as it's probably one of the easier projects to bring together — indies zero is on development duties once again. It'll feature a new set of games, of course, and the latest batch of screenshots shows some of them in action; there are some fun examples, including one where Link takes on a Hammer Bro and runs from enormous Boos, which we're pretty sure didn't happen in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Check them out below and let us know which catch your eye.