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Harvest Moon: Connect To A New World Dominates for 3DS in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hardware sales for the region aren't pretty as PS4 drops

The latest Media Create Japanese chart results are in, and they have some interesting numbers to consider. Software sees the latest Harvest Moon title enjoy an impressive début, while a substantial drop in the PS4 system's sales — which some reports suggest is due to stock shortages — is likely contributing a little to 3DS games reasserting themselves on the software charts.

The begin with the software top 20, Harvest Moon: Connect To A New World makes an impressive start on the 3DS, clocking up a substantial 130,782 sales; fellow newcomer Kaseki Horider: Mugen Gear arrives at number three with 58,329 sales, with Yokai Watch still showing solid momentum for Level-5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze remains as the only Wii U title in the top 20; lifetime sales are in parenthesis.

Note: All reputable sources at the time of writing are, rather oddly, missing number 14 from this Media Create chart. We'll check regularly and update this list when the information is available.

1. [3DS] Harvest Moon: Connect To A New World – 130,782 (New)
2. [PS4] Knack – 66,772 (376,076)
3. [3DS] Kaseki Horider: Mugen Gear – 58,329 (New)
4. [PS3] Yakuza: Ishin – 54,148 (192,305)
5. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys – 53,276 (687,709)
6. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 37,493 (496,455)
7. [PS3] Deception IV: Blood Ties – 23,254 (New)
8. [PS4] Yakuza: Ishin – 22,466 (105,006)
9. [PSV] Deception IV: Blood Ties – 19,322 (New)
10. [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe – 17,706 (475,502)
11. [PSV] Infinite Statos 2: Ignition Hearts – 15,213 (New)
12. [3DS] Puzzle & Dragons Z – 14,479 (1,388,812)
13. [PS4] Battlefield 4 – 13,117 (37,916)
14. Currently unavailable.
15. [PSV] Valhalla Knights 3 Gold – 11,186 (New)
16. [3DS] Kuroko no Basuke: Shouri e no Kiseki – 10,378 (56,059)
17. [Wii U] Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – 10,056 (60,103)
18. [PS4] Killzone: Shadow Fall – 8,501 (40,837)
19. [PS4] Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – 8,430 (20,524)
20. [PS3] Infinite Statos 2: Ignition Hearts – 8,246 (New)

The hardware results also make for some interesting reading. Both 3DS models enjoyed a boost, no doubt helped by the new Harvest Moon title, while the Wii U remained largely static with a small drop. The PS4 fall-off was substantial in its second week, with reports of supply constraints in Japan, as it fell to 65,685 units; the Wii U clearly had no such supply issues when it launched, as its week two sales at launch in Japan were 126,916, perhaps also helped by its Holiday season arrival. The results are below with last week's sales in parenthesis.

PlayStation 4 – 65,685 (309,154)
3DS LL – 26,027 (22,253)
PlayStation Vita – 21,581 (16,857)
PlayStation 3 – 13,155 (9,983)
3DS – 11,986 (9,898)
Wii U – 8,204 (8,407)
PSP – 3,652 (3,171)
PlayStation Vita TV – 1,543 (1,383)
Xbox 360 – 257 (241)

So that's another week down, with more positive software sales on the 3DS doing no harm for third-party support in the region. The Wii U is likely to remain low for the foreseeable future, but it'll be interesting to see how Sony's new system performs in future weeks, if there are indeed supply constraints at this point. With Japan being a sizeable market, the ongoing sales trends of systems across the major manufacturers will be interesting to watch.


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KeeperBvK said:

"14. Currently unavailable."

What's #14? I'm guessing Pokémon X and Y since that was steaidly holding onto the Top 20 for the past months, but I'd like to know for sure.



Peach64 said:

Highest opening week ever for a Harvest Moon game I believe. Look forward to playing it in Europe in about 3 years cry

Pretty good hardware week too with everything going up apart from PS4 (for obvious reasons) and Wii U.



IxnayontheCK said:

What are people playing on PS4??? None of it interests me so far! I'm happy with WiiU and PS3 still. Second Son looks cool tho...



TriforceWisdom said:

@Peach64 Does it really usually take that long? I've been wanting to play a Harvest Moon game on the 3DS, and I thought I'd wait for this new one. I'm in the US, so it may be a bit sooner, but I don't want to wait years. Maybe I'd be better off picking up one of the older ones?



Blast said:

C'mon, Mario Kart 8... Hurry up and arrive so we can dominate the charts!!!!



sinalefa said:

How can someone prefer Knack over Killzone is beyond me. Specially when the former sold like 8x the latter.

It is also hard to remember the last time that 3DS was not in the top spot.



XCWarrior said:

@KeeperBvK That's the name of the game. It's a unique Side scrolling, FPS, 24-bit era game where you are highly intellegent zombies trying to take back the earth from the hateful Earth people and avoid being eaten by dinosaurs.

Can't wait til its localization!



Emblem said:

@IxnayontheCK Nothing much, Infamous comes out next week though so I'm hoping its good and lasts me a while. Both battlefield 4 and Killzone online numbers have dropped quite abit aswell but its still easy to get games.



Daemonite said:

PS4 is doing amazing over there! Now if only Sony could manage their supply issues better... i'm still waiting for mine...



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Blast @Jazzer94 I read that MK8 briefly sold out on Amazon and was outselling PS4 on Amazon Japan the other day! I'm obviously not expecting the Wii U to become the new PS4 because of one game but I think it will add a decent amount to the ongoing weekly sales in Japan. It might even... dare I say.... get advertised but I won't hold my breath!

Slighty annoying that Wii U doesn't even come close to getting Tomb Raider when there were no games available on Wii U but PS4 gets a Japanese localisation of Tomb Raider that is basically going to sell as badly as any Wii U game.



unrandomsam said:

It is strange Sony treats Japan like Nintendo traditionally treated Europe but it doesn't seem to affect them negatively.



LoveSugoi said:

Wow, great start for Harvest Moon! Hopefully we can see a localization sooner.

A little boost for most of the hardware... even the 360.



Jazzer94 said:

@Nintenjoe64 I heard about it selling out on Amazon but it was later reported as a stock error as it was like placed 400 and something in the video game section.



Gerbwmu said:

@Jazzer94 - It definitely is still listed as being sold out currently and there is a waiting list to sign up for if you want to be notified when additional stock is least on the US site.

I will be going digital on this since I doubt I can save more getting the disk and should never leave my Wii U anyway



AdanVC said:

Wohoo! Not even the PS4 can't stop the 3DS dominance >: ). But OMG that drop for PS4 is insane though! I was expecting something around 100k to 200k this week. Looks like everyone who bought a PS4 the past week realize how bad Knack is, hahah. It's funny how all the Sony fanboys are like "well looks like there's not enough PS4's in stock, that's why it sold way less"... yeah right. Wii U selling as usual that's, -in a certain way- good, considering PS4 is now in the competition. Now... When we can expect that Harvest Moon game here on the West, Nintendo?



Hy8ogen said:

Dear Natsume, please localize this game. Please. Please please please.

RF4 is a fantastic game, but the farming factor is just a bit too shallow.

I don't like ANB and I already played TOTT on my DS. Please....



Daemonite said:

@AdanVC The PS4 was sold out everywhere, that's why there's a drop in sales. Not a fanboy-issue, just a fact. Sony still has major supply issues



Peach64 said:

I wouldn't even call it supply issues. They've managed to produce over 6 million of the things. That's a very high amount of units to be shipped for the first 3 months of a console's life. It's just demand is still crazy high.



DarkKirby said:


I think people are buying a PS4 more in expectation of games to be available in the future rather games available now. As the most powerful system at the better price and less bull manure compared to how badly Microsoft screwed up with the Xbone in comparison people flocked to it.

If I can get away with not buying a PS4 I would like to, but many Japanese developers simply don't support PC releases. Still holding out for the time being as you said, there are no games.



readyletsgo said:

Bit of an idiot question here but what exactly is Harvest Moon? Is it like Animal Crossing?



SphericalCrusher said:

That game looks like it's going to be really good. I still play A New Beginning off and on, quite frequently... so I don't know if I'm ready for a new one, but when this hits NA, I'm sure I will get it. Been a fan of the series since the original on SNES... and although it's changed a lot, it's still fundamentally the same. It's still a very fun game to me, and that's all that matters.



8bitforever said:

@AdanVC There are also supply shortages and most stores are sold out. There aren't any where I live either. Otherwise that number would be greater.



ledreppe said:


There are reports that there are PS4's sitting on shelves in Japan, so supply shortages are no excuse for a sharp fall in sales in that region.



Senario said:

If Harvest moon ever gets localized, I'll go get this one. There is just something about Harvest moon I enjoy for random reasons.



Senario said:

@boynerdrambling What can we say? Consoles aren't really popular in Japan lol. That and it takes up the TV people use for other things. But I suppose it was expected, I am surprised about Harvest Moon. I do enjoy that series from time to time since it hasn't operated on a real time clock like Animal crossing. That and I like the relationship system that it does have with the characters.



divinelite said:

@Peach64 I don't know if it's everywhere
here in Asia I could go to either store and pay(ridiculously) 650-700$ and take one home without any supply issue

so no supply issue here, but price



Peach64 said:

@divinlite The websites of the 3 biggest console retailers in Japan show no stock in any stores and Amazon Japan is out of stock. Amazon US got stock in yesterday and Amazon UK won't have more in til the end of the month. People may have anecdotal comments about stock on shelves, but it's pretty much sold out worldwide and has been since launch. That's like saying its easy to get in the UK if you just go on eBay and pay double. That's not widely available.



DragonCactus said:

Harvest Moon seems to be doing well on the 3DS, I own A New Beginning myself.
Would be good to see this one localized. Looks nice.

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