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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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TriforceWisdom commented on Grezzo Seeks New Employees Asking If They Want...:

@LtAldoRaine It could happen, right? I wouldn't expect it to be released ONLY on Wii U, but it seems possible they might release it on both systems. They did it with MH3, right? I don't have the technical know-how to understand how easy or difficult it is to do something like that, but it wouldn't be the first game to be on both. I'll take what I can get, but I would much prefer to play it on the big screen also!



TriforceWisdom commented on Harvest Moon: Connect To A New World Dominates...:

@Peach64 Does it really usually take that long? I've been wanting to play a Harvest Moon game on the 3DS, and I thought I'd wait for this new one. I'm in the US, so it may be a bit sooner, but I don't want to wait years. Maybe I'd be better off picking up one of the older ones?