At this stage Katy Ellis arrives

Tom: Let's push on to Pokemon now. It had hype levels that were off the charts, and it sold loads of copies. Did it meet expectations as a game?

I'm out on this one, I don't have it.

Conor: It's just an all-around lovely game, and while it isn't for everyone, it's a really easy way to unwind and pull away from regular life for a few joyous moments.

Jon: Pokemon is pretty cool. I don't know, I haven't played a lot of Pokemon generations so I'm just enjoying a new one.

Dave: I didn't find Pokemon to be as impressive as everyone else made it out to be, but I did thoroughly enjoy myself.

Conor: I haven't been into Pokemon since Gold edition really, but this one had me a little tempted. I ended up picking up a copy a while after release and it's actually quite fun.

Jon: I'm really bummed about its technical limitation nonsense, like inconsistent use of stereoscopic 3D and the frame rate problems.

I was psyched for 3D Pokemon and I did not get what I wanted on that score.

Dave: YES, Jon. That's what bothered me quite a bit. Felt stuck between DS and 3DS development.

Ron: Pokemon Y is the first game in the series that I've completed since the original release of Silver/Gold. I pick one of the new releases up with each generation, but I always fall out sooner rather than later. This one felt like a true refresh to me though, and I loved every minute of it.

Conor: I'm definitely not totally invested, but it does feel new, which is pretty vital if this franchise is gonna continue. A solid step for the series I think, the most solid it's taken in quite a while.

Katy: I was actually pretty impressed with Pokemon X & Y - I thought it was a great re-energiser for the series, having not been truly sucked in since maybe Gold/Silver or Ruby/Sapphire days.

Katy: I was actually pretty impressed with Pokemon X & Y - I thought it was a great re-energiser for the series, having not been truly sucked in since maybe Gold/Silver or Ruby/Sapphire days, but I still maintain that it deserved a 9 for not using the full potential of the 3D

Tom: It's cute, and annoying, that Game Freak said they had a "big" team that went from 50-100. Erm, perhaps they needed more staff.

Morgan: Yeah, Pokémon X & Y are brilliant! There are some weird limitations like Jon mentioned, but I still feel like X & Y are what I imagined Pokémon games could/should be like when I was playing Blue on my GameBoy Pocket however many years ago.

Conor: Can we please talk about those menus? Am I the only one?

Jon: They're trash. Animal Crossing also had trash UI. There is honestly no need for that many taps in either game.

Conor: They were a nightmare, and it feels like the dual screen should have made everything so much more simple.

Not having the option to display my pokemon on the bottom screen just doesn't make sense at all.

Morgan: Haha, that's really true now that you mention it. The really obvious one in Pokémon is the PC system too. I can't think of any good reason why there are three separate options for withdrawing Pokémon, depositing them, and then doing both?

Jon: NONE.

Morgan: So weird!

Katy: Why not have the PC on the pokegear? What is Bill up to these days?? Trubbish.

Tom: Someone say something nice before the fans storm NL HQ in a wave of fury and hatred.

Jon: Pikachu is pretty cute you guys...

Though why can't I use my Poke Pedometer any more? I think I stranded a poor Magikarp on that thing years ago.

Katy: Haha!

Morgan: OMG the Pokéwalker. I love that thing!

Martin: I was really enthused about it when I previewed it with Katy, but my interest quickly declined post-release. Visuals aside it just didn't feel new enough once I got into it a bit.

Conor: It was a surprisingly spooky game, huh? All the new ghost types, that weird girl that floated and the ghost house...

Ron I think that, beyond finicky UI and 3D/frame rate issues, the series' biggest flaw is its story elements. I couldn't care less about the plot and friendship and whatever else they were going on and on about. That being said, if they cut in some animated sequences like a Layton game, then it could be something that I genuinely care about.


Katy: Who needs friends? They suck. Especially that one that always tries to battle you outside gyms - what's his beef?!

Ron: I've got none and I seem to be doing fine?

Tom: This wasn't the X & Y praise-fest I anticipated...

Conor: Well don't get me wrong, the game is fun. It's just held back by a lot of stuff that Game Freak seem reluctant to let go of

Morgan: I still absolutely love it. It has its flaws for sure but it still just plasters a smile on my face every time I play it, and I can't wait to play more!

Tom: Moving onto Zelda, everyone likes Zelda, it's Zelda. Right?

Katy: cough Hyrule Warriors cough...

Ron: I'm about to be stoned to death for this, but I still haven't picked up A Link Between Worlds. Carry on with this one, I'm going to grab some pizza.

Jon: I want that game. I want to go to there.

Morgan: I haven't either Ron! I'm still working my way through Oracle of Ages.

Conor: Oh wow, me too actually. This might be a boring segment...

I can't wait to play it though, it's been torture having to wait.

Tom: I'm getting it for XMAS, because I've behaved this year. (Update: have been playing it non-stop, and adore it)

Morgan: I love Zelda games but I think I'm really bad at them! They take me forever!

Dave played it!

Dave: I was so hooked on Zelda that I swear I played through it in three sittings.


Martin: Well, seeing as I reviewed it and gave it a 10, I think it's only fair for me to say: GO BUY IT! BUY IT NOOOOAAAWWW!

Tom: Beast Dave and Magic Martin save the day.

Katy: I'm playing Oracle of Seasons atm Morgan! Haven't had the chance to buy LBW yet.

Dave: I was so hooked on Zelda (A Link Between Worlds) that I swear I played through it in three sittings.

Morgan: Oh nice Katy!! I played Seasons as a kid & loved it, I'm really excited to get to it next! =D

Jon: Can we call Martin M64? Seems appropriate.

Tom: This roundtable will get us all fired. And yes, M64 works.

Conor: M64 it is. You heard it here first!

Martin: I approve of M64.

Ron: You guys know we write for NINTENDO Life, right? Why the hell aren't we playing Zelda games?

Jon: Because we're busy griping about Pokemon.

Tom: Before moving onto Wii U, did you enjoy much from the 3DS eShop this year? Bike Rider DX has the best song ever in it.


Katy: YES.

Conor McMahon: I can't sum up how much I loved it. Coming from the DS ports to this was just such an advancement. It got a little too hand-holdy but the 3D graphics and updated music were gorgeous. I'm just glad it saw the light of day over here.

Jon: Speaking of Game Freak, they put out the best eShop game this year with HarmoKnight.

Phoenix Wright doesn't count.

Ron: More like Phoenix WRONG, am I wright?

Katy: No

Morgan: Golf clap for Ron

Martin: 3D Space Harrier. Nuff said.

Dave: No one is getting Christmas presents this year because I've spent so much money in the eShop. 3D Super Hang On and SteamWorld Dig, also standouts.

Morgan: The eShop was amazing this year! HarmoKnight was like a dream come true for me and Attack of the Friday Monsters! is my personal game of the year for sure!

Tom: I love how I gave SteamWorld Dig an 8 (which I stand by to this day) and thought, yeah, I'm appreciating an Indie game like a BOSS. Then all these jerks gave it 10 and made me look like the grumpy one.

Jonathan: Well, Tom...

Dave: Morgan MADE me download Friday Monsters and that ended up being an incredible little experience. So thanks, Morgan.

Morgan: No probs Dave!

Martin: Can't believe there's no love for 3D Space Harrier!

Morgan: I love 3D Space Harrier!

Dave: I've finished 3D Space Harrier twice now.

Morgan: My first time ever playing any Space Harrier, and I'm totally smitten!

The soundtrack gets stuck in my head when I'm driving which is really problematic because my car's turning radius isn't as tight as Space Harrier's.

Jon: I can only buy Genesis games so many times.

Don't get me wrong, Sega is killing it with the 3D conversions.

Ron: Seriously though 3D Altered Beast is my GOTY.

Jon: Shut up, Ron. Nobody asked you.

Katy: Altered Beast fo sho. I feel like it's compulsory to mention Altered Beast in EVERY round table we do


Morgan: #TeamAlteredBeast

Tom: Altered beast sucks. And on that note we'll end the 3DS segment.

Check back tomorrow for part two where the team discuss the Wii U and 2013 as a whole. Thankfully with no further mention of Altered Beast.