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Sun 22nd Dec 2013

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hurrdurr commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About Nintendo in 2013...:

@JaxonH not saying it wasn't an enjoyable game, but i found it didn't require strategy. almost every game in the series still pales in comparison to fire emblem 4, genealogy of the holy war. the story is brilliant, and you actually feel like every battle is just that, an out-and-out bloody fight to the death. holy war requires legitimate family planning strategy, on top of the massive maps with about 10 objectives at once.



hurrdurr commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - Fire Emblem's ...:

the same way people seem to crave a new earthbound or 2d metroid (which i'd take with both hands thanks very much) i'd love to see another genealogy of the holy war style game, minus the incest. that game was a freaking masterpiece, beats even ff tactics and tactics ogre imo. sadly don't think it'll ever happen, oh well, awakening was fantastic as well, very glad to see the series march on