It was announced in the most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast that a YouTube app was finally coming to the 3DS, but it was also welcome news that the Wii U equivalent was set for an update. Although welcome that the video sharing giant supported the system with an official app, such has been its disappointing performance that it's often preferable to simply access the site via the Wii U web browser.

The promised update is now live on the Wii U, and is a relatively small file that should install within a few minutes on a decent connection. In general much seems the same, though since we last used the service — admittedly a while ago due to the aforementioned browser workaround — it does seem to be running a lot quicker and smoother than before. Another noticeable difference is that search results more accurately match those from the website, returning official VEVO music videos at the front of results, for example.

Navigation is still exclusively with the GamePad, while our brief tests are bringing smooth playback with a decent resolution video on the TV and controller screen.

The update should download automatically next time you open the YouTube app, so give it a whirl and let us know if you notice any improvements.