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Thu 26th Sep 2013

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JoShCoNker commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

I was discussing this topic in my home with a friends because we were waiting for something more in my humble opinion i think that :
1. DKC:TF is the best example of a new "hardcore" game for our Wii U systems and even when I'm very dissapointed for not getting something "more", (F-Zero or Starfox) We were very happy to see our old Cranky buddy back in a new game.
2. The game looks pretty amazing and I hope it comes with so many things to make it a 10/10 that's very good for us the gamers because we are receiving a new "hardcore" game plus Bayonneta 2 and others
3. When I'm using the word "hardcore" Am not meaning a CoD style or stupid new IP that thinks that are hardcore, I mean a brand new game with Tons of stuff to unlock and shared (SM3DW is the perfect example)
... With that said am very dissapointed of not getting something "more" but this new DKC:TF it's going to be awesome and it will have a very nice variety of levels, designs and gameplay that made the last DKC:R a complete classic.



JoShCoNker commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

I don't think is good to compare Pikmin franchise with Zelda franchise, since Zelda OoT is one of the best games ever made (if im correct of curse), back in time when N64 was everything to most of the people and Sony was making his road to the industry Miyamoto impress the whole world with something never done specially with a game so huge like a Zelda game but by now with today's standards its kinda difficult making a game that re-defines gaming or make significant changes into gameplay mechanics like Zelda OoT did in 97-98. Also the dude is 60 years-old maybe we should wait and give him a try with the WiiU.



JoShCoNker commented on Review: Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64):

CoNker BaD FuR Day, its not just one of the best and well done games ever made, it has the most impressive mix of gameplay ever made in a single game, starting for a complete platform game to a racing game, to a complex puzzle game and a complete a massive shotter plus blood, violence, nice voice acting and lots of humor since the start to the end of this masterpiece!!! Conker needs a respawn a new fresh game the bad thing is that Rare is from Microsoft.



JoShCoNker commented on Review: Goemon's Great Adventure (Nintendo 64):

This is the kind of games that you MUST play with a friend and a couple of beers to make the game even more funier than it is, As a N64 Collector (that's how my wife call me) I really suggest this game for everyone who wants :
1. Challenge
2. Co-op Game from start to finish
3. A huge selection of levels
4. Lots of frustration against a hard burro game
5. A very good sense of humor
Watch the profanity please — TBD



JoShCoNker commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

This game it's just AWESOME, full action to the entire game !!, its 100% a must have in your N64 collection and is a very enjoyable game even with another friend in the co-op way.