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FAST Racing NEO To Feature 'Hyper Real Graphics'

Posted by Lewis Childs

Shin’en to use 4K - 8K textures within the game

Shin’en’s recently announced Wii U eShop title FAST Racing NEO will feature “hyper real graphics” according to a tweet made by the developer earlier today. The follow up to 2011’s FAST Racing - League for WiiWare, will use between 4K and 8K textures to impress from a technical standpoint.

The revelation concerning the upcoming racing game's graphical prowess was made in response to a question asking how it feels to no longer be hindered by WiiWare's 40MB size restriction. The thread can be seen below:

Considering how well Shin’en overcame the 40MB limitation in FAST Racing - League, graphically and content-wise (take a look at our review here), this is certainly exciting news. Are you looking forward to FAST Racing NEO's 2014 release? Did you play the previous game, and if so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section.


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CasuallyDressed said:

I know Shin'en are great developers, but I'm still not expecting this to look as good as WipEout HD at 1080p/60fps. Would love to be proved wrong.



dacangri12 said:

That raises more questions to me. Is the game going to be playable in 4K? Can the Wii U support that kind of resolution?



unrandomsam said:

I think the way things are going with using 32GB of Assets and such (With most being tiny differences) and glitching the framerate up in the process isn't worth it. (Only way that would be ok is if the game was loading into a ramdisk first or 3rd parties performed a level of optimisation that they never ever have up to this point).



XCWarrior said:

Graphics mean nothing. I have Nano Assault Neo (and Assault, and other Shinen games) so I know they will be good. I wanna no the big question for a racing game - online multiplayer?



dacangri12 said:

Then that makes no sense, why would they created the textures at 4K and then downgrade them? That seems to me like a waste of time and money. If the Wii U is not capable of display ing 4K they should stick with 1080p. At the end of the day you won't be able to notice the difference.



TruenoGT said:

Can't wait to see what they're working on. I played the original FAST demo, but didn't pick it up. At the time, I was very into Wipeout HD on PS3 and FAST took a backseat. Hopefully this is a good time for redemption.



DinsFire said:

@Kodeen Couldn't have said it better. Also, it's people like you that renew my faith in humanity re: the internet. Kudos for knowledge transfer.

I've been intrigued by Nano Assault Neo, but I've yet to shell out for it. This sounds great too, and with a developer like this who seems to really care about quality I'm sure it will be a solid piece of software.



Icefreak45 said:

Excited to see how this game comes out, graphically and content wise. Shinen always does a good job graphics wise so I'm hoping this game makes my eyes cry tears of joy XD.



PAppleyard said:

I have Fast Racing League on Wii but get destroyed after a certain point.

I hope the next one is more forgiving!



Pod said:

Might mean quite a departure from the polished, clean, futuristic look of their WiiWare titles.

Could become grittier, or maybe the grass and foliage will just be ultra crisp.



IceClimbers said:

In that case, I think we all know who should be working on the next F-Zero game if Retro isn't doing so currently.



6ch6ris6 said:

i dont like developers talking about how cool their game will look without actually showing it



Discostew said:

@dacangri12 You still don't understand. You don't need a 4K display to take advantage of 4K textures. They aren't the same. Try to imagine an object zoomed in so it fills the screen. Wrap a texture around it. You may only see the object through a 1080p display, but you're not seeing the entire object, right? Now, rotate the object. That's just one example. Now imagine one of those Star Wars battle ships, that having such an immense size, that while looking at the entire object from a distance, you have no real reason for 4K textures because you aren't going to see the detail of them anyways. Now, zoom in so much that you're only seeing small sections of it. Using a small texture size for objects far away won't look much different from using a large texture size, but now you're zoomed in quite a bit, and the difference shows, making each texel blown up with small textures vs but not as much with large texture, if at all.



Nintendude789 said:

They're making it for WiiWare, but not Wii U eShop? That kind of sucks IMO. If it was made for Wii U eShop, the graphics could be better, and the textures will look amazing!

But I have to agree with @XCWarrior graphics isn't everything. What's important is the gameplay.



WaveGhoul said:

Yeah, i think i'll wait for Nintendo's upcoming F-Zero U in 2017. This frog won't settle for stolen generic table scraps designed to fill the 'f-zero' void.....ribbit.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm greatly awaiting this game. It looks set to be very beautiful & very fun I wish they'd at least show off a screenshot though!



nasachi said:

Fast in Wii was very very fast and a Great Game... No compensation for F-Zero, but at leaste as good as Wipeout or Extreme-G

and with Shinen we can expect gorgeous graphics and Ultra Hardcore difficulty xD



Kifa said:

Seeing is believing, though I wonder - if Shin'En is capable of pushing Wii U to do such thing, that would mean the console has in fact a lot of horsepower hidden inside. That, in turn, means that X360 and (to a lesser extent) PS3 ports should run nicely with not all that much additional programming effort. And yet, they don't (in most cases). Seems that most of the companies don't even bother to look up the SDK manuals...

Anyway - I'm waiting for some screenshots and/or gameplay videos. And please, let this game run in 60 frames per second and NOT pull another NFS on us...



hotlfusion said:

Fast racing on the wii a truly awesome game considering the hardware it was on. Jett Rocket was just as pretty. Nano Assault Neo used only ONE cpu core on the wii u.

When it comes to the wii/wiiu these guys have cooked up some magic sauce. It wouldn't surprise me if bigger devs are keeping an eye on them to work on future wii u projects.Surely Nintendo must have them on their radar. These are the type of developers the wii u need onboard.



Shiryu said:

Can't wait! No really, I really can't, Shin'en! Give it to me now! NOOOOWWWW!!!!

... I would not mind having the first game on 3DS either... just doping the hint out there... yeah...



kokirii said:

looks cool. I just got Nano Assault Neo and am enjoying it a lot. It was my first Shin'en game but now I'm looking forward to this and Jett Rocket 2.

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