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Nintendo Japan Confirms an End to Wii Production

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii will miss it

Not so long ago Nintendo Japan issued a statement to confirm that it was planning to bring Wii production to a close; this very much followed the manufacturing policy that had been taken with the GameCube to Wii transition. As we argued, however, Nintendo may be missing an opportunity by dropping the hugely successful system so soon.

An updated notice on the Wii product page now states that manufacturing has ended, suggesting that once existing stock is sold that could be the end of the system. That said, Nintendo of Europe reacted to the previous update by stating that it had no specific announcements of its own to make at that time; the widely-held assumption is that when the Kyoto headquarters made that move the effect would be worldwide — at the time of writing Nintendo of Europe's statement to us is unchanged from its previous update.

The Wii has sold over 100 million units and delivered a memorable library of games. If this is indeed the end, then the little system that dared to provide motion-based standard-definition gaming — in a perceived age of HD and FPS dominance — deserves warm praise.


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AlternateButtons said:

It's for the best....Hopefully this will help raise Wii U sales by making it the only Nintendo home console on the market.



MAB said:

I don't believe people were still buying it... That thang hasn't had any games for about 5 years



NintyMan said:

I disagree with the notion that Nintendo should still support Wii, because doing that would only add to the confusion over Wii U and Nintendo needs to do everything it can to support that.



ajcismo said:

Totally, it feels like the Wii hasn't aged nearly as well as other consoles. Mine is only used for Gamecube games now. Simply because my Gamecube is hooked up to another tv.



Araknie said:

@X-Factor No need for that, it's only Nintendo Japan that decides the worldwide production of their consoles. Because it's an heaquarter, Microsoft decides everything in Redmond and Sony in Yoshida's mind.



Kifa said:

This is the right move for Nintendo. Backward compatibility with Gamecube is no longer an important factor for sales, and Wii U can handle all Wii games equally well to original hardware (I think, I've never tested this thoroughly as I still have my Wii hooked up). Removing Wii from the market will strenghten the new system's position and eliminate confusion.

That said, Wii is the console that de facto pulled me into console gaming, and as such will be always fondly remembered. And I still have a few titles that I want to play on the system, so it's certainly not retiring from duty any time soon.



DilMan33 said:

It will defintely go down as one of the best consoles of all -time! Just as almost as every other Nintendo consoles!



manu0 said:

"perceived age of HD [...] dominance"?!

When the Wii launched (or xbox 360 or PS3) HD was not domimant at all...



Samurai_Goroh said:

Is this confirmed to be effective to all markets, or just Japan? Wii is manufactured in China, they can still conceivably produce PAL and NTSC models. They probably have plenty stockpiled to sell this Christmas and beyond.

End of an era, indeed, I feel Wii could still linger for a year more or so.



WYLD-WOO said:

What`s strange is Im still buying Wii games... Purchased Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn a few months back and it`s one of the best games ever.



cookiex said:

They can still sell Wii games seeing how they're perfectly playable on Wii U, but removing the hardware from the market should be helpful for its successor to gain some ground.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@Muzikant Disney Infinity also got a Wii version in August. And it's the best-selling of the whole bunch so far, I believe. Do the math: Disney+ toy figurines x 100 million Wii consoles = success.



Anclation said:

The Wii is pretty much the reason I got back into gaming, so it will always have a place in my heart. Xenoblade, Brawl, Skyward Sword and Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 were absolute masterpieces!



CrazyOtto said:

There's still Wii games set for release all the way up until November 29th in North America and Europe, it's all shovelware and Just Dance though.



Peach64 said:

I disagree. This won't stop brand confusion, because the confusion wasn't people going in to buy a Wii U and accidentally buying a Wii. The confusion was they heard Wii U, thought it was an add on for the Wii they're not using and lost interest. And those that wanted a Wii aren't going to happily pay over twice the price to get a Wii U instead. Nintendo don't need to make any games for it or spend anything to market it. Just let it keep making money til sales dry up. PS2 sold 50 million units after the PS3 launched. That's a lot of money.



Muzikant said:

I have a Wii, and I bought it last year in August in Walmart when I saw it bundled with mario wii. I wasn't planning on buying it, but the mario game brought nostalgia. 80% of my games right now are all the virtual console mario games that Nintendo has to offer. As far as Wii U goes, I am still holding off buying one until either they launch a bundle like they got in Europe that includes Mario and Luigi U, or sometimes next year. One criteria - dropping the price $50 was met, now to save even more money, all I need is a Mario title bundled with it. Mario Kart 8 will do, but mario U and Luigi U seem like a better deal. Those 2 games total about $80, and once I get the Wii U, I'm planning to buy them anyways.



Muzikant said:

When I buy a Wii U, I am planning to buy Mario U, Luigi U, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and all of the mario virtual console (so I can play them off-tv on the gamepad only), and then some other titles. Im just loving how the Wii U looks with HD.



Darknyht said:

I think it will help with brand confusion, but they need to do a better job of explaining the backwards compatibility and the off-TV play.



Shiryu said:

I am one happy customer. Not only do I own a respectable Wii game collection, it still also lets me get my Game Cube fix from time to time. Factoring the homebrew side of things, it's also a very capable retro gaming console and region free system (which is great because I own some Japanese Wii and Game Cube titles). The Revolution was indeed delivered, non gamers became gamers, the waggle was copied by both Sony and Microsoft, my JRPG love got rekindled... Not bad for a box that could only output to 480p, eh?



SpookyMeths said:

Seems like an odd move. Doesn't the Wii still outsell the Wii U in Japan? Why would they discontinue a more successful product? Are they hoping that people will shrug, say "aw shucks," and just buy a Wii U instead? Besides, they're going to have to keep manufacturing Wii peripherals anyway.

@Peach64 "PS2 sold 50 million units after the PS3 launched. That's a lot of money."

Yes, exactly. If Nintendo is hoping to push people into buying a Wii U, it's not going to work, and all they're doing is cutting off potentially years of sales. I don't expect the PS3 to cease production until at least 2016 or so, because Sony knows better.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@CaviarMeths Nope, Wii sales in Japan are often below one thousand units per week.The only thing it outsells these days is the Xbox 360.
So it makes sense to discontinue it for the Japanese market, but not for the rest of the world.
Also, I'm not so sure of those PS2 numbers Peach64 mentioned. PS2 was already near 120 million when PS3 came, it sold about 30 millions after it's successor launch, if I'm not mistaken. But I'm kind of lazy to got check the actual numbers, so take that with a pinch of salt. Plus that's beside the point, Wii is no PS2, it doesn't really have the legs to sell another 30 million, let's be honest. It's more like the original Playstation sales-wise. If they keep manufacturing Wii for western markets, it could sell more 5 to 10 millions at best.



HopeNForever said:

I wonder whatever happened to a statement Nintendo made not a very long time ago about using the Wii's twilight years as a motion to officially expand into developing markets with the Wii as a "budget home console" after it has served its prime in the bigger video gaming markets. I really hope they didn't just rule against that due to the rise of mobile gaming and stuff.



marnelljm said:

Long live the Wii. Such a great library of games if you can dig through all the garbage shovelware.



MadAdam81 said:

@Samurai_Goroh and only if they can really reduce the manufacturing costs would it even be profitable.
Also, who knows how much stock they still have?
The only reason to make Wiis now would be to sell in China.



PinkSpider said:

I wonder what the last few obscurerare Wii games that get released will be. My collection of 170 plus is growing strong....



StarDust4Ever said:

NES was supported until well into the SNES lifespan. Same with PS2/3 coexisting. What gives? That said, Wii-U is the future and Nintendo needs to advertise ASAP!



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I'm not going to miss the Wii. Even though it had lots of amazing games that other systems couldn't give, it will still cause confusion with the Wii U. Plus, the Wii was a shovelware paradise.



Neram said:

The little system that could. It may not have been technically perfect, but at least the Wi was finally something different. I think it's safe to say this system brought a breath of fresh air to a stagnating pasttime. Stagnating as in becoming less and less interesting and more niche, not necessarily a crashing industry.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months and years with the Wii U, but I highly doubt it will even come close to having the same impact that the Wii did.

Godspeed, Wii.



yojo said:

I really do think this console would kick so much butt if they made a bundle with Galaxy or SS for developing countries to get them into video games (Also it might be good in a place like brazil, where the PS4 costs 1850 US Dollars )



HandheldGuru97 said:

Time to move the old system over into the retro section of the site. Pretty impressive run, now let the Wii U rise....



A1234 said:

RIP still have my original and I still play it daily. I also have a Wii U.



Ren said:

this is sad even if necessary. Only the original NES rivals the Wii to me. The Wii Renewed my interest in gaming after a long break. Now I'm giving my whole collection to my nephew this christmas so he can start with that one (at 5yo). I'm only concerned that the shop will go down (has it already?). There are so many good download games and VC games, it'd be a shame to loose access to them all, anyone know if it's down or going down?



Link41x said:

Rest now sweet prince, it was an honor to raise Wii remotes with you over the years.



Marioman64 said:

really this is the end of the gamecube era, since wii games can still be played...

although for those who didnt have a chance to try 8 player console bomberman blast on wiiware (4 gamecube controllers plus 4 wiimotes at the same time), I pity you



TheGZeus said:

@Ren The store is the only thing not down yet.
Considering they've stopped production of the system, it's just a matter of time. Gotta snag that are rare in the real world before it's too late.



TheGZeus said:

@ngamer155 Yeah. The confusion they caused with "let's make a system that looks and sounds like our last one which we sold to people who don't know about the video game industry" is likely a big part of why there are now about 10 games for the Wii U that I'd want, and upon checking, about 50 for the PS3 (which I don't have.
Guess what I'm saving up for first?

Maybe there would be greater reason Earthbound, Super Luigi U, and a few other first party titles and indie stuff if they'd made this move sooner.
A large portion of the target audience of the Wii (which is... everyone) doesn't really understand what gaming system is, what it does, and that iterations happen and don't work together. There are people who buy Blu Ray discs and try to play them in their DVD player, and don't understand why it won't work, even when you tell them.
If there was just no more Wii (other than a slight overlap, in store/warehouse stock should cover that. DS Lite production stopped around the intro of the 3DS, but they had enough to sell for over a year iirc) and now there's a Wii U on the shelf instead, I think that could have worked. "Why is it so much more expensive now?" "Oh, that's the new version. It's improved, and comes with a controller that has a screen in it." "oh, I see."
As opposed to "Why is this one so much more expensive?" "It has better graphics and has this cotnroller with a screen in it" "oh. Will those graphics work on my TV? Where can I buy the controller seperately?"
Basically, I gave up on convincing my Mom to upgrade. if TVii had worked properly, there'dve been a chance, but... that's another story.



retro_player_22 said:

No, not the GameCube backwards compatible Wii (since Japan never got the other two models). I love those, why not end the Canadian Wii Mini or European Wii Family Edition first?



Kifa said:

@BanjoThreeie Why is it that each time I write something anywhere on the Internet, somebody comes up and explains some commonly known fact to me? I knew that already, and that does not change what I said about it being not important anymore. :]



BestBuck15 said:

If I had the money id buy another one. These baby's will be worth a fortune, especially the gamecube support version.

It stuns me some of the comments here. People claiming to be Nintendo fans, yet they are glad to see the back of a Nintendo console.

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