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Ubisoft: The Wii U GamePad "Feels Like a Natural Extension" in Splinter Cell Blacklist

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Ubisoft producer tells us about the upcoming blockbuster

It may be having a relatively quiet build-up, but the arrival of Splinter Cell Blacklist later this month will be eagerly anticipated by fans of the franchise. It's also a return for the series on a Nintendo home console, after previous entry Conviction skipped the Wii.

The Wii U version of the game is being handled by Ubisoft Shanghai, which has previously worked on multiple entries in the series, and we've recently had the opportunity to pose some questions to Producer Liu Jun about what Nintendo fans can look forward to. He was keen to emphasize the natural usage of the Wii U's GamePad for a title with such an emphasis on gadgets, stealth and successfully navigating areas.

For Splinter Cell Blacklist the dual screen control mechanics are definitely a plus. For Splinter Cell Wii U, keep in mind we really didn’t have to create and “force” new gameplay to support the hardware, with the OPSAT, the gadgets, the mark & execute. The GamePad feels like a natural extension to the Splinter Cell experience.

The GamePad will essentially be a literal imitation of Sam Fisher's OPSAT (OPerational SATellite uplink), which has been shown off to good effect in trailers to date, and Jun also confirmed that the controller's microphone will be put to use for voice chat in the multiplayer and co-op modes, similar to its implementation in Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Overall, there are indications that the Wii U version will stand up well with the other platforms, with extras such as off-TV play and an assurance that "there will be no difference in treatment" for the system with DLC. The only absence is offline co-op, which was left out in order to ship at the same time as the other versions; though that's certainly slightly disappointing, full online co-op and multiplayer is included.

Check back later today for the full interview, where we learn more about the varied options for players through the campaign, the role of the co-op missions in the context of the whole game, and what sets the Wii U version apart.

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Emblem said:

Hope this is the definitive version of the game.

EDIT: Wait what no offline co-op even though we have two screens? Sigh



Shambo said:

I'll get it for sure, but offline co-op really should be patched afterwards.

I understand it needs simultaneous releases across platforms, and that Wii U takes more time, and I really appreciate what they're doing for Wii U, but two screens should mean the best local co-op. That's about the only co-op I do. And I love co-op.

One thing I don't understand: why no collector's edition? I preordered Watch Dogs with the statue, and would've liked Splinter Cell the same way.



marck13 said:

"offline co-op.. let out" ??????
Ubisoft, you guys had the biggest chance to bring the greatest offline co-op without split-screen to the market on the Wii U. And you decide not to do it? Patch that urgently!



sr388survivor said:

Well hopefully local multiplayer can be patched. That'll probably depend on how many people buy the game. Either way, I'm pretty excited about this game.

Kinda funny how Batman doesn't have online and this doesn't have local. lol.



aaronsullivan said:

Ouch on the offline co-op, but everything else feels like a real first-class treatment of features that are being neglected by others (including having a Wii U version to begin with!) and GamePad control that makes good sense.

Still, I do hope they consider offline co-op in a patch or something. It's a great and expected feature for Nintendo games nowadays so it matches the audience even more than online play. It's about the only thing that would truly get me to buy a game like this, because otherwise it's not my thing. Play through with my wife, though? That could happen.



ULTRA-64 said:

Well that got me all exited and keen......equal treatment for pad used well......great looking game.....NO LOCAL CO-OP= NO PURCHASE!!!!
Do you really think they would'nt delay other platforms if not ready yet!?! This is a load of bull.....this is the DEFINITIVE way to hypocritically tell customers you treat them the same whilst remaining a console fascist at heart. I feel truly let down to once again have the goalposts moved at the last minute on a game where I thought we might, just this once get the same treatment as others. If watchdogs does this aswell I might implode!!



aaronsullivan said:

@ULTRA-64 Demand a patch, but the Wii U needs people to buy the third party games.

Remember how small a market they are selling this version to.

Somebody made the decision to cut offline co-op in order to get a release in the same marketing window of the other versions for the Wii U. Probably a tough call, but I can't say I disagree even though it's probably the most interesting feature to me, personally.



Dpullam said:

I'm honestly pretty disappointed that this game won't feature offline co-op. That mode is where I had a majority of my fun in Splinter Cell Conviction. Unless it gets added through a patch I can't see myself spending more than 20 bucks for this game. That feature was really important so this is a big minus for me.

Edit: I understand that the exclusion of offline co-op is a small complaint for some people, but I absolutely loved playing offline co-op with family and friends. I will agree that having online is a great addition, but I have never made use of it in past Splinter Cell games. Local co-op has been and always will be the mode of choice for me. I'm not one of those people who is considered angry, I'm just disappointed.



Yrreiht said:

I don't understand Nintendo fans. For once we have a third party multi platform game that isn't watered down and everyone is angry. I can understand that it's bad that offline co-op isn't there but everything else is: online multiplayer, DLC, good use of the gamepad. Sigh....



Dark_Link said:

@Yrreiht exactly! I am just shaking my head on this one. It has everything else and Ubisoft is making great use of the gamepad and it has online content. I think this game might even better than the console because of the gamepad. Ubisoft seems to enjoy designing their games and using the gamepad to enhance the experience. I am getting the game no questions asked.



Savino said:

I want everybody buying this game!!!!!!!!!
Doesnt matter if it´s not your cup of tea... hang it on a wall! But in the name of the galaxy, BUY THIS GAME!!! Show support and let´s make a great online comunity!!!

It´s our chance to show that, even if we are few, we are capable to do some noise!!



Quickman said:

Seems a bit strange that the console that the Wii U is the console to lose out on local multiplayer, but at least it's online I suppose..



unrandomsam said:

@Savino Show them that you don't care about the terrible rip off that the 3DS game in that franchise was ? I hope this game does terribly the sooner Ubisoft leaves Wii U the better.



marck13 said:

I agree with your words. The effort they do put in to this game for the extras on the Wii U is admirable. I´ll probably get it and will be driving miiverse crazy about wanting that Tv/Gamepad co-op as an update



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm not too fussed about offline co-op, I'm sure I'd never get the chance to use it. I wish I knew if this game had the function to turn off blood though. Anyone know? If I do pick this up I plan to do the "stealth" way of playing it, using non-lethal force & the like but I'd still like to know if you can turn the blood off. In the Assassin's Creed games you can so I'm hoping the same is here.

Edit: eh, on second thought the game may be too violent for my tastes. Not like I have the monies for more games right now anyway



Relias said:

Well i do think it's funny.. the one system displaying itself as a party system and should have Local Co OP.. is getting ignored.. on that front.. in order to release it on time.. and actually get's online support.. (Yes that does throw me into shock.. I thought Wii U had no online players that was why we were getting ignored on the Batman Front.. and getting little to no DLC.. ) That being said.. i hope it does well.. and maybe Wii U will become more of a Online system .. but I will not support this.. I am sorry.. it makes me angry that everyone is supporting this whether you like it or not.. just to keep a third party company making games for your system.. hell why don't you just ask everyone to buy a copy of Smurfs 2 while your at it?? Third parties need to change their attitudes when it comes to Nintendo.. They need to stop telling us these are the games your getting and if you don't support them.. we won't make any games for your system or at least will cut down support.. and no I don't think you should feel forced to support their attitude in that.. I have a specific list of games I am buying.. and I will get those games only.. I refuse to support something just because a third party has that attitude.. if you get your games.. that is great.. I want you too.. but don't ask me to support something I will never even play... that is selfish... (If I pay 60.00 for it.. I should at least want to play it.. or don't anyone agree with that??)



Dpishere said:

It's kind of funny, me and my brother were discussing the possible uses for the gamepad in this game, and nearly everyone we spoke about is actually being included in the game. This version is setting up to be the best version of the game to be released, except for the no local co-op.



Owlynator said:

Wow. Seriously, I was looking forward to playing offline co-op with my brothers or friends. Seems like I'll have to buy this game on another platform then.



sinalefa said:

Well, I will not be supporting this. I work hard to earn my money, so I expect developers to do the same. If I don't support this, they may pull support, but if I support this, then they will get used to getting away with giving us Wii U owners inferior (and thus overpriced) versions of their games. This also goes for Batman, of course.

If Ubisoft is so committed to the Wii U, then show it with complete products. And if they are not committed, then no matter what we do, they will use any excuse to back off.



Relias said:

@sinalefa Exactly... and if anything despite the fact that I would not support it anyway.. Local Co Op should have been one of the first things they put on it.. not a after thought.. or update...



SetupDisk said:

I'm getting this, local co op in games like this is usually horrible compared to the online experience. In time for release they actually get all the features most people care about in the series instead of dropping online.



Subie98 said:

@Relias I dont think anyone should buy a game that doesnt appeal to them. I agree with you. However people are making a bigger deal out of local co op than they should. I wish it had it too. But its not a big enough issue to completely pass on the game. Unless said person doesnt have the privilege of having net to play it online. That would suck to not be able to play with anyone except yourself.



EaZy_T said:

I think it's only a good thing that this will release simultaneously with the other platforms.
It has online (something everyone usually complains about Wii U not getting) and uses the gamepad uniquely (other versions don't have this option).

Just wondering out loud: do the other platforms have local co-op? (no need to reply to me; I'm too lazy to look it up and I really don't care either way)



sinalefa said:


Local co-op is the only way my bro and I can play games together. It was the only reason why we bought Resident Evil 5 and 6, and the best thing in Uncharted 3.

I am pretty sure many other people feel the same way, and for them no local co op means no buy, which means no money for Ubisoft for neglecting a feature that should be there. That would force us multiconsole owners to buy the game in a different system, effectively contributing to the "Wii U port is not profitable enough" argument.



Subie98 said:

@sinalefa it might be many but I doubt you and others like yourself are the majority. Im not saying you don't count either. You and many others are also able to play with others online. Why only limit who you'd play with to family and friends? id wager more people play online than ever use local co op. I dont think they are purposely screwing us over with leaving it out. They already gave us exclusive things on our version. Sounds like the definitive version to me. We have more things over the other versions vs them only having local co op. Its not like they were lazy. You cant please everyone and this is proof.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

To be honest this was a lose lose scenario for Ubisoft. If they had delayed the game you guys would be up in arms. From the other things they've mentioned it's obvious effort was put in. Why not save your anger for EA, CD Projekt Red, Rockstar, Square Enix or Blizzard who are skipping out the Wii U entirely with their AAA titles?



sinalefa said:


They could say "Local co op will not be there so we can ship it in time, but we are looking into releasing an update or patch and add it later". There, everyone happy.



b23cdq said:

@Metaknight_3Raw CD Projekt Red is such a small studio that I really don't blame them. Rockstar is excused because the Wii can't run GTA V, and no gen8 version has been announced.The rest you are correct on.



defrb said:

I love to play fps with my son, but have to skip this one then. Thanks god black ops 2 aint a bad game at all, were enjoying that one instead



JaxonH said:

@aaronsullivan But the solution is not to leave out features on the Wii U version, the solution is to not set a release date before the game will be fully completed. Besides, how do we KNOW that's actually why? How do we know they just don't want to invest 100% of the work on this version because they think it won't sell, and want to minimize loss? If we weren't getting a boatload of other games lacking features I might say ok, but after several other publishers setting this trend, I call bs. If what they say is true, they would have plans to finish local co-op after release and patch it in. But they do not. Trust me- if they did, we'd be hearing about it. This is the last straw. Wii U owners are treated like 2nd class citizens. Yeah, I'll buy the game, BEGRUDGINGLY, because it's more important to send a message that 3rd party games will sell right now. We can't afford to boycott anything at the present. But I swear here and now, once the Wii U picks up steam and 3rd parties' hesitations are lifted, I'm buying every single first party game and that's it (with the exception of exclusives). I will not stand to be treated like a lesser gamer simply because of the hardware I choose to game on.



Elhijodelrio said:

apparently they're saying that he didn't have enough time to put this feature in so was it blacklist a last minute multplat conversion to the Wii U custom mean the system's been out for quite some time the games been in development for quite some time so I would assume there's no excuse for the all features not there, hopefully their can be a patch to resolve this issue, btw to thangs 1-so now there's no way to actually tell how are games going to do with full features because technically it does not have full features and I'm talking about sales wise 2-if people complain may help them to decide to patch straight away, people saying basiclly it s ok for this game not to have this local co op are saying ubi no patch needed we are satisfied at least we have online ect... NO! good that on line n dlc btw dlc should be a giving, but local coop come on ubi! Sound like a notha zombiU, no pro controller support please i hope not... I like zombiU but wish could use pro control er...



DarkNinja9 said:

am i the only who feels like they just saying this to try to get some ppl to look at the game and such? seems like BS in a way cuz if it fits the Wii U wouldnt they not have released the directors cut to the other consoles as well instead kept it Wii U exclusive?



Turbo857 said:

Just like Capcom did with Resident Evil 6's Ada Wong campaign, Ubisoft should announce that they'll provide an offline co-op patch for Wii U Blacklist sometime after release. Off-TV play and offline 2 screen co-op are 2 great features third parties should really make use of when making games for the Wii U. Provided that the content they're publishing contains multiplayer features. And Blacklist is a no brainer!



AJWolfTill said:

All will be foirgiven if they patch this. Think about it though guys, releasing the Wii U version late would be disastrous for it's sales and considerably shrink it's market. I love co op campaigns so it's inclusion would certainly tempt me into buying it. If you care though buy the game and then bombard the miiverse page. They won't listen to requests if there is no audience.

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