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Get Best Buy's New Leaf Items Without Having A Best Buy

Posted by Tim Latshaw

For your home, from your home!

Best Buy’s recent collaborations with Nintendo haven’t been limited to their E3 demo events. Animal Crossing: New Leaf players can also log on to a store’s Nintendo Zone at various points over the next eight weeks to grab four different items.

But what if you don’t live near a Best Buy, or have no way of getting to one? A user on the Project Hyrule forum has you covered. With some small adjustments to your router, these items can be obtained while you lounge on your very own real, non-digital furniture.

Here’s how to do it, according to Project Hyrule forum user, Link:

1. Change the SSID on your router to “Bestbuy” (ensure it is spelled exactly as seen here, with the capital B and without the quotation marks). Tethering on your cell phone should also work.
2. Make sure you can connect to your router via your 3DS Wi-Fi settings.
3. A message should appear on your Home screen saying you are connected to a Nintendo Zone, but you do not need to enter it.
4. Start New Leaf, visit the Post Office and ask Pelly (or Phyllis, I suppose) for your present.

The Raccoon Wall-clock is the item currently up for grabs, so get to it! And if you do live right next to a Best Buy, maybe drop in as a quick thanks. It’s still cool of them to offer this in the first place.


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Geonjaha said:

Seems like quite a length to go to just for an exclusive item. I guess the die hard fans will be happy though.



Burning_Spear said:

Good news and perfect timing, because I just came back from Best Buy with no luck on the DLC.



dequesi said:

Would that work also on European consoles? Cos the trick is not working for me... :-/



RupeeClock said:

I don't believe Phyllis gives you the option to download presents, the same way you can't save mail when she's working the post-office, only send mail.

Still this is great, I'll give this SSID switch a try tomorrow and see how it goes.



NIELS_ said:

I've tried it several times now today and still no luck.
Maybe it's because Europe now has their own DLC.

In Belgium & The Netherlands is GameMania the Nintendo Zone for the DLC items.



3DSAllDay said:

MUST HAVE THE DOUBLE NECK GUITAR!!!!Other than that just more promotions from Nintendo/best buy.



RupeeClock said:

Heh, now that I take a look at the Nintendo Life frontpage, this site seems to have all but turned into Animal Crossing Life.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

It looks like I went to Best Buy for nothing then.
Well, at least I still received the wall clock.



AyeHaley said:

@MeddlingIdiot I really hope someone here is going to visit Gamemania and find out what their SSID is. Sadly due to my health I can't go anywhere. I've wanted that Tom Nook clock ever since I first laid eyes on it.



Undead_terror said:

My computer got screwed over, I'm able to use the router and a laptop but not the main computer, also it can't be fixed so I can't try this out



Blathers said:

Hoo! It really isn't. Anyone who knows their way around their router settings can do this quickly and easily.
I say, this is genius. Why didn't I think of it?



DeaDmAn said:

It seems that any EU Nintendozone SSID should work, I'm in Aus and just tried the UK one which is "_The Cloud" (minus ") and it worked! Just got the clock



Whopper744 said:

Ordered mine through Streetpass! Thanks friend that took the time out to visit Best BUy for both of us! It was like, 1,900 some bells but that's ok!



russellohh said:

@Geonjaha I feel like you can do that in less than 60 seconds, whereas the nearest BestBuy, though only 10-15 mins away, is still a good 30 minutes round trip. I'm trying this when I get home.



RudysaurusRex said:

You can do similar things like this in Pokemon Black and White 2. You change the DNS and get Pokemon from a website.



Dizzard said:

I tried it but I get an error code 003-1105 when I try to get the item from Pelly. (I'm in Ireland)

The Nintendo zone icon appeared on my main menu though.

Has anyone in Europe managed to get the item?



Nico85 said:

Guys i know that you explained it in other comments but i really didn't understand what i should do to get the items, i live in Belgium and i would really like to get the items. Could you please explain it to me as if i were a 5yo child? Thx in advance for your help



Honelith said:

Can't use 'space' in an SSID name? So how did The Cloud work? O_o All variants of gamemania don't work too. (GAMEMANIA, gamemania, Gamemania, GameMania)

Bestbuy throws me an error, Nintendo Zone flashes on the homescreen so it must not work for UK ACNL.



Grimault said:

Honelith > I did the "_The Cloud" trick yesterday with a PAL AC game (using my smartphone as an access point, I didn't want to deal with angry family members unable to use Internet) and now I have a nice racoon clock hanging on my wall



Danglybits said:

For anyone in London UK I found out that you can get the Nintendo Zone on the Overground (not sure about UnderGround) & the ACNL item.

I got the Clock this morning from Hoxton station.



keynote said:

Confirm that _The Cloud works for europe
Just tried it and it works like a charm. the other european ssid's doesn't work (I tested a couple, such as: MCDONALDS, NintendoSpotPass1, NintendoSpotPass2, etc)



jenisnape said:

At first I also got error code 003-1105..make sure you change tha name of the ssid on your 3DS too! Worked like a charm once I did that.



Sosa said:

I´m in México and got a Rainbow screen with _The Cloud. Bestbuy didn´t work. Any suggestions? I want the clock...



Lobster said:

Took me ages to figure out why this wasn't working for me. Stupid Suddenlink doesn't let you rename their routers.



Gemini said:

Thanks for the info, which was both helpful and timely! My local Bestbuy could not get their server up and running for this, so I was in danger of losing out on the Tanookie Clock.
I applied the fix you wrote about to the guest login on my router and 'voila' instant connection and download!

Many thanks!

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