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Nintendo And SEGA Have Yet To Reveal Another Exclusive Sonic Title

Posted by Andy Green

Could it be a Mario Kart and Sonic & All-Stars Racing crossover?

Satoru Iwata announced during yesterday's Nintendo Direct broadcast a new worldwide partnership with SEGA that will see three new Sonic the Hedgehog titles come to Wii U.

The first of these titles is Lost World, which is on its way to Wii U and 3DS. Very little information has surfaced about this one and we can only speculate on the inclusion of dinosaurs.

We know much more about the second title, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, which naturally is a continuation of the events-based sports franchise that started back in 2007 for the Beijing Olympics. The game will utilise Wii MotionPlus controls in new events such as snowboard slope races and the GamePad will also be used for events such as curling thanks to the touchscreen.

However, there are currently no details on the third Sonic game, which has naturally sparked off plenty of speculation that there could be a Mario Kart crossover in the pipeline.

Sumo Digital Executive Producer Steve Lycett has recently revealed his desire to find out "who'd really win a kart race" possibly insinuating a Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed follow-up featuring characters from the Mario universe.

What would you like this mystery third game to be? Would you be pleased with a Mario Kart X Sonic & All-Stars Racing game? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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Kifa said:

Hmm, a Sonic kart-racer with Mario universe characters would be a direct competition for upcoming Mario Kart U. What came to my mind is that next MK will simply include Sonic universe characters and courses...? O.o



Nik-Davies said:

Could they do a Pokemon and release 2 games at the same time which link. Like X & Y, but Mario Kart and Sonic Racing. Just an idea.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Keep Sega out of Mario Kart.

I would much rather see a Nintendo-Sega partnership bring us F-Zero UX and a Shenmue HD remake.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I have nothing against Sumo, or their games, but I want Mario Kart to be Mario Kart. I wouldn't mind Sonic being a playable character in Mario Kart (that might be kinda cool) but I don't want the universes to meld together. I want a Mario Kart, not a Mario and Sonic Kart.



Knuckles said:

I'll take any opportunity to play a Sonic game I get. If it means I get to beat Mario, all the better.



AlternateButtons said:

I for one would LOVE A Mario Kart x Sonic Kart crossover. That would be fantastic......though a proper story driven adventure would be much more satisfying.



evanescent_hero said:

Pretty sure they said Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games isn't one of the three, but I could be wrong.

Also, in the fourth paragraph, "there are no details." =P




I would love this to happen, there are some great ideas in Sonic & All Stars, but i prefer the execution of Mario Kart. Handled correctly, it would be epic. I'd personally love to see Nintendo & Sega Kart than Sonic and Mario Kart, but whatever transpires with Mario Kart U I'll accept anyway.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Don't just make a Mario X Sonic Racing game, make a Nintendo X SEGA racing game! Several IPs from both parties racing to the finish line!



SirQuincealot said:

another commenter said it up there, but what if the rivalry wasnt mario, but captain falcon? sonic fits much better into f-zero than mario kart, and with mario kart allready coming i would much rather see a f-zero game anyways



WiiLovePeace said:

Hey yeah! I didn't think of that... Sonic x F-Zero? That'd be strange but it could work. & any excuse to get a new F-Zero is always a good thing



seronja said:

still this idea of mario x sonic kart is a bit lame for me... for one thing mario kart is a KART racer & sonic all stars racing is all about CARS... do you know wich other Nintendo racing franchise also has cars? F-ZERO!! SEGA all stars x F-zero or SEGA & Nintendo all stars racing would be much better game IMO... heck even sonic & diddy kong racing would be awesome!



JulienIsTheMan said:

NINTENDO X SEGA KART! Over 50 karts! 50 characters! 25 Nintendo and 25 SEGA. Hundreds of kart combinations! Kart wings, propellors, karts, paintjobs, and accesories would all be customizable as well as multiple costumes for every character! Exclusive to Wii U and 3DS! 2 game modes! Mario Kart 7 style mode, and classic Mario Kart mode!



UnseatingKDawg said:

Mario and Sonic racing. That would be pretty sweet. But, I'm still hoping that Sonic will appear in Smash Bros. 4 as well.



Gameday said:

I love mario kart , and i like sonic transformed racing but i dont know if id like the mash up. Something id have to demo indeed , i just get a weird feel of the gameplay and level design. Any one else ?



NintyMan said:

A Mario and Sonic All-Stars Kart Racing sounds cool, but I wouldn't like the idea of it directly conflicting with Mario Kart U. I still think it's either going to be Sonic being a playable character in Mario Kart U or Mario being a DLC character for Sonic All-Stars Racing. Right now, we can only speculate.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Mario & Sonic platformer, please.

After the new 3D Mario and Sonic games come out this Fall I would hope EAD and Sonic Team would be working on that next.

Let me dream.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Oh and as for the tease I'm pretty sure it's Mario guesting in Sonic Racing and Sonic guesting in Mario Kart 8.



Lan said:

Nintendo seems so be getting in good with Japanese developers and publishers, but western ones just hate the Wii U.



Dpullam said:

I wouldn't mind if Nintendo and Sega collaborated for the next entry in Mario Kart. It sounds like a pretty cool idea and could also turn out to be quite refreshing for Mario Kart. After all, Sega seems to keep getting better at making racing games themselves so it seems like a natural fit. I doubt it will be a serious collaboration though, but perhaps I'll be surprised.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Sounds awesome but I'd rather have like a Nintendo All-star racing game, I think that'd be really cool.



HeatBombastic said:

Mario & Sonic platformer? Come on people. The platforming games are like East and West. The Kart racing games are much closer in terms of gameplay, and they both feel pretty different btw.



Yellowkoopa said:

I think there will be downloadable content in Mario Kart Wii U playing as sonic characters and in the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, there will be downloadable Mario Characters.



Haywired said:

I kind of hope not. I don't really like crossovers, but then I'm probably just too much of a purist (for example, I didn't like how Smash Bros. Brawl featured non-Nintendo characters. For that reason Melee is the purer/better Smash Bros. imo).

Or maybe I'm just burned on the idea from having to endure the Wii Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games waggle-fest at a party (and as the resident Nintendo fan having to remind everyone that Nintendo didn't actually make the game).



S7eventhHeaven said:

Sega and Nintendo partnership. who would have ever thought. this is glorious news. all star racing transformed is epic. A Mario Kart X Sonic & All-Stars Racing game. Bring it on yes please!!!



GoombaJMR said:

I honestly don't like the Idea of a Sonic Mario Crossover for racing...just zz



Nomad said:

@S7eventhHeaven Agreed. A new Panzer Dragoon RPG would be awesome. I'd even like to see 3DS remakes of Panzer Dragoon I & II. Lets just hope this new partnership with SEGA means more of their games come to WII U/3DS then just Sonic.



DerpSandwich said:

I really don't think any sort of crossover is going to happen. It just doesn't seem like the sort of thing Nintendo would go for. Especially not with a cart racer so soon after the latest Sonic & All Stars.



ViRtUaLbOy11 said:

PS: none of these hypothetical games are actually in development, being worked on, conceptualized, -nothing. These are wild rumors. Normally I pay tribute to the fanfare and craze of an idea like this- but this one is silly.



allav866 said:

Sonic as a playable character in Mario Kart, MAYBE, but I mostly just want Mario Kart to stay the same as it has been, with a few creative tweaks.



Mizzah_Tee said:

Bring back some of those Sega gems from Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast. Virtua Fighter, Phantasy Star, Panzer Dragoon, NiGHTS, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, Jet Grind, Seaman... Gimmeeee!



BATRA said:

i would love it yes it might be mario kart u now with sonic characters name might change cant wait



Saturn said:

Is Sonic the only IP Sega care about? What ever happened to games like Alex Kidd,Shenmue,and Vectorman,etc.? Other than appearing in the Sonic Racing games almost all of their IPs are non existent to them which is really sad.



DarkNinja9 said:

i rly hope not just leave mario kart to being mario kart -_- and i dont think they would release 2 racing games at the same time either so it has to be something else o.O



Sun said:

'Could it be a Mario Kart and Sonic & All-Stars Racing crossover?' No.
'Nintendo And SEGA Have Yet To Reveal Another Exclusive Sonic Title' Mario & Sonic first, Sonic Lost World second and perhaps Sonic Lost World 3DS version (total different game because of 3DS capabilities) third?



Darel18 said:

I have to ask: Where do you guys heard about "Nintendo and Sega partnership will have three games"? I saw the NOA presentation and the one from UK and Iwata never mentioned something about "three games" ... =/



Laxeybobby said:

Darel, I second that question.
Plus if you look at Sega's official Website they have No New games for the Wii U listed in their 'Upcoming Games'
In fact as a result of some of these recent posts I visited most of the major game publisher websites and some of their development studio websites, and I found none advertising any new upcoming WiiU games, not even the ones that were shown as multi platform - the WiiU was not listed as one of those platforms.



Emaan said:

While I'm intrigued by what this new Sonic game may be, I really don't want to see a Mario Kart meets Sonic game. Keep them separate.



Sun said:

Agreed, I don't want to see Mario in every single game!! By the way I love Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed!



Ruthven said:

Leave Mario Kart and Sonic Racing alone (Well maybe the "Stars" can crossover as cameos only) as they are two separate racing types; Kart vs. Racers
A Nintendo and Sonic driven (pun intended) Racer say called "Nintendo Racers" featuring Mario Kart / Sonic Racers / F-Zero / DK Racing / plus whatever DLC makes sense (Namco Racers?) with all sorts of racing types and all sorts of courses (water/air/off road etc.), sort of like a Smash Bros of racing.



Spooky said:

Way too much reading into all this, three titles HAVE been announced. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games 2014 - Wii U, Sonic: Lost Worlds - 3DS and Sonic: Lost Worlds - Wii U.
However I do think that Mario Kart should be kept to pure karting with Mario characters only and maybe have an all-vehicle race game akin to Sonic Racing with characters from all over the Nintendo universe including third parties similar to the mighty Smash Bros. That'd be brilliant!

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