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Gunman Clive Developer's Next 3DS Title "Heavily Inspired by the Early Zelda Games"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Targeting "old-school" action adventure gameplay

Bertil Hörberg is the one man development studio behind Gunman Clive, the budget action platformer with plenty of allusions to the Mega Man franchise, among others. That title has proven to be a notable success story, with the 3DS eShop version surpassing the sales of the iOS and Android versions combined. That success has encouraged Hörberg to focus on the 3DS for future titles, telling us in an interview that he's "always felt much more at home with dedicated gaming platforms".

Ahead of the Japanese eShop release of Gunman Clive — which is being published by Circle Entertainment — Hörberg has taken the chance to speak with Siliconera about a variety of subjects, most notably what's coming next. If Gunman Clive could readily be linked to the Blue Bomber, the one man studio's next project aims to bear similarities to one of the biggest of Nintendo's franchises.

It’s still very early in development and a lot of the design isn’t finalized, but it’s very heavily inspired by the early Zelda games; it uses a topdown perspective with 3D graphics and it’s for the 3DS. The artstyle is fairly different from the new Zelda but has some influences from [A Link to the Past] as well, so yes I think comparisons will certainly be made [to A Link to the Past 2].

I think most players realize that my resources are rather more limited though and I wouldn’t presume to be in direct competition with Nintendo. I just hope people will be up for a bit more old-school action adventure gameplay regardless.

While reassuringly modest about the comparison, we have optimism based on his previous effort that the developer will capture the basic essence of the genre. Time will tell, of course.

What do you make of this ambition for Hörberg's next project, and are you in the Gunman Clive fan club? Sound off in the comments, as always.


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JLSniper said:

Sounds awesome. And if it's around 2-5 dollars that's even more better,lol



NImH said:

I'm in.
Fact: Gunman Clive was awesome.
Fact: The old-school Zeldas are my personal favorites.
Fact: Bears eat beets.



bezerker99 said:

Bertil Hörberg is one of my favorite persons on the planet. Can't wait to see what he's been working on!



Xilef said:

Gunman Clive was very fun and well designed, looking forward to this one.



GoroGoro said:

I fell in love with this man after Gunman Clive, whatever he puts out, i will buy. And even better it's old school zelda!! my favourite:D



Captain_Balko said:

I'm certainly excited, although I worry that it will be difficult to recapture the magic of Gunman Clive - Something about the music, graphics, and game-play simply felt extraordinary. Still, it will probably be a day one buy for me.



DarkCoolEdge said:

If it is as good as Gunman Clive, he can count with my money and my recomendations to anyone willing to listen.



dc_10 said:

The simplistic linear gameplay is what makes Clive so fun!! Can't wait for this next project!!



Macarony64 said:

Great news i hope he makes something with more content i will give it a buy even if he wants to make it cost more.



RR529 said:

Yet another eShop title for me to look forward to!

I loved Gunman Clive, and Zelda is my favorite gaming franchise, so I hope this turns out well.



3Daniel said:

My 8gb sd card has 100a blocks left time for an upgrade! 3ds eshop is awesome!



Gioku said:

I hope it also has a western theme! A western-themed zelda-style game... that might be interesting...

Regardless, a new game from Hörberg should be great!



Tasuki said:

Well I really enjoyed Gunman Clive so I will be checking out his next project when it makes its way to eShop. Can't wait to see what he has in store next.



Tasuki said:

Well I really enjoyed Gunman Clive so I will be checking out his next project when it makes its way to eShop. Can't wait to see what he has in store next.



Tasuki said:

Well I really enjoyed Gunman Clive so I will be checking out his next project when it makes its way to eShop. Can't wait to see what he has in store next.



Magikarp3 said:

A 1-man studio making an action adventure game... That's seriously ambitious! Hope it turns out well!



Raiko said:

Looking forward to it. My only complaint with Gunman Clive was that is was on the short side. Otherwise it was a nicely crafted game full of great references.



wicked636 said:

@Spuratis u should realy try clive if u like...well people say mega man normaly but i think of contra more for some reason..anyway if u like them type of games and besides its 1.99 assumin your in the u.s.i dont know about other places



ricklongo said:

Sounds good, but I'm still waiting for, say, a 80-stage Gunman Clive 2. Now THAT would be something to really look forward to.

@wicked636 Myself, I always refer to Gunman Clive as Megan Man meets Sunset Raiders with rather unique graphics.



wicked636 said:

@ricklongo thats it thank u. i could not remember the name of sunset riders thismorning.thats what i was tryin to think of and that is the first game clive reminded of. a less colorful sunset riders...but id still say sunset riders and contra i dont know why.and i still to this day hope they rerelease sunset riders



Dpullam said:

Well, count me as interested. I've heard good things about Gunman Clive so this new game he is making could be cool.



Kagamine said:

This is a day one buy for me, even if the game gets bad reviews. I just want to throw more money at this awesome guy whenever I can.Clive was amazing, I have bought it three times already.



Zodiak13 said:

Although I didn't particularly enjoy Gunman Clive, it looked good and great music. Just not my style of game, nothing against it's quality. Zelda style games are more up my alley so I'm kinda stoked



WinterWarm said:

Yes! I absolutely love Gunman Clive! I have to complete it as a duck though

Anyway, this sounds awesome, I am 99999999% sure I will buy this game

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