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Feature: Nintendo Life's Staff Favourites - Miiverse Illustrations

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Game art for all to enjoy

Earlier this week we directed your attention to the "Printing Miiverse" art show, which is a collection of 13,255 drawings from 172 artists, showing just how many attractive illustrations have graced the Wii U's social network. Miiverse has proven to be an early success on Nintendo's system with plenty of active communities, and its browser based version — — is another nice way to access the service, even if posting is still limited to the Wii U at this stage. Once Miiverse arrives on 3DS, as promised by Nintendo, we can expect it to step up another notch.

The Printing Miiverse exhibition did remind us of how many awesome drawings we've enjoyed on Miiverse, so quite a few members of the Nintendo Life team have decided to each pick two of their own favourites. Below are those choices, with one being so memorable that two separate team members have opted to include it, so it has the honour of a double appearance.

Mike Mason

This is an adorable, detailed little nugget of Yoshi's Island love — it brings back happy memories! (View post)

Link's expression in this one is hilarious. We all felt like this at some point during Ocarina of Time, right?! (View post)

Tom Whitehead

As someone greatly looking forward to The Wind Waker HD, this rather stylish image certainly gets me in the mood for its arrival. (View post)

The Monster Hunter community has plenty of impressive drawings, but this bit of crude humour from a remarkably gutsy warrior made my inner-adolescent laugh. (View post)

Jon Wahlgren

I'm always impressed by the amount of effort people put into these drawings, and while this Mario + FLUDD illustration has the portly plumber a little meaner than I remember him in the game it's nonetheless a remarkable feat. (View post)

On the other hand, there's this Assassin's Creed 3 art. (View post)

Andy Green

I like it when Miiverse artists take Nintendo characters and gives them a manga twist. (View post)

I love seeing under-represented characters pop up - Mr L deserves more love! (View post)

Orla Madden

Pixel Link, simple but fantastic. (View post)

This needs more 'Yeahs', it's beautiful. I love the cartoon style. (View post)

Ron DelVillano

This is hands-down my favourite Batman reference, and I think the look on his face in this drawing is hilarious. (View post)

To be honest, I don't know if this is referencing anything in particular, but I love ships and the way this one was drawn. There's a whole lot of lines. (View post)

Morgan Sleeper

There's tons of amazing art on Miiverse, but my favourite drawings are one-panel comics that make me laugh. I feel ya, Kirby! (View post)

I'm still over the moon about Earthbound, and seeing sketches like this light up my Activity Feed after the Nintendo Direct made my day all over again! (View post)

Gaz Plant

It's silly, it's an in-joke about a game, and it's what Miiverse is all about. Nowhere else could this exist. (View post)

Just a brilliant bit of Rayman art celebrating the Challenge App! (View post)

Lee Meyer

Zelda II's title screen inspired my imagination as a kid, and this brought back some really fond memories. (View post)

Punch-Out!! is a blast to play with lots of humour and character. This art perfectly captures that irreverence. (View post)

Dave Letcavage

I've been playing a bit of Mario Sunshine lately so this seemed fitting. (View post)

Rayman says, "have fun being second to Dave on the Legends leaderboards." (View post)

So those are some of our favourites, reproduced courtesy of the new browser-based Miiverse. We'd love to see some of your picks in the comments below.

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NintyMan said:

The guy who made that Mario one has also done some other amazing drawing of Wario, Rosalina, and Luigi as well. I also like most of Michael's drawings. He draws a lot of great Donkey Kong art and other games I like.



WarioPower said:

I always wonder how people can draw so good.. Everything I draw ends up looking like that AC3 post (well, not that bad, but close)..



aaronsullivan said:

Observe, draw, correct. That's it. You just have to do it as much as possible, every day for years. The great benefit these days is that if you aren't sure how do something technical you never have to figure it out without help because of the internet, YouTube, etc.



aaronsullivan said:

@Galactus Not bad, Galactus.

Here's some awesome and/or entertaining artists I follow:



Vee_Flames said:

I could be part of those! Well, if I had good internet connection...
MiiVerse is wonderful.



ogo79 said:

oh my, do i have some really interesting ones ill be showing all my nl buddies!



DRL said:

@Dev Those are some great choices! I especially like the one of DK and Diddy staring down K. Rool. Truly impressive.



Nareva said:

These are all awesome in their own way. I'm no artist. I can hardly draw a stick man, but I still keep wondering how people manage to make these amazing drawings on Miiverse. Are they all actually hand drawn or are people using some kind of artists' trick to get the job done? Just curious.



aaronsullivan said:

There's no trick to make them look super finely shaded, but some people are, of course, working off of other artwork. Some are just looking at it, and some will try to trace it somewhat, but you can only get a sort of outline that way. There's no way around the patience it takes to get every single dot right and working at a steady sure hand to save time. Many of these take the artists a good part of a day to complete. I don't have that kind of patience for those fine shading details, nor do I find it worth it most of the time, but it's impressive, nonetheless.

I get bored with the carbon copy stuff even when I know someone has worked at it for hours and hours. I like the original perspectives of the artists and the way they approach different characters.

In short, there's no copy paste. You need to use the stylus or your finger, there are two colors, black and white, and there are only 3 "brush" sizes. One is a single pixel then two thicker ones. You can also "erase" by painting white instead of black. And now there is a single level of undo, as well, but that only came with the latest update. There are no patterns to paint with for different shades of gray so if you see that, it took hours.



Portista said:

The one with the shop is a Monster Hinter reference. It is on of the ships that are in the dock at the village.



XCWarrior said:

How people can draw that well on Miiverse is amazing to me. But very fun to look at when I'm just sitting around on the couch.



MasterChordles said:

Miiverse: a place for me to realize I kind of suck at drawing...
I laughed too hard for that assasins creed one... XD



timp29 said:

I swear Nintendo must have some artists who create some of this content. Drawing with the gamepad is hard. I've had the odd moment where the palm touches the screen at the same time as the stylus and draws a line straight across your work



aaronsullivan said:

@Game0ver_Gavin Some of those are fun. Here's a little tip: In your Mario drawings, try to keep the line for his nose thinner on top. It took me a long time to stop looking at his nose like a wide open mouth. I see it now, though.



aaronsullivan said:

@timp29 Well, you do have to control your hand, that's part of the skill of drawing, but I don't think that means Nintendo has to hire people to draw on there. Some people are undoubtedly professional artists that just happen to enjoy Nintendo, though.



TwilightV said:

The only one I recognize is the Kirby sketch. Got a good laugh out of that one. XD



Dpullam said:

I've seen quite a few good drawings that people have posted on Miiverse. I am envious of their talent.



gohanrage said:

When will we get an update to Colour. When Nintendo first showed off the Wii U GamePad someone Drew a picture of LINK in Colour on the GamePad



whitespy12 said:

It's pretty awesome to check out your favorite Nintendo site, and come your across your own miiverse drawing of Batman being used as a headline photo.



DarkNinja9 said:

wish we could just show our profiles to anyone who doesnt have a wii u D= but love the art pics you guys chose! more!

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