Printing Miiverse

Nintendo seems to be rather proud of Miiverse, and rightly so, recently launching a browser-based beta version of the social network — — and making it clear that the platform would play a major role in advertising and building awareness of the Wii U. Since its launch plenty of gamers have logged into its many communities to post text messages, hand-written notes and, perhaps most notably, hand-drawn illustrations. In fact some of the 'doodles' are anything but, with talented artists making the most of the GamePad's touchscreen and making light of the monochromatic limitations of the service.

Some of these illustrations have been cited as high-points by developers such as Tomorrow Corporation, and the Kunstbunker Gallery in Nuremberg, Germany is going one step further by putting on a full exhibition of Miiverse artworks. The exhibition will run from 4th to 19th May, and you can see the opening times at the gallery's official web page.

For those of use that aren't local, however, there'll be a chance to take part; over at you can see details of live streaming from the gallery, and even follow Miiverse accounts from the showing to follow it as it happens. The exhibition will apparently show 13,255 drawings from 172 Artists, and cites Nintendo as an official partner.

It all starts on the 4th May, and we think it's worth watching; you can check out a teaser trailer below, while the gallery's YouTube channel will host the live streams that start on 4th May at 6pm Central European Time / 5pm UK Time / 12pm U.S. Eastern. Will you be tuning in?

Thanks to Steffen Roser for the tip.