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East Meets West In RPG Festival Of Magic, And It's Coming To The Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Creator SnowCastle Games is now a registered Wii U dev

Nordic developer SnowCastle Games has gained approval to produce games for the Wii U, and has confirmed that its RPG Festival of Magic is coming to the console's eShop.

Described by the developer as "a Nordic take on an Eastern genre", this adventure RPG looks absolutely stunning, as you can see from the footage below.

Here's a little more information from the official site:

Grow spuds and use your harvest as powerful ammunition or spells; craft your weapons and team up your companions for battle. Solve challenging puzzles, collect rare items and explore various dungeons scattered across the world.

We'll be posting an interview with SnowCastle Games in the near future, so keep your eyes out for it.

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User Comments (39)



DreamOn said:

The backgrounds look great. I think some of the character designs could use some flair. Otherwise it looks like some great potential. Glad for the Wii U love!



XCWarrior said:

Doesn't look like it has a lot of action, but might be good for gamers who like exploring type games.



nik1470 said:

If it plays as good as it looks it could raise the non-retail WiiU eshop bar



AJWolfTill said:

Oh sweet this looks fantastic for an Indie game. I can't wait to have some non platforming action games released on the eShop. Some of the character animations look a little rigid atm though.



TreesenHauser said:

Am I the only one who thinks those characters look an awful lot like Booker and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite?



Late said:

I don't like the character design and their animations but otherwise it looks great.



rjejr said:

Well I'm intrigued. Looks like a cross between FF8 - turn based JRPG walking around if front of prerendered backgrounds - with the color scheme and exploration from Beyond Good and Evil. Two really good games, but I can't judge by that video how well they're going to mesh.



bunnyking said:

I'm happy with these graphics. I don't understand why there needs to be a next gen.



evanescent_hero said:

As others have said, the animations look a little clunky, but I can forgive that. Anyone else notice the character's name is Amon? There must be some Korra fans here.



H_Hunter said:

Looks stupid.. At least put a fighting scene in the trailer to know how this works!



Rect_Pola said:

The art is pretty to look at, but did the characters seem frozen. If their faces are that detailed, I want them to look a little more expressive.



Dizzard said:

The faces (particularly the woman character) bother me. There's no emotion in them at all. Stone cold.



crystalorbie said:

I thought that too, actually. The text bubbles look to be similar to the "Tales of" series, and my brother claims the house near the garden looks similar to houses in Jak and Daxter 1. I don't know if any of thats intentional, but either way, I like it.



SCAR said:

I don't think it looks that great... I'm guessing this is still a work in progress, so maybe I'll check back when it's closer to being completed, and we have more detsils about the game.



aaronsullivan said:

Love the look of it. Animation seems off and/or incomplete. I have no idea how to play this game or where the fun is. So far it looks like walk over to shiny thing and press A. Over and over and over. Hopefully, that's just because it's early.



Leon24540 said:

This game looks pretty good! Sounds reminds me of the older final fantasy games until they jumped on the 13 bandwagon.



FantasiaWHT said:

I like the art style. Walking seems slow. I wonder what combat will be like? I'll be following this.



Henmii said:

Looks pretty nice! But yaaaawn, another downloadable game! Hellloooo, the Wii u has a disc-drive, you know!!

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