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Mon 29th Mar 2010

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T1m1 commented on Review: Elliot Quest (Wii U eShop):

Pretty darn close to beating this game, i might be stretching this a bit too far but this is my favorite eshop game that came out this year so far until something else comes out. its also lot better than most of the HTML5 games that came out on Wii U as well. but i will say there are a few things i noticed when i played the other than the frame rate drops.

1.When you die sometimes you see your hearts extend all the way out the screen.
2.The larger enemies have attacks that are somewhat bugged ranging from four of five hearts of damage to killing you instantly.
3. There this Graveyard glitch I've been hearing about but i haven't en-counter it my myself. The developer said theres a fix on the way and hopefully these issues are addressed during the fix.



T1m1 commented on Shin'en: If Developers Can't Make Great Lookin...:

well, i haven't had a single third party Wii U game crash or freeze on any game yet. but i guese it's because i mostly have the downloadable versions. But yeah, we have yet to see a third party title built from the ground up for Wii U, So hopefully sales will pick up later this year so we can see more games.
on a side note, i will be playing Wonderful 101 this weekend. (hopefully)



T1m1 commented on Level-5 Announces Wonder Flick, A New RPG Comi...:

It looks interesting, But i wonder if theres gonna be any real gameplay differences between the mobile devices and the consoles. If not, Then thats fine too. The battle system looks pretty good too.



T1m1 commented on AlphaDream Currently Has No Plans For The Mari...:

Well i'd be interested in seeing the Mario and Luigi series come to Wii U to see how the gameplay and graphics would be different from the handleds. im also hoping for SuperStarSaga since the Wii U VC will have GBA games soon.



T1m1 commented on Squids Wrapping Its Tentacles Around The 3DS a...:

After seeing a few videos of the the first and second game, it looks pretty neat, the gameplay reminds me of Metal Walker for the Game Boy Color which has a battle system very similar to this game.



T1m1 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Has S...:

Well, i think things will get better over the service i think its a little stupid that has been out for only a week or two and people are already complaining about the line up while i can see where some people are coming from, it just sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining i think nintendo is gonna be focusing on retail first party games(the problem is nothing except Pikmin 3 has a release date or release window) more than the Wii U Virtual Console, im just glad we got the service period and Glad were getting Earthboud even though i never played it.



T1m1 commented on Shigesato Itoi Says Mother 4 Would Be "Impossi...:

I can't complain really cause i never played any of the Mother games, I recently bought Earthbound (Mother 2) but i have nothing to play on it. Hopefully my Retro Duo console will show up some this week.



T1m1 commented on Feature: Ten SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Games W...:

i voted foe mega man wily wars because of wily tower bonus, but other genesis games i'd like to see are

Elemental Master
Twinkle Tale
Crusader of Centy
Sorcerer's Kindom. i think thats all i can think of for now.



T1m1 commented on Capcom Wants Your Help For Future Digital Rele...:

More Wii VC games, like Gargoyle's quest 2, Demon's Crest, King of Dragons, even the unreleasted NES game Makai island retranslated. If Sega can translate/localize Monster World 4 then theirs no reason why capcom can do the same thing.



T1m1 commented on Talking Point: Are Wii U Games Going To Be Too...:

Well, $60 isin't a bad price at all, at long is theres enough bang and value into the games then it dosen't matter to me. Besides we already been paying $60 for PS3 and Xbox 360 game since 2006 so i don't see the big deal, I know the Wii U is a new console and all, but once the PS4 and xbox 720 come out they will probaly be around $70 and thats when i'll say games are too expensive.



T1m1 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th October 2011 (North Ame...:

I played the Horizen Riders Demo, and i though it was okay, the controls could have been better because without the balance board you pretty much have to move your character by tilting the Wii-remote but jump by flicking it too, Both which do notihng but mess up your aim when your trying to shoot enemies, Also you switch between weapons using the nunchuck's joystick.(which should have been used to move your character). i was really impressed with the boss fight in the demo too, it had alot diversity in attacks and required a bit of weapon stratagy, but the movement controls made the fight harder than it already was, overall if you can get used to the akward controls(without the balance board) its a pretty fun game.



T1m1 commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

Im greatful and disappointed with WiiWare because if it weren't for the service, i wouldn't have been able to play game like Contra Rebirth, Cave Story, MegaMan 9 and 10 Frobot (yes i actually liked it) Fluidity, Space Invaders get even Lost winds 1 & 2 the bit trip games and Blaster Master Overdrive, All games i really enjoy and make me wanna support WiiWare more, But it makes me sad that alot of those great games get overflowed with shovelware titles that are just unapealing, poorly made ,and pretty much just makes the service worst than it already is and none of the good games are even talked about let alone advertised. Nintendo really needs a blog so developers can talk about thier games and gamers will know whats on the Wii shop channel and what will come to Virtual console and WiiWare, Its a lot better than waiting for Nintendo Channel updates every week.



T1m1 commented on Nicalis Wants You to Know Cave Story DSiWare M...:

in any of my playthrouths i never encounterd any game breaking glitch and i actaully did used the map outside the outer wall and balcony and my game never froze. never ran into any glitches ethier

also the Wiiware version is the same exact game as the pc version



T1m1 commented on Everybody Do the Robot to this Robox Trailer:

The game kinda looks like it was a bit of a exploration feel to it with a mix of action which is always something i love to see, im not too concerend with the pacing since some gmaes of this stye have somewhat slow pacing and have some item that increases the character's speed



T1m1 commented on Review: Cave Story (WiiWare):

I agree with this review completely. it was definitely worth the 1200 points pretty much better than most of the platfromers on Wiiware, Then again i do mostly prefer cave story's run and gun style over other but thats not to say others were bad at all, I though Blaster Master Overdrive was a Great game that tied me over till it came out, But cave story was well worth the wait.