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crystalorbie commented on Some Western Splatoon Players Would Prefer Not...:

Yeah, I've been on both sides of the lag divide. And I can tell before a match how good my connection is to the host. The host, by the way, is the one at the top of the list while waiting for the match to start. I'm fairly certain that if they disconnect mid-match then it disconnects everyone. (while its still waiting the host isn't actually set, so a host change won't matter unless it tries to happen after 'Battle Time!' appears in the top left of the screen)

Its actually really easy to tell if you have a lag advantage or not. The closer to the top you are, the better the advantage. (Now how much an advantage is debatable, though I can say I've been able to be sandwiched between other japanese-named players on the list, the ones below never stay more than one match because I happen to curbstomp them, I wonder why?) [I use the aerospray mg in turf and the .52 gal... whichever version has echolocator in ranked, man work's been draining today...]

I would like an option for regional myself, though I'd like to be able to choose the region. Basically, if you want, you could play global or even in a region not yours, but if you go into another region that isn't yours, you get automatically passed over in being match host, so others playing in their own regions should, by comparison, have stabler connections than you.

Edit: I realized some people are wondering about the supposed advantage it would provide. Just from what I can tell, it does these:

1) Slows down the application of ink over turf. Doesn't sound like much but it means that, among other things, you can't swim at full speed until it applies, effectively slowing your movement and killing any real chance at escaping a bad situation, and prevents you from healing damage you might have otherwise survived by hiding momentarily in your own ink. Also stealth is much more difficult, and preventing opponents from escaping is nigh impossible without extreme planning and/or range.

2) Damage Sent From Hit Registration (DSFHR for short, gotta use it again in a bit) 'seems to be' compacted all at once for those suffering from lag, meaning its actually quite possible to get splatted from shots that wouldn't actually kill you because partial (or if the lag is bad enough full!) healing would have saved you. Conversely, DSFHR 'seems to be' spread out over longer periods, meaning you'll more likely heal off enough to survive shots that should have killed you. (If it wasn't obvious, I haven't fully tested this myself, just been watching and playing and looking at the storied accounts of other players)

There may be other benefits/penalties, but they seem to be the main ones from my observations.



crystalorbie commented on Splatoon eSports Tournament Series To Be Launc...:

The people over at nintendo enthusiast say Turf Wars is the mode, with no other restrictions. (weapons/clothes wise)

Their source, according to the link at the beginning of the article:

That has what appears to be tweets in japanese, make of that what you will.



crystalorbie commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

@Ogbert True enough, but it also goes for something that's really 'merely ok' or 'mediocre.' Sometimes things that barely hit acceptable can be just what you need, rather than constant perfection.

In the case of this movie, it appears a lot of people, myself included, went in with this mindset and came out happy that they got what they were expecting, with some happy that it was a bit more enjoyable than they were expecting.

I actually expected it to be absolute garbage, myself (Jack and Jill is easily the worst movie I've ever watched, and that includes the snoozefest that is the animated 'The Secret Garden') and found it to be kinda funny overall, though I understand not everyone will enjoy it as I did.

(Edit: I went to see it because my brother, sister, and my sister's friend all wanted to see it, and it was my brother's birthday. Thought I should mention it since everyone would otherwise wonder why I went when I thought it looked terrible)



crystalorbie commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

@Hungry-Bear Please no. King of Queens is utter trash. The premise of about like 90% of the episodes are 'If this old, probably senile man wasn't living in our basement our life would be perfect!' (With the other 10% being one of the other main/side characters being the idiots for the week, and the bonus 1% during the season/series finale being 'idiot balls for everyone!')

@Ogbert If I ever went to a restaurant that advertised, or more likely proved from past experience to be that, then yes I would and yes, I would think it 'ok for what it is.' Isn't that managing expectations? (granted, I'd be unlikely to visit in such circumstances, but you were talking 'ifs' here...)

About the whole everyone hates the idiot president thing not being realistic, have you seen our last decade and a half? Most realistic part of the movie, really... (regardless of your political leaning/opinions, I mean seriously, I don't even know how to describe the rampant media sensationalism with both of them, not to mention if everyone really did hate them, how, exactly, did they both get reelected?)

Lets see, about the characters, I think people said they were too one dimensional and never really developed? Thats actually kinda the point. Sandler movies generally don't do that, the main characters stay mostly the same, picking up a few useful skills or learning to apply old ones in new ways, but the fundamental changing occurs to everyone else around them. Like the super-serious government and military types who eventually learn to relax a little. ('relax a little' lessons used on super-serious types is the main schtick of Sandler's arsenal, I'll give you that)

That said, I have yet to see a review mention one enormous confusion/possible plothole. Granted it is a spoiler bit, but still... And I guess I'll get some space:

The glasses that Dinklage's character uses to cheat at the arcade games, how in the heck do they work? I mean not just in the 80s tourney, but in round 4 (Pac-man) How does he input them? And why do they speed up a ghost when he does it? The code should work by giving inherent advantages to a character or character group, not a specific player, because that would be unique to him and he would have had to tamper with any machine he used... I'm making my own head spin here, is what I'm saying.

I get that they went for: Make 'character you control' have '+X' movement speed for 'Y' seconds, or something, but as a program in the 80s that doesn't look like it should work in-game.

... That got way out of hand really quickly. Sorry.



crystalorbie commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

Hey, not all gamers have weekends free.

I work weekends, heck, the only reason I'm here now is because there wasn't anything to actually do at work today, so they let some people go home.

I really hope those choose a side things aren't all weekend affairs. That would really suck.



crystalorbie commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

Guys, the preorder bundle of all 6 at gamestop is all out.

Ours managed two orders of four that wanted it, and it took and hour and a half to do so.

You may have luck getting Ness or Charizard and the like, but Lucina and Robin are both out.

You may also have significantly better luck getting the Splatoon 3 pack, I had no problems bar the website traffic.

Also, this was all in store only. They disabled online preorders so you had to go in a physical store to do it.

I felt sad when two people in a row tried to pay in cash for something unrelated but with the site being slow they couldn't do anything. (For some reason paying in cash at gamestop requires a connection to the site, I assume for verification and register accounting purposes?)

This was in North America, by the way.



crystalorbie commented on Guide: Getting The Most Out of Monster Hunter ...:

Ralek85, coop from the start is viable indeed, I'm pretty certain that that is there to say 'don't go to randoms as a newbie or veterans will make the game unfun.'

Experienced players tend to not act very nice to random newbies who get into their lobbies, I guess they don't password lock because they want to play with other random, yet experienced, hunters?

I barely played online in MH3U, but message boards across the internet all show that consensus, more or less from what I remember.

That said, even if you primarily play with your buddy, try and take some time for the story to power up the canteen food selection. It will help tremendously in high and G ranks. (some missions need to be done in story, I think anyways, to up the quality of food in the canteen areas, this may have changed in MH4U)