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Wed 8th May, 2013

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crystalorbie commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

Hey, not all gamers have weekends free.

I work weekends, heck, the only reason I'm here now is because there wasn't anything to actually do at work today, so they let some people go home.

I really hope those choose a side things aren't all weekend affairs. That would really suck.



crystalorbie commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

Guys, the preorder bundle of all 6 at gamestop is all out.

Ours managed two orders of four that wanted it, and it took and hour and a half to do so.

You may have luck getting Ness or Charizard and the like, but Lucina and Robin are both out.

You may also have significantly better luck getting the Splatoon 3 pack, I had no problems bar the website traffic.

Also, this was all in store only. They disabled online preorders so you had to go in a physical store to do it.

I felt sad when two people in a row tried to pay in cash for something unrelated but with the site being slow they couldn't do anything. (For some reason paying in cash at gamestop requires a connection to the site, I assume for verification and register accounting purposes?)

This was in North America, by the way.



crystalorbie commented on Guide: Getting The Most Out of Monster Hunter ...:

Ralek85, coop from the start is viable indeed, I'm pretty certain that that is there to say 'don't go to randoms as a newbie or veterans will make the game unfun.'

Experienced players tend to not act very nice to random newbies who get into their lobbies, I guess they don't password lock because they want to play with other random, yet experienced, hunters?

I barely played online in MH3U, but message boards across the internet all show that consensus, more or less from what I remember.

That said, even if you primarily play with your buddy, try and take some time for the story to power up the canteen food selection. It will help tremendously in high and G ranks. (some missions need to be done in story, I think anyways, to up the quality of food in the canteen areas, this may have changed in MH4U)