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Splinter Cell Blacklist Sneaks Onto Wii U in August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Ubisoft's support continues

Nintendo has sent out a fresh press release re-affirming third-party support coming to Wii U, and within the details of titles we know about is one that was still an unknown. After plenty of rumours suggesting its arrival, it's now confirmed that Sam Fisher's latest adventure, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist, is coming to Wii U; it'll creep out of the shadows in North America on 20th August, European and PAL territories on 22nd August and the UK one day later on 23rd August.

Shown off with much bombast by Ubisoft during E3 2012, the reaction within the watching Nintendo Life team was typically "is that really Splinter Cell?", due to its heavy emphasis on action and cover-based third-person shooting. A five minute demo doesn't make a whole game of course, so time will tell in terms of how much the series' sneaky spying legacy survives.

In terms of what separates the Wii U version, we can expect the touch screen and "motion-based inputs" to help you to use gadgets, take out enemies and intuitively switch between weapons and items. We wouldn't let the motion-based inputs line worry you too much yet, as they arguably worked quite nicely in Ubisoft's ZombiU.

Now that it's definitively confirmed, do you think you'll be picking this up in August? With titles such as Rayman Legends and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD also due in the Autumn season, it's shaping up as a decent period for new Wii U games.

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Gamer83 said:

Not a shocking announcement but great news none the less, the game looks awesome. I'm also disappointed that Michael Ironside won't be back but hopefully the new guy does a good job.



Dpishere said:

Nice! I will definitely pick this up since I consider Conviction to be one of my favorite stealth games. This looks to be a merger between that game and the early splinter cell games and for me, that can only be a good thing.



luminalace said:

While I am disappointed about Ironside, unless something goes terribly wrong, I will be playing this on my Wii U come August.



RedRocBoy said:

Thank You UbiSoft. I'm gonna have a full year, already got Wind Waker,AC 4,Resident Evil, and Watch_Dogs paid off. I was definitely holding out that they we're delaying this for the Wii U,can't wait.



rjejr said:

Good news is good.

OK, I really wanted to leave it like that but can't help myself. I wanted to post this yesterday but let it slide so I'm not a jerk all the time. Here goes...

One thing I noticed yesterday about Batman: Arkham Origins, and now this, is that they are both listed as PS3 and Xbox360 games, NOT PS4 - (and not the next Xbox b/c I haven't seen anything linked to that console yet as MS waits for whatever MS is waiting for). So my main concern is that WiiU will continue to be viewed as last gen and only get PS3 and Xbox360 games and not PS4 and Xbox720 games. That isn't a problem yet, and I haven't see anybody else even mention it yet, but at some point this may become a problem.

Here's an example - Rocksteady isn't making Arkham Origns for the PS3, Game Montreal is. That may mean Rocksteady is probably busy making a game for PS4. Will WiiU get THAT game?



FullbringIchigo said:

hell yeah i love splinter cell and i reckon the WiiU gamepad could be put to good use so that's this Assassin's Creed 4, Resident Evil Revelations Batman Arkham Origins and Injustice Gods Among Us for my WiiU to come so far this year



Giygas_95 said:

Ooooh he's got an MP7 with a suppressor in that picture down below. I hope you can pick and customize weaponry like in GRFS. Suppressed MP7 is what I always take as my secondary in GRFS.



cornishlee said:

Announcements are beginning to flow. Where's that 3rd party Nintendo Direct?

According to The Edge news page about this, also included:
Disney’s Planes is a Nintendo platform exclusive, and will tie into the forthcoming film. It will arrive on Wii, Wii U, 3DS and DS in August, with Disney Infinity also confirmed for release in the same month for Wii U, Wii and 3DS.



cornishlee said:

I can see why you're concerned. I guess we'll get our answer in the next year or two but it's worth remembering that most major releases in the last six months have not hit Wii U. It could be that the PS4 is being left out of these forthcoming releases for similar developmental reasons. There hasn't been a whole lot about PS4 releases yet so it's difficult to guess.



antonvaltaz said:

@rjejr My guess is that for the first year or two after the PS4 and NextBox launch, a lot of games will also be ported to the Xbox 360 and PS3, and I think the Wii U will get a lot of them as well.

After that time, we'll probably only get ports of the really big-name games, e.g. the CoDs and FIFAs of this world...



e6666 said:

and it could also receive third party exclusives like the Wii did.



Meuz said:

Never played a Splinter Cell game before, but I'm glad to see this game coming to Wii U. From what I've seen, it looks really good. I just hope that it runs as well as the other versions.




Yes can't wait, I havn't played a splinter cell game since double agent on the Wii and it's still one of my favourite games on the platform.

A day one purchase for me.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Despite the Rayman issue, this is very good news. Glad to see the harder edge games are still coming from Ubi.



E-Man said:

Can we have another third party company support Nintendo that is not Ubisoft?



DarkKirby said:

It's nice that there are more 3rd party games coming to the Wii U, but Ubisoft has always supported the Wii U, they even supported the Wii (even if it was with questionable content).



Lopezdm said:

Continued Ubi support is great now lets get some other publishers and developers.



e6666 said:

@MrWalkieTalkie In that case it's very good news, since it really seems that Ubisoft is making a unique multiplatform effort for its titles. South Park belong on Nintendo consoles - ever since that amazing 2-part Wii episode. Hopefully the new season will show some Wii U footage. Even 5 seconds will be great.



krunchykhaos said:

I'm glad this is happening. I was never a huge SC fan but...yeah. I'll get it to support Nintendo.



Oregano said:

I think I am going to get this unless something goes horribly wrong with it.



ninja89 said:

Haven't played a Splinter Cell game in long, long time. We're talking PS2 days here. Glad I'll get a chance to play it again on the Wii U.



TonIttou said:

I really loved Conviction and was hoping this wold hit Wii U.

Ubisoft are showing some great support and I'll buy everything the put out this year on the system.



FullbringIchigo said:

second post: i wonder if Ubisoft will bring Conviction to the WiiU i know it's old but it's story is the set up for the stoyy in Blacklist and it's the only one you can't get on a nintendo system

i have all the others on Nintendo Gamecube and i would love to have Conviction on a Nintendo system too, i like to keep a game series on one system or brand if i can (i'm just funny that way)



Kyloctopus said:

Seeing the demo, they look like they want to go back to Chaos Theory, but with more fancy gadgets than even James Bond needs.



Mystemo said:

I liked Splinter Cell Conviction so I'll probably get this when it's released



doctor_doak said:

Yeah, I wouldn't be put off by the E3 demo. Apart from the story/setting, it actually looks quite good....the gameplay that is. That trailer was designed to appeal to Gears of War/Call of Duty fans. It was the 'all-in action' approach, but there are two other ways of playing it.. 'panther' & 'ghost', and it's looking like it will support those playstyles pretty well. It's supposed to be Chaos Theory with a 'modernized' edge....basically what Conviction was supposed to be before it succumbed in the face of development hell. I think it could be a winner based on the 'ghost'/stealth gameplay they've shown.

I 'really' hope the 'motion based inputs' are made optional...I'd have no intention of waving that gamepad around all over the shop. The gamepad is supposed to be a touch based device not a blinky wiimote right??



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@ngamer155 What does Family Guy have to do with this? Anyway the game is being developed by a team known for making various RPGs, the games story is being written by the shows creators, and this game has been in development for some time now that its been hit with quite a few delays here and there. These all seem like good signs that they're really trying their best!

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