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Sun 7th Apr 2013

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ninja89 commented on Details and Figurines Continue to Evolve for P...:

Not really into the NFC toy thing, it's just a little too kiddy but OMG if they did this with Digimon (nostalgia orgasm) I would so buy that game. Too bad Digimon was never that popular compared to Pokemon



ninja89 commented on Wii U Virtual Console Will Arrive Shortly Afte...:

Nice. Would like to see some GameCube titles however. I really loved that system and it was truly the first Nintendo System I ever owned (before I was strictly Sega and PlayStation). Lots of great games for that system.



ninja89 commented on EA Announcing More FIFA 14 News Tomorrow:

Really got into futbol when I saw my first world cup in 2010. I actually went out and bought the official FIFA World Cup video game and loved it. Turns out my home team has actually won two MLS championships and I had no idea either LOL I think I'll get the next world cup game.



ninja89 commented on Pachter: Price Cut Unlikely To Help Wii U With...:

Bottom line Pachter literally said the Wii U is a "crappy product". If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the entire interview or youtube it. He hates it and obviously anything he says about the Wii U from here on out will be negative.

My question is: Why is Nintendo Life even care what this guy has to say? Bring the Nintendo IP's and advertise better (there are actual people out there that don't even know the Wii U exists or think the gamepad is just an add-on because of Nintendo's crappy advertising or lack of I should say) and people will start buying. With the Wii, EVERYONE knew about that system, from kids to old people to hardcore gamers to casual, etc. Nintendo did an excellent job advertising their product, what is Nintendo waiting for this time around?



ninja89 commented on Climax Studios Working On Two Wii U Titles:

As opposed to another FPS or game that involves guns, c'mon who are you trying to kid?

Anyways, hopefully it is Prince of Persia but I'm more interested in that creepy screenshot. What the heck could that be? If it's a new IP, please be awesome!



ninja89 commented on Pachter: Price Cut Unlikely To Help Wii U With...:

All Nintendo needs to do is announce games like Metroid, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, F-Zero, Kirby, etc and the fans will come in flocks.

As much as I want that, I would like Nintendo to secure more 3rd party publisher/developers and for pete's sake get some awesome 3rd party exclusives.



ninja89 commented on Developer Interview: Ubisoft on the Expanding ...:

Boo hoo it was delayed. So what, I could care less. It comes out when it comes out and the game looks fantastic. It's got my money already and for those of you crying about Ubisoft, you might want kiss their bum a little at this point since it looks like they're going to be the only legit 3rd party publisher giving full support for the Wii U. Their games are great and I plan on getting Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag as well.



ninja89 commented on South African Retailer Slices Wii U Price in Half:

Boy, Nintendo really needs to get on the ball and start releasing the titles we all want. Then again, if they're rushing the end product could be even more disastrous. Did Nintendo mess up by releasing too soon?



ninja89 commented on Nintendo Stock Rises By 11%:


My guess is that sometimes it is random. When the PS4 was announced, Sony's stock actually went down while Nintendo's went up. That doesn't make any sense to me, than again, I'm not an economist..



ninja89 commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

One thing is certain, it's astoundingly clear I have parted ways with Microsoft for good. Xbox 360 was a nice system, and the online experience is second to none, but some of the moves they're trying to make, or rather, enforce on us, is downright greedy. Screw "always online", subscription services, paying for online, and no more used games. I'm just done with MS. They're trying to control every aspect of the gaming experience and worse, they're saying it's the right thing to do. Yeah, maybe to make more money, but in the end the gamers are the ones that are getting screwed while they blindingly throw money at them. Not to mention their ill-treatment toward indie developers..



ninja89 commented on Feature: The GamePad - From Waggling Remotes T...:

I think once a developer actually does something innovative with the gamepad, something that no one would of thought of before, you're going to see more people on the bandwagon. Right now I'm all in because of the potential. I haven't really seen anything that blows my mind, but after years of playing PS and Xbox, I'm getting to a point where I have evolved from mainstream school of thought when it comes to games.
It's been mostly really boring playing recent so-called blockbuster games like Halo, now of days the line between movies and games is too thin for my taste. It's almost as if the games are playing themselves. You do a mission, big cinematic. You do the next mission, then another big cinematic. Rinse and repeat. Hell, I just saw the MG5 trailer and literally thought it was a CGI movie that would be released in theaters (your basic PS/XBOX fanboy would probably see that as compliment lol). However, I've come to really appreciate Nintendo as they're not budging from keeping games and GAMEPLAY fun. I literally think the Wii is their greatest console, and this is coming from a guy who loved the GameCube. I sincerely hope that Wii U games will start getting better and more praise because I think Nintendo is keeping things fresh with their fun controllers.



ninja89 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Spr...:

I agree. But I am excited for Bayonetta 2. I faith that the games are coming, people need to be patient because the Wii U is barely out of the womb and people are expecting Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros., Metroid, etc. already. It also didn't help that PS4 is already looking like it has an excellent launch lineup either..



ninja89 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Make EA Co-oper...:

Support for EA would do more good than harm for Nintendo, but what can you do when pushing the graphical envelope to its limits is all that matters with most of the industry? Clearly, Nintendo has other priorities and although they finally joined HD civilization, graphics and power is not one of their priorities. I think that's a good thing, but obviously not everyone is willing to sacrifice powerful hardware for great gameplay..

Personally, the only thing I care about concerning EA is Bioware and the next Mass Effect title. It's disappointing that Frostbite 3 will most likely not support Wii U, but it's just one franchise I have to live without even though I was pretty invested since the first game came out in 2007.