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CoroCoro Confirms New Mewtwo Form

Posted by Andy Green

Also reveals more on Pokémon Rumble U

Last week, what looked like a new form of Mewtwo was announced for Pokémon X & Y by the Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash. However, it wasn't exactly clear if it was in fact Mewtwo or a completely different 'mon altogether and a massive debate ensued.

Thankfully the latest edition of CoroCoro has emerged in Japan and has confirmed it is a new form of Mewtwo so we can all now rest easy. The pull-out movie poster within the magazine explains that Mewtwo has awakened and has taken on this new shape.

A bit more information was also revealed for the Wii U eShop title Pokémon Rumble U - known as Pokémon Scramble U in Japan. Apparently there will be special abilities - some of which can be set manually - and shiny Pokémon are making a return. The game will also use a password system to obtain some 'mon.

What are your thoughts on Mewtwo's new form? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Azikira said:

I would have preferred it to just be called Newmew, but as it stands I don't mind this. I think he looks more like an all powerful deity now!



GreenDream said:

If by awakened they mean "became more organic", sure... maybe that's sort of the point- overcoming and surviving a tumultuous personal past part of life...



DerpSandwich said:

I wish it was a separate thing. Because now I've got to choose between the two forms, which is lame. They should have just made it so that they cloned Mew a second time or something.



Romeo said:

Mewtwo + Mew the coolest pokemon ever

no need for this new mewtwo-form : (
just stop messing with my favorite pokemon, they're already perfect



19Robb92 said:

Love the design, but I would have liked it more if it was a new Pokemon. I was hoping that Team Rocked had picked up and improved on the failed 'Mewtwo' experiment and created this new Mewtwo-like thing.

It's somewhat disappointing to hear its just a new form.



Drobotic said:

Is this like the first movie all over again?You know,with Mewtwo being evil and all.



Melkaticox said:

@Drobotic No. The contrary of that.

Also, this doesn't...really confirm anything...CoroCoro's talking about the movie here. Movie =/= Videogames.
Ehem, the Kyurem from the Keldeo movie could transform into White Kyurem and Black Kyurem at will.

I'm still waiting for official confirmation >_> (*sob whyyyyy...)



ueI said:

I wonder how this will fit with the 17 years of single form mewtwo.



Emaan said:

I'm a little disappointed its only a new form and not Mewthree, that would have been cool.



rjejr said:

Theres a new movie? Is it X Y based?

So is it his "final form" or level 2? Its gotta be DBZ related somehow.



NintyMan said:

A "MewThree" would've been more interesting, but I really don't care either way.



AntiGuy said:

Oh God no..... why have you done this to our Mewtwo GF!? dammit all to hell!!



Gallimastro said:

Might be the old DBZ fan in me but all I can see is Majin Buu with that huge tail on his head. I actually think it's a cool design, coming from a guy who's never played Pokemon I wished they just name it something else.



Skeet102 said:

Sorry to all the genwunners who wanted this to be a new pokemon. Now you cant ignore it when you talk about mewtwo



Xjarnold said:

I dont mind the mewtwo form, I just wouldn't believe it if that was stronger than mewtwo, I'll probably use it though.



Royalblues said:

I have no problem with it! I just don't want to find out that this thing replaced Lucario in te next SSB! Lucario is the best Pokemon ever.



sinalefa said:

I obviously don't take my Pokémon as seriously as the average poster here. I will just look at it, decide if I like it or not, then move on. I won't wet my pants or let it ruin my childhood. No sacred miltanks for me.




I didn't like mewthree in the beginning but now I dislike him even more, because I truly despise forms, it's just a cheap way to create "more pokemon". He/it should have been an alternate mewtwo or something like that.

@Royalblues He really is something, because that lover learns moves from almost all types: fighting, steel, dragon, ground, normal, ghost, psychic, dark, etc. He behaves almost like a dragon in his versatility, and that's why he and metagross made it into my all dragon team.



Haxonberik said:

I REALLY hope this is a new pokemon entry and only a new form anime story-wise. I have few problems with the guy as a different pokemon, but please dont mess with the well stablished first 251 pokemon.



MewthreeMaster8 said:

I feel that this should have be Mewthree not a Mewtwo form. We pretty disappointed with this Mewtwo besides it should have been a Mewthree anyway. Mewtwo was too powerful and perfect anyway. This design was and is perfect for a female counter part of the Mew family. Mewthree should have exist anyway. Perfect time for her or it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Just further proof that they're running out of ideas, both for new and existing Pokemon. For cryin' out loud - all they did was warp its hands and feet, and then attach its tail to its head!



MikeDanger said:

Would have preferred if it was a whole different Pokemon. Mewtwo was really cool as it is. This isn't nearly as cool looking.



Aerona said:

I wanted it to be a new Pokemon because I think that'd be epic, not 'cause I don't like it.




@ChaosAngel I didn't mean that they add to the number, like the formes of the genie trio, keldeo, shaymin, etc. didn't either; I meant that instead of creating more forms, they should have created another pokemon and give it a number instead of creating more and more forms, so learn to read first.



GamerZack87 said:

@Royalblues: Didn't Lucario replace Mewtwo in the first place though?

So it's now confirmed. Despite what many other old-school fans are saying I actually like Mewtwo Y. Now to find out if Mewtwo X is real...



retro_player_22 said:

I'm glad it's a form and not his real evo. This form looks weird, I like the original form better but oh well maybe I'll get use to it once I play the game.



DarkNinja9 said:

hmm yeah mix emotions but idk i started to like it more it seems cool eh i can choose which type of mewtwo i want anyway maybe i will have both

anyway for those saying this should of been a new pokemon with a number would you prefer this new form or a new space for another pkm they can still add like a legendary) to the pkm list?



Nicholas3652 said:

I'm really actually liking it. I would've been extremely angry if it was an entirely different Pokémon.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i think it's great. i love when they make new forms of pokemon. or new evolutions.
all good. X and Y will be great, despite the whiners "the original mewtwo was better" too bad. new form is baddonkey



BetweenTheTrees said:

you are probably correct, a defensive mewtwo. deoxys had the 3 forms not including the original form. so mewtwo could have it's original form and gain a defensive, attack, and speed form. that would be great.



Darel18 said:

So Mewtwo has awakened... he was sleeping inside a Volcano, getting more powerful than any other Legendary pokemon and now he is rising in his new form like Phoenix from Saint Seiya!!! I should capture/defeat him



Arcamenel said:

I don't understand what everyone is overreacting for! It's a new form so that means if you really dislike it JUST DON'T CHANGE Mewtwo's form! Seriously if it was up to some of you we'd still be using the same sprites from the original red and blue. Genwunners are the worst part of the Pokemon fandom.



Gate_Shikimuri said:


First of all, I did read your comment and I responded accordingly. Secondly, your second comment betrays your first so YOU learn how to read because we are not mind readers.

I didn't like mewthree in the beginning but now I dislike him even more, because I truly despise forms, it's just a cheap way to create "more pokemon".



KnightRider666 said:

@SunnyShores: I think the attack and defense stats will be switched. Personally that would be awesome b/c the physical attack stat is a wasted stat since I only use special attacks.



Gregor said:

@Arcamenel they make the pokemon fanbase look like Sonic's fanbase YEAH THATS RIGHT COME AT ME. I DARE YOU. I DOUBLE DARE YOU MOTHERFU-



Marioman64 said:

i wanted it to be mewthree... now when i type in mewtwo on image search boards i'm gonna get both of them



NESuperior said:

Was actually getting excited when they first announced this guy and made it seem like he was a new Pokémon all together. But I'm very disappointed with this recent news.
Form swaps are just annoying now. It was cool when Deoxys started the trend, but it seems now like every Legendary has an alternate form that serves little to no purpose. I was really hoping for the "Mewthree" that could expand upon the Mewtwo mythos and make things interesting.
Haven't been this let down since they announced that Leafia was going to be called "Leafeon" in the English games, and not "Botaneon".



NoirUsernameHere said:

I knew this Pokemon was Rubbish,I just knew it!
(Don't take my rant seriously,People,Its just I'm disappointed because it is a new form and not a new Pokemon. )



BetweenTheTrees said:

agreed. i only used special attack with mewtwo as well. so this will be a welcome change for me as well. still think they should have a whole set of new mewtwo forms. defense, attack, speed, and original form..



BetweenTheTrees said:

i don't know why what you said makes you stupid. at all..... kind of stupid to call it stupid..........just your opinion.
one that i slightly agree with. i love the new forms of legends, but they don't make much of a difference. some slight tweaks in attack or defense etc. etc.
their new forms should make a huge difference and they should work on that.

......botaneon. i would have enjoyed that name.



DarkKirby said:

I really, really don't care about Mewtwo.

I want the actual X/Y game to make real improvements to the mechanics, remove IVs, fix weather, balance the game, etc. I dare say, update the battle system which has remained essentially unchanged since Gen 1.



Gregor said:

@DarkKirby i agree with you on all points except for the battle system. It has changed. I changes a bit in the 3rd Generation and made drastic improvements in the 4th. Now it has reached its perfect point. If you're asking for a different system then go play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Also removing IVs..... If you even comprehended what those are then you would not want them gone. They are like the cells of the game, you don't see them but they work very hard to keep the actual organism alive. And the game already has a little bit of balancing, but its not very good. I try not to look at it. Whether and seasons could be interesting though... Why not have a weather system that changes daily if you connected to wifi? Or just make it have percentage values. And make a weather channel on the tv!



Drobotic said:

Hopefully they hurry up with Pokemon BW anime and make an X/Y series.Seriously,anyone else just hate hearing Iris's voice?



Gregor said:

@Drobotic you watch the anime? Really? The anime has been a dumb kids show ever since the Johto saga ended. Did you know Ash is voiced by a woman now?



sheld999 said:

@DerpSandwich well there were some failed clones of mew so i wonder if they would actually add them into the game may not be x and y culd be other games to come if there anymore after x and y



Gregor said:

@sheld999 ask yourself this: what is the point? There is none. When if comes to clones, "failed expirement" is just the nice way to say "we made something, and it died in 20 seconds".



Onett said:

@DarkKirby Exactly. Let's just hope some innovation finds its way into the series so that it may be a worthwhile experience.



Gregor said:

@Onett don't fix what shouldn't be broken. The've tried to innovate, they gave us triple battles and rotation battles. What more do you want? The series to go into real-time? Just LEAVE THE FORMULA ALONE. The Devs know what is best for the game, you don't.



theblackdragon said:

@Fusion14: hasn't Ash always been voiced by a female VA? and if you want to go that route, Pokemon has always been a silly kids' anime show. There's no reason to be so harsh.



Gregor said:

@theblackdragon i know. : P i used to watch it as a kid. Its just that the anime back in those days didn't feel so dumbed down. It felt original. Now its just some flashy FX. Still why can't we have pokemon appeal more to the teenagers? I could see where they were trying in B/W 2 (there were some blantent spaces for obvious implementation. They obviously wanted you to rewrite the dialouge a bit in some places for yourself. [remember Roxie cussing out her father with E approved swears... Lol] but I really think they should take it into their own hands to make a completely and wholy serious story. The black and white games were a good start but they need to push the envolope just that inch more.



DaveGX said:

Something about this new form bugs me a little bit; For instance, they claim it's a new form, yet Mewtwo can cloned from a Mew Fossil, so how exactly would he be able to properly evolve to this new form? That said, Mew itself has never had an actual evolution stage, just its basic form which assumingly could be considered baby stage. Wouldn't/couldn't this rather open the possibilities for a new stage we've never seen before?



Gregor said:

@DaveGX haven't you learned anything over the past 20 years? Legandaries do not evolve. Hell it even says right there that its been CONFIRMED as a new form. Learn to read.



DaveGX said:

@Fusion14: Then why does the 2nd sentence of the 2nd section specifically say "The pull-out movie poster within the magazine explains that "Mewtwo has awakened and has taken on this new shape.""? See? I DO know how to read. "New form" means nothing as it doesn't specify them from being much different from stages. Besides, nobody knows for a fact that legendaries don't evolve.



Gregor said:

@DaveGX shakes head I know gamefreak and they do not break traditions that easily. Besides how can i trust you when you've just called mew a pre-evo?! Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, in other word it actually has LESS capabilities than Mew. And besides the very sentence before the one you showed me says it has been confirmed as a new form, so just stop being a noob.



DaveGX said:

@Fusion14: I'm not being a noob as I've told you "new form" doesn't mean or prove squat! Every pokémon hasa "form" or sorts so to speak; Raichu=Evolved 'form' of Pikachu', Venusaur=Evolved 'form' of Ivysaur=Evovled 'form' of Bulbasaur, etc etc. So what if I called Mew a pre-evo? Yes, we know Mewtwo is a clone, but that has nothing to do with anything. Again, it's never ONCE been proven legendaries can't evolve; Just because it hasn't happened in the past doesn't mean the possibility doesn't exist. Quit being so close minded.



Gregor said:

@XephHunter how dare you, 5th Gen is the 3rd best gen. It had the smallest changes but they were in the right places.
Gen order in terms of greatness:
5. 1st gen
4. 2nd gen
3. 5th gen
4. 3rd gen
5. 4th gen



Gregor said:

@DaveGX that not an evolution. It's already been confirmed twice over that this is a FORM. Go look at SEREBII.



XephHunter said:

@Fusion14 LOL. The designs in gen I were what started pokémon and made it famous! As soon as gen V came out pokémon popularity dropped dramatically because of the pokémon designs! People started going back to gen IV and III where the designs were actually decent and pokémon popularity met its peak. You are truly one complete person >.>



DaveGX said:

@Fusion Serebii? Don't you mean Celebi*, because that's all I'm getting off Google whenever I search it, and in any case what does this have to do with that video? Yeah it's a legenaries, but still..... Because if that wasn't an evolution these days, at least in the Pokémon movies, then I dunno what nis.



Gregor said:

@XephHunter the designs aren't as bad as people think. You all are just butthurt because pokemon hasn't stopped moving yet. At a least I can say that every single design in gen 5 was detailed. Literally none of the sprites were bland or lacking features. Gen 5 has given some of my favorite pokemon, and I'm not going to let the genwunners bring it down. The klink line, while not very creative, comes to me as a cool concept none the less, and Zekrom, well, I'm not a fan of it but a lot of people really like it so don't blame me if you get flamed. Gamefreak will NEVER listen to the 1/2nd gen lovers. They are focused on moving forward and trying to create as many pokemon as they can base off of animals. They will go on for a looong time and there isn't anything anyone can do to stop them. Pokemon will longstanding be known as the cash-in done right.



Gregor said:

@DaveGX At the bottom of the article there is a link to
THAT is where they got their information for this article. AND serebii has just recently posted more information CONFIRMING this is a FORM and NOT an EVOLUTION. If fake pokemon can be brushed off because they don't reflect Ken Sugimori's normal artstyle then the idea that legendaries evolve can be knocked out of the sky by the fact that it hasn't happened in the last five generations. I have much more evidence to support that they do not evolve than you do that they do evolve.



DaveGX said:

Once again, "form" means nothing as it's no different than stage; Hence nothing here or there confirms, nor denies for that matter, that it COULD be an evolution. Again, just because it hasn't happened in the apst 5 generations means nothing. 1st time for everything ya know. You have mnre evidence, yeah right! THEN WHY AREN'T YOU PROVIDING ANY? Becauase clearly you DON'T know any more than the rest of us.



Gregor said:

@DaveGX Cthey are calling it the awakened FORM. Not evolution. It's been confirmed everywhere. If it is indeed a form, then you are going to have to admit that you are wrong.



DaveGX said:

@Fusion14 No duh they're calling it "form" WHAT DIFFERENCE does it make?? You keep saying "it's been confirmed" NO IT HASN'T! NO SITE has come out solid evidencve and said ":it's not an evolution". They all say what this article says, which is in NO WAY confirmation or denial. Heck I'll do ya 1 better; WHY was that video leaked then if this ISN'T an evolution, hmm? Use your head.



XephHunter said:

The designs ARE WORSE than what people think. They may be detailed but you can put as much detail on a pokémon to make it look good as long as the detail is good too. I'm all 'butthurt', as you say, because pokémon isn't moving, it's turning to the darkside, if you will. It's becoming more awful each generation and I' love it to move forwards but it's not, it's moving backwards, worse than even gen I. I'm not a genwunner, I just know when a pokémon is good or bad, and gen V 'mon are awful. They are TOO focused on movin forward that they are even forgetting what the main aspect of the game is; the frickin' pokémon. They are so focused on moving forward and they are even getting that wrong! Pokémon won't be longstanding, if gen VI has awful pokémon again, no one will even buy the games! They should just stop making anymore 'mon themselves and hire some people who actually know what they're doing, Game Freak has completely run out of ideas and I don't think they can ever make the games good again, ever.



Gregor said:

@XephHunter pokemon are primarily based off of animals, they arn't running out of ideas. Pokemon is not getting worse. The mechanics are getting extremely better each generation. There is more to the game than just the pokemon. They will always get people to buy their games no matter what, so what you think really doesn't matter. Black and white 2 are the most refined pokemon games I have ever played, I actually felt CHALLENGED for once playing a pokemon game



theblackdragon said:

hey guys, do me a favor and knock it off with the profanity, the namecalling, and the general nastiness. I really don't want to have to come back into this thread and edit anything else out. you may have to agree to disagree on this one.

@XephHunter, Fusion14: Dead serious, since the two of you can't keep it civil, the argument ends now. You both have been warned.



liandro said:

Well im almost 17 and im still looking forward to this new pokemon its a realy big step because its 3D but if u guys are running out of idea's dont push this too far atleast say the pokemon gonna come out later then october to come with new idea
because i love the old pokemons better than the new one now u giving mewto a new form for what????! i like the old form way more and evee evolve is not needed that is just a stupid idee i think the old pokemon generation was way cooler pokemon ruby, emerald , leaf green , fire red, soul sivler, heart of gold , blue, silver , diamond , pearl and the rest but u guys are only damaging pokemon new put a evolve of evee well i dont like it and this new form of Mewto either old form waybetter! i think 3d is a good idee but if u guys put lame pokemons like this this is no point of me buying it id rather keep playing the old ones till now i feel pokemon x and y can be a tremedous succes if u guys work hard on it and come with better idea than this mewto form and evee evolve



liandro said:

@Fusion14 SORRY BRo but if u feel like that than u dont have the right pokemon feelings because ive played pokemon sins 8 and sinds 4 i was watching my b rother play it i have realy good experience in this ive played pokemon over and over all those days u could call me a nerd i was beating everyone in link fight ect and discovered all secret it was realy excited days and realy challanged but im not feeling in pokemon x and y that the trailer challange me so to be realy excited all that is excited because it is 3d but if u look at the pokemons they are lame the legendary pokemons arent so cool as i though if u look the previous pokemons and compare the legendary ones u wil see what i mean pokemon x and y can still be a tremedous succes but if they keep making those lame pokemon like new evee evolve than u are ruining my pokemon adventure no lie that is the truth i dont feel excited by this pokemon evolution and the mewto too if it was a mewtree or something about mew it would be awesome but a new form of mewto WHY? u realy disappointed me as i said ive more pokemon like this come id rather keep playing old ones and play this new one of my friend who is gonna buy it



liandro said:

pokemon black and white wasent so bad it was pretty normal so a bit excited when it came out



Gregor said:

@liandro I've played pokemon since I was 6 years old. Don't patronize me you blabbering idiot. I don't even know how I managed to read your message. How about instead of playing pokemon so much like you apparently say you do you go back to school and learn English again. I bet you don't know jack about pokemon. You probably couldn't even comprehend what EV training or natures for that matter. Probably the only reason you won those battles against your friends was because they were as dumbfounded by the actual core mechanics of the game as you are. Pokemon isn't just about pretty little sprites. They could be blocks of color for all I care (jk) what really matters is the mechanics of the games. In fact why don't we have a wifi battle so I can kick your ass. What's your B/W/2 friend code?

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