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Code Of Princess Picks a Fight With Europe on 28th March

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Coming in at €29.99

Code of Princess was published in North America by Atlus way back in October last year, but the NA-centric publisher didn't want to do the same in Europe and PAL regions. It did eventually emerge that developer Agatsuma Entertainment was taking up that localisation itself, and that it was releasing the title as a download-only retail game — 'retail' in the sense that it's a full-length experience with a higher price than a typical download offering.

Earlier this year Nintendo of Europe confirmed a Spring release, and Agatsuma has now issued a press statement with the good news that it'll be in next week's Download Update, on 28th March. Even better is that it'll have a price of €29.99 — which we hope will translate to £24.99 in the UK — making it cheaper than most other retail downloads in the region.

This is certainly one to consider, with bags of content and online multiplayer thrown in. It's perfectly suited to fans of old-fashioned 2D hack-and-slash games, while it also includes some RPG features. We gave it a glowing recommendation in our Code of Princess review.

You can see it in action in the official trailer from the recent European 3DS Direct broadcast. Will any of you in Europe be picking this up?

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BenAV said:

So many good games coming out around now...
I'm gonna be completely broke soon.



gurtifus said:

I don't know what to think of it !
Not sure if it's really worth my money.
Metacritic rate it 63 so I'll probably pass on it.



zipmon said:

GET IT Europe! It's a blast! Anyone know if there's cross-region co-op? If there is maybe it'll be easier to play online - I was never able to find anyone for co-op but I'd still love to try it!



Kohaku said:

To many games in 6 months now. No problems with that but I hope we don't have to pay for that next year with almost no games.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Metacritic is just an average of scores. This game has recieved praise from some reviewers and since it´s definitly my kind of game I´ll buy it. I´ve been looking forward to it ever since I heared it was Europe bound!



Sjoerd said:

I think many reviewers take it to seriously, this game is almost a parody story-wise. The gameplay looks good, but there are to many games coming out, I'll keep it on my watch list. When it's on sae it's mine!



parutena said:

I really hope that US can play with EU and that people actually play online.



Deathgaze said:

So wait, when it says "Earlier this year Nintendo of Europe confirmed a Spring release" does that mean Nintendo themselves are printing physical copies?

I hope so, I refuse to buy digital games and I want this.



DePapier said:

Why isn't anyone here rejoicing that the game is 30 € compared to the usual 45 € yet??

At least I am.



Doma said:

@Deathgaze It's download only.

Same for me, i'll take physical or nothing. I hate Nintendo's DD service for various reasons.



DashDG said:

I have this game with the ltd ed feat. cd and artbook and to be honest its just a standard game. Its been a lot of months out here and I never got any online match, The use of rings, helmets, shields, etc is pretty useless and the leveling system is just too much for a very short game that just change very little if you play it with all the different characters. I recommend it only if you have the money to spare and you havent played any of all the other great options available on eshop. =)



DashDG said:

Just to show you how short is the experience: I have registered only 7.45 Hrs with 15minutes per session on this game compared to my other 25-90Hrs per game and 50min aprox per session in my collection. The Base quest last around 2-3 Hours to complete and from there is replay only with other characters with minor 2-5 minutes new chapters, the only thing I loved was the pysical presentation but if this going digital only is not worth it...



DashDG said:

God, Ertrian IV thats a game hard as Hell!!! But totally fun, long, nicely crafted and worth the money. Just drawing maps will take hours of your life =) LM2 seems to be a great game too just waiting to arrive to my local stores...



Byron-3D said:

this would come out the same day as luigis mansion, ive been eyeing this up but not gonna pick it up until i finish dark moon



DashDG said:

@ DePapier Sometimes as a Gamer you have to be honest with others, we dont have all the money and the time to play all the games out there so you really have to find out what are you getting before you spend the money. I have a very long list of games waiting to be played much more worth it that this. Just my point of view =)



ToxieDogg said:

Do want....but I want Etrian Odyssey 4 even more. I'll have them both at some point though.



ilovegaming said:

I'll probably get it next Thursday, since I've wanted it for a while- didn't expect it so soon!



AJWolfTill said:

This game pits my fierce dislike of shameless mysogyny against my love of ACE+.
May reconsider down the line but I've actually got loads of games to play through at the moment and with the recent releases of Luigi's Mansion, Lego City Undercover and Fire Emblem around the corner that's not looking to change.



DePapier said:

@DashDG Honestly, it's same for me. But then when 3DS games on the eShop are priced 45 bucks we rage but we sing no praise when they release discounted.



parutena said:

In stark contrast to @DashDG I spent 70 hours on this game, losing only to the likes of Kid Icarus, Pokemon, and soon, Etrian Odyssey in terms of total playtime. The online is really fun when people actually play it. The story isn't that great but if you love grinding up characters there's no shortage of that, either.



Tobias95 said:

Another Must next week? Sadly I can only buy LM2 because I am short of money.



DashDG said:

@Ndayday I see your point, I love RPGs more that anything else in life therefore I love grinding and leveling characters, but in order for the grind to be worth it you really need some motivation to do it and at least the story must push you to do it, I dunno what other games you have in your library, but as you say KIU, Pokemon and EO-IV push you to heavily grind and grant you some nice satisfaction for doing it. Just check some games as Devil Survivor where you can grind for hundreds of hours just because you have several endings and ways to replay the story or RE Revelations where you heve several unlocks in the form of characters, weapons and so, and where you have an almost instant competitive online play. With CoP I never had a chance to get online with somebody, and the local multiplayer was plagued with framerate issues...



Placlu said:

That's 5 freaking games coming out on the same day.
(Luigi 2, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Harmoknight, Code of Princess & LEGO City Wii U) that I all want... aughhh!



SanderEvers said:

Sadly I'm going for Luigi's Mansion next week.

Well not that sadly

and, ofcourse, Lego City



parutena said:

@DashCG yeah, I get you on that. my only motivation for single player past the story and bonus missions was leveling joke characters. Really though this game is almost nothing without online. The music and art is nice, but we can all agree that's not a major reason to buy a game for most people.



Magikarp3 said:

Dohoho. WANT

I'll skip out on LM2 for this, probably. Are people still playing this game online?



BakaKnight said:

Oh come on!!!
Luigi Mansion, Shin Megami Tensei and now also Code of Princess? O_O

I'm really really GLAD so many awesome games are all coming in europe, but it would help to have them at least with a week or two of distance between them, not all togheter at once XD



WiiLovePeace said:

I may buy this one day, but the supposed short length of the game according to @DashDG put me wayyyy off getting this game. I'll pick it up if I have the cash & there's nothing else to purchase (unlike right now with tonnes of awesome games coming ) so thanks for that @DashDG



Windy said:

Again None of the retail downloads should cost more than 19.99 Code of Princess is so much fun though even though the online Lags horribly the single player game will bring you laughs and joy. Just a great experience



Vava said:

I totally agree, the digital cost as much as the US retail version, and as DashDG said, it's not a long compaign, so I keep my patience for lower price or other games



ZeroxGT said:

Seriously, Ive played online penty of times on this game and its awesome ! Idk what some of the folks here are talking about but if you have friends, and some patience, you will end up in a group without a problem... Though I believe most times some are doing more PvP than regular missions. If anything Pick it up and play through it. Im still having fun with it.. and ive restarted my characters over to try out different setups. If you play a game without trying other things with it.. you yourself are selling it short of what it really is..



FonistofCruxis said:

I think this looks like a great game and I'm definitely going to get it at some point. I also have a friend who's interested in it so I'll have someone to play it with.



Dyl_73 said:

I've got plenty to play at the moment. It's on my 'watch' list though. Maybe the price will have come down by the time I get it.

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