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Blending fighting gameplay with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat 'em ups and the character development of an RPG, Code of Princess perfectly combines the two genres, giving hardcore gamers an all new twist on some of their favorite game types. Up to four players can take on challenges cooperatively or battle against one another in competitive play. Both modes are available locally or online via Nintendo Network.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

A code worth cracking

For a while now, hack-and-slash has been significantly undermined as a legitimate genre in video gaming, but Code of Princess doesn't care about any of that. Code of Princess spits in the face of modern 3D gaming and says “I can do things better,” and...

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Its a side scrolling fighting game from the makers of Guardian Heroes. Hopefully it'll get a Western release



Madmanonfire said:

I would've loved to get this day one if it was available day one. My local stores didn't get a shipment. Highlight of the day, ruined.



BertTheBluBerry said:

Just got this game. I know I'm a little late on it, but I was sceptical about getting it. Also had a hard time trying to find it in my local stores. I ended up buying it off Amazon, which wasn't so bad because I got the pre-order bonus. It's included an art-book which doubled as a CD case for the soundtrack CD that also came with. I am overall pleased with my 40$ purchase so far.



Kirk said:

I know this is going to sound really picky but I don't understand how we've went from the lovely properly shaped shadows in the spiritual prequel to this game on Saturn, Guardian Heroes, to the crappy circle shadows in this game.

The game looks really good for the most part but half-*ssed presentation stuff like this, that really doesn't need to be there at all, really bugs me.

That means a spiritual prequel to a game released in 1996, 16 frikin years ago, is in some ways technically and visually more impressive than it's spiritual sequel released in 2012.

Something is just very very wrong with that.

Here's footage of the recent remix of Guardian Heroes, set to the original's pixel mode, for a visual reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAHZZ_yeuDA

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