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Wii Mini Shifts 35,700 Units in Canada

Posted by Andy Green

Who needs internet connectivity?

It's been announced recently that the Wii Mini is on its way to European shores. Once a Canadian-exclusive, the stripped down system cannot play anything other than Wii games, has no slot for an SD card and is unable to connect to the internet.

So how has the Wii Mini done in Canada? Since its release on 7th December last year up until 31st January 2013, the little red console had shifted 35,700 units - a decent little haul.

The system sold for $99.99 and Communications Manager at Nintendo of Canada, Matt Ryan, believes Canadians "reacted positively to the great value the system has to offer".

Amazon UK has recently set a price of £79.99 for the console; whether or not people see the value in it — considering a fully-fledged Wii is selling for a mere £4 more — remains to be seen.

Wii Mini will be released in Germany on 15th March and in the UK and other areas on 22nd March. There's no news yet on the system moving into the US.

What do you think of the Wii Mini? Will you be looking to get hold of one? Let us know in the comments section below.


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rayword45 said:

I can get a pre-owned Wii for like, $50-65 on eBay .

What kind of sales were they expecting? By American expectations that would be horrendous for an obscure Japanese retail game but I don't know what gaming is like in Canada.



rjejr said:

How many are being returned as I'm typing this?

You know, this thing actually looks ok, but for what you get at that price it should come with Mario Kart, SSBB, SMG and LZ:TP pre-installed.



DePapier said:

If Nintendo say it's good it means it is good for them: end of the story. I still cannot fathom entirely what are their plans with this precarious console, but I can only wish them to accomplish their goals with it.



Hyperstar96 said:

@rjejr Explain to me how an 8GB ISO plus operating system are going to be installed on a 512MB hard drive. And that's just for Brawl; I'm not even counting the other games you mentioned. And you want them to include games that would add up to over $100 at retail in a $100 system?!

Look, I know you weren't thinking when you said that (I'd HOPE so, anyway), but wow...



gavn64 said:

This might confuse people but i guess the profit yields on the wii innards are huge by now giving the fact they have already made around a hundred million of them take out wi-fi and the sd card slot and there is probably more money to be made



bob1994 said:

I wonder how many people bought one, brought it home, and then realized there wasn't any wi-fi. I bet they were MAD.



Mk_II said:

there are people who dont want Wifi or any connectivity. Not everyone has 24/7 internet and some folks prefer to keep it offline for their kids. Im sure Nintendo knew exactly what to expect from this release, they know their market better than we do.



marck13 said:

I say again: bring it to markets that haven't been conquered (much) before: deep into Latin America and ALL over asia.



Rocketship said:

I'd imagine the North Koreans would brand it as their own then claim it was the best computer on the planet.



Kyloctopus said:

Thats really strange considering, if Canada's population was actually the size of U.S.A., it would sell about 300,000 units, in a matter of 2 and a half months.
Something tells me alot of children were sad, that their parents made the mistake of buying a Wii Mini rather than a Wii U.



BakaKnight said:

I'm still worried about this coming in Europe...

Today I went to a electronic store and at the WiiU section there were various notes placed around saying "WiiU games does NOT play on the Wii".
With such confusion still around that Wii mini is gonna make a mega mess >_>;



Irysse said:

I think what confuses me the most is why they'd sell it to Canada. It's not as if we're devoid of gamers or anything.



OdnetninAges said:

I guess you could call this the "Game Boy Micro" of the Wii consoles.

Thought the "Family Edition" was bad? Well, here ya go!



Jumanji_Arcade said:

I genuinely find it impossible to imagine the scale of this console. It could be the size of a stamp or fridge for all I know. Every image perplexes me.



apowes said:

No one talks enough about the lack of component video output. That is the only thing that absolutely kills any desire I would have for this redesigned Wii.

The Wii Shop will eventually shut down, so WiFi isn't such a big loss; nor is the SD card slot, because without the Wii Shop, you don't have any games to put on a SD card.

But component video, which by default includes progressive scan support, is something I am not willing to give up. Nintendo has needlessly done this with many of their console redesigns. Find other areas to save money in! Don't mess with video output quality.



CrissCross87 said:

Kid "i want the new Wii u"

Clueless parent at store, " i would like to buy the newest wii, eh"

Non-gaming Store clerk, "well the newest Wii we have in stock is the Wii Mini"

Parent "well it looks different from we have already, i guess that's it, ring me up!"



Neram said:

Here I was, filled with pride, that my country actually had an exclusive Nintendo console and now the UK is getting it! Damn it all!!

I'm just kidding =P I really like the Wii Mini design though, it sort of reminds me of the Famicom. I've never actually fired mine up, I got it mainly for the red Wii Remote and Nunchuk that it comes with, so I just keep it boxed up.



iphys said:

I wonder how many of those were shipped overseas to collectors. I'm actually kind of surprised they were able to sell that many.



Pastry said:

@Hyperstar96 They could always add a bigger hard drive you know... a 32GB SD card only costs like 15 bucks, and that would hold everything.



WaxxyOne said:

Dag, yo. 35,000 units is nothing to shake a stick at. This product may seem baffling and pointless to you and me, but apparently there is at least a tacit market for it, and given the tiny investment, manufacturing and distribution costs Nintendo must be spending on it, it sounds to me like they made a smart business decision.



Zodiak13 said:

If a US version were to come out I would get it. Then a Wii system of some sort (Wii U) included) would be in 4 out of 5 rooms. The wife would surely love that...



Yanni said:

I can't see much reason in buying the Wii Mini, since the "regular" version's price is about the same (£83.99 on Amazon UK), but gives you way much more fun!
The Wii Mini is only for collectors I think...



Nintendojuenger said:

At GC (for example pearl white) it is possible to change the inner life to still have a component out. No component – No collectable for me!



FullbringIchigo said:

i'm fine i have a WiiU now to play my Wii games but i guess it's ok for a cheap console for parent's to buy for their kids



Nintenjoe64 said:

I guess Nintendo would be silly to turn down the almost free money that selling Wiis gives them but the cost of rolling out the Wii Mini seems like it would have been better spent on Wii U marketing.

Or maybe they could have gotten the VC ready in time instead of designing this.



nomeacuerdo said:

As a competitor for the Apple TV or the Roku PLUS the posibility to play Wii games this would've been awesome. Buut....



BestBuck15 said:

I can't find it on and £79 is to much I think. Who here really uses the Wii's online? I've only ever used it for Mario kart and Mario strikers charged football and to download virtua console games. If you never had a console this would be very good value. I like it and I want one but I'll never break the seal on the box. I have 2 Wii's already =D



BestBuck15 said:

@Yanni there is no new Wii on amazon for that money, if you look closely its refurbished not new. The listing is by a third party seller and its a bit dodgy to say the least, its listed as new then it says refurbished.



hYdeks said:

I was thinking of picking one up, I like top loader systems and I need a new Wii. For the Wii, I really don't care about all that over perks (online, sd card slot, component) Wii is already so basic that those things don't matter much



JJtheTexan said:

When Wii Mini was first announced, I figured NCL wanted to see how it would do in a relatively small market like Canada before exporting to emerging markets like Latin America and continental Asia. I still think Nintendo envisions the Wii getting an extended life similar to the PlayStation 2, or what the Sega Master System did in Brazil.



Ven said:

@Rocketship oh the chinese do that with cars all the time, and the government ok's it because they get more money.



Ven said:

Now, im from canada, and I can say that in Chiliwack, Abbotsford and Langley (in the Vancouver Area), these systems are actually outselling the Wii U because they play all the games everyone loves, and parents are either to dumb or too cheap to buy their kids the Wii U. As for us older gamers, I honestly need to see some SERIOUSLY good game come out on the Wii U, Because Aliens sucked, ACIII was too short, Zombi u was dull, and it generally hasn't been well marketed, in terms of consumer education. I think if they go Bethesda to make a Elder Scrolls game, it would sell more (or be a complete faliure), or at least get people a little interested. I have played quite a few Wii U games, and seriously, I prefer classic PS2 and Xbox games, like Bully, Shadow of the Colossus, Elder Scrolls III, Half Life 2 and other True gaming masterpieces. With Wii U, its one big license title cash in attempt. Anyone hearing me?



Kage_88 said:

I'll be picking one up as soon as I can, purely for the collector value.

It's a nice looking little thing.



WrongChops said:

This will be one of those things that I know I should buy for collectors value, that will end up being worth a lot more in future, but that I don't buy and later regret. If I had money to spare I'd take a punt, but would leave it on the box.



hYdeks said:

just picked one up yesturday, and I have to say I'm loving the system so far, it's not so cheap feeling as you might think, either. Sure it doesn't have online, component, and sd card slot, but those things I never used on a wii anyways. I think what makes me like the system is the fact it's red (love red) and it's a top loader, I prefer those over slot ones like ps3 slim and original wii.

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