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Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Coming To 3DS in Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Going head to head with Pokémon X & Y

Last year Digimon World Re:Digitize was released on the PSP in Japan, but it never made it to the 3DS — or to the West for that matter.

Well, Namco Bandai has now revealed that an updated version of the game called Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode is on its way to the 3DS in Japan.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode will cover a couple more story chapters — The Scheming Demon Lord and The Lamentful X-Antibody — and features some new Digimon, such as Omegamon X-Antibody and Dukemon X-Antibody.

The game should be out at some point in 2013. Considering how many 3DS consoles are out there are in Japan, this updated version has the potential to do quite well — though it will be up against a certain Pokémon game that's also releasing this year.

Whether it manages to make it over to the West is another matter entirely, but we can remain hopeful for now.

Any Digimon fans out there hoping this one gets localised?


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Beta said:

I soooo want this and that Detective Conan for the 3DS to be localized... ;_;



Retro_on_theGo said:

Yeeesssss! You guys posted this without me having to tip you! Good good! This game needs more exposure.
I pray this comes to NA!



Haxonberik said:

@NintendoMaster Pokemon X and Y will most likely break various records in Japan with the momentum the 3DS had and the overall excitement that the shift to 3D has caused.



Haxonberik said:

@NintendoMaster Pokemon X and Y will most likely break various records in Japan with the momentum the 3DS has and the overall excitement that the shift to 3D has caused.



Aerona said:

Please localize this! I've been waiting for a digimon game on the 3DS!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

I think porting the other PSP game (The one that retells the world 1st anime's story) would be enough to get folks excited, even if they did dub it again dumbly... XD



Beta said:

Yes! THAT^ If they make Digimon Adventure on the 3DS and localize it I will be the happiest man alive! :')



darkgamer001 said:

I expect a ton of Pokemon fans to come out in force and say we don't need this, because we're getting X and Y. Don't make me embarrassed to be a Pokemon fan, pls. There's a market for both games, and I for one, would probably buy this if it gets localised, and obviously X and Y in October (in time for my birthday =D)



FriedSquid said:

I'm not the biggest Digimon fan out there, but I'll definitely be paying attention to this one.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@Nintendomaster I'm not sure if you're stating the obvious, or being a snotty fanboy.
While I do love Pokemon, Digimon has held a place in my heart as well. I love Pokemon just a little more though.



BakaKnight said:

My apologies to my own avatar, but I must say I used to be a huge digimon fan!!!
I followed and loved the first series of the anime and althought the games were not even comparable to pokemon, I bought and enjoy them quite a lot.

Ack!!! I even got as far as buying on ebay some of the DS titles from America since sadly digimon here in europe dissappered long long ago...

Really hope this game will make out of Japan, I will be proud to have both Pokemon and Digimon to play on my 3DS!!!



Icefreak45 said:

@kitsunetails8 I hope your feeling is right! Please be right...

I haven't seen anything new Digimon related come to the states recently though so im holding my breath on this one. If it does come though, i'll have to get it .



Burn said:

I haven't played any of the "World" games besides the first one on PS1, but this sounds interesting.

Digimon & Pokémon can totally coexist on the 3DS



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Seeing as Nickelodeon recently picked up a Digimon show, I can see this getting localized to gain attention.



luminalace said:

While no pokemon, this is another significant release for tge 3DS in Japan. The stars are really lining up for the system in 2013 in Japan.



XXIV said:

Apparently it's coming this summer to Japan, competing with Monster Hunter 4.
Uh, anyone else see that as a horrible idea



Zemus-DJ said:

I loved dawn & dusk. Would hope this get localized along with many other games from the east



ShadJV said:

Unfortunately, this one will probably slip by my radar. I enjoyed the Digimon anime more than Pokemon (well, the first two seasons of Digimon), but I never had much interest in the games. I miss the original Digimon...



NoirUsernameHere said:

Uh...As much as I like Digimon,If this gets Localized,I'll pass this up and get MH3U instead.
I'll just get MH3U anyway.



Freelance said:

I love Digimon tons more than Pokémon in the anime department and monster designs. I'd buy this in a heartbeat (or the PSP version) if either gets localized.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I have fond memories of playing the original PS1 game so I've been wanting to play this, assuming it actually gets localized that is.

@antipop621 is probably right, knowing our luck this will end up being one of those games that never makes its way out of Japan because the market for it is too small.



Knuckles said:

I was a huge fan of the Digimon show as a kid, watched all 5 seasons, and played Dusk. Then I played HeartGold, and Pokémon was instantly the better game. I can't say the same for the Pokémon show.
But I would seriously consider buying this game if it came west.



DarkNinja9 said:

i played digimon dawn on the ds i thought it was interesting similar to pkm of course but different at the same time i like how you can digivolve more then once and backwards o_O even fuse some how cool is that

but these games dont get alot of attention here in the US still would be nice to see this one get localize



Therian said:

Yeessss pleasse! I played a few Digimon games but there weren't so good. If they get a proper digimon game correct, it could be amazing. It seems silly to go up angainst X and Y :s



zenarium said:

I didn't know that Digimon is still out there xD I remember seing it on television when I was a kid but nobody talks about that anymore in Portugal.

I am a much bigger fan of the pokémon series, I will have to pass this one.



siavm said:

The last digimon game that left Japan was 5 years ago. I doubt digimon is relevant enough to bring back here or in Europe. So this staying in Japan is pretty likely.



clavier141 said:

I want this in Europe SOOOOOO much! We need something to make up for not getting Digimon Adventure PSP to celebrate the 15th anniversary. Listen Namco Bandai. Europe wants digimon too!!!



clavier141 said:

I would be really annoyed if it was brought to North America but not Europe, because then I still wouldn't be able to play it because of region-locking



Rensch said:

I found Digimon to be the most shameless rip-off of Pokémon back in the day and I see no reason why it still wouldn't be so today. Digimon is an abomination in the eyes of Arceus.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@Rensch You can't deny that the anime was better though, well, at least the first season. It had more character development and danger than Pokemon ever had. Arceus is just a giant lamb thing, who cares about it? Kyogre is where it's at.



Freelance said:

Wow. I thought the whole 'Digimon is a ripoff' fad died out ages ago. Guess not. Digimon doesn't share anything remotely similar to Pokémon other than "it has monsters" and "it ends in ```mon,`` so I've no idea how that even came about. The anime is loads better.



Devil_Surivior said:

What made the Digimon anime so superior to the Pokemon anime was the well developed characters, well crafted story with its different arcs that flowed together well, and the fact didnt treat kids like little idiots that couldnt handle a serious story. I prefer the Pokemon games, and in games a minimalist story is forgivable because its a game and gameplay can save it.



Wonder_Ideal said:

The Pokemon guy in me wants to say that the Digimon in the picture looks like a combination of a Pikachu and Jolteon on steroids.



neomew said:

We need to start a petition to have this game to come to the us! It worked with xenoblade



Arcamenel said:

Yeah I used to be a "Digimon is a Pokemon rip-off" guy then I actually started watching the show and playing some of the games. They are nothing alike and while Pokemon > Digimon as far as games go, Digimon anime is far superior to the Pokemon anime.



urbanoid said:

they will not beat pokemon x and y if their not going to release some cards for usa, asia and europe



jnelson said:

i seriously hope I can get this game if it gets released to north Amercia! I grew up on Digimon! I have seen every single epsiode of Digimon up to the Xros Wars series (seen about 30 or so episodes of xros wars) And I watched it all in Japanese too. I have most of the games as well for the playstation and ps2 and the ds, they are some of my most favorite games (and I still discover things I didn't find before in some of them even years later! like the the thing that happens in the greylords mansion in digimon world one several ingame years after defeating machinedramon) xD

What saddens me to read here on this site however is all the people bashing the game because of pokemon x and y's recent release not to long ago. So what if the 2 series are competitors? I have also been watching and playing pokemon games just as long as I've been Digimon. So I cant stand seeing people bashing one series or the other. If given the opportunity I would buy every single version of both game series's games and play them non stop for weeks on end. What is more sad then the bashers however is when a game is made, and isn't unleashed to the entire world, simply because of translating it into another language may cost more in the short term. There are fans all over the world who may never get to experience an awesome game, simply because of where they live, which is the worst thing in my opinion. Thats why I hope that this game gets released world wide! If I can't get an english version locally, I may as well find a way to get one I cant read, and just learn to play the game without understanding its story entirely and just enjoy the gameplay, and learn to read another language just for the sake of understanding the game more xD I JUST WANT THE GAME! now my rant is done, I think i'm going to go play one of my digimon games because it's been a while since I refreshed my digimon knowledge. Or maybe start up Xros Wars again and get a better understanding of the series hehehe

ps: please ignore me lol

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