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Sun 26th Jan 2014

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jnelson commented on Namco Bandai Appears Impressed By Demand For D...:

I grew up watching Digimon EVERY DAY, (tho I eventually lost tv privilages for a long time) I eventually got so caught up I watched every single epsiode from season 1 all the way to the Xros wars season (haven't watched all of xros wars however, I really need to I miss watching Lilithmon getting all mad and bent out of shape hehe) The day I see this game in stores in Alaska, I am going to buy it even if I have to fight over it xD Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode is on the top of my list of must buy games!How can a hardcore digimon lover be proud of his digimon knowledge, if they don't get to play and enjoy every single one of the games to get the entire story for each game and figure out how they relate to each season of digimon and how they're different too xD My brain is boiling over with anticipation for this game!



jnelson commented on Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Coming To 3DS...:

i seriously hope I can get this game if it gets released to north Amercia! I grew up on Digimon! I have seen every single epsiode of Digimon up to the Xros Wars series (seen about 30 or so episodes of xros wars) And I watched it all in Japanese too. I have most of the games as well for the playstation and ps2 and the ds, they are some of my most favorite games (and I still discover things I didn't find before in some of them even years later! like the the thing that happens in the greylords mansion in digimon world one several ingame years after defeating machinedramon) xD

What saddens me to read here on this site however is all the people bashing the game because of pokemon x and y's recent release not to long ago. So what if the 2 series are competitors? I have also been watching and playing pokemon games just as long as I've been Digimon. So I cant stand seeing people bashing one series or the other. If given the opportunity I would buy every single version of both game series's games and play them non stop for weeks on end. What is more sad then the bashers however is when a game is made, and isn't unleashed to the entire world, simply because of translating it into another language may cost more in the short term. There are fans all over the world who may never get to experience an awesome game, simply because of where they live, which is the worst thing in my opinion. Thats why I hope that this game gets released world wide! If I can't get an english version locally, I may as well find a way to get one I cant read, and just learn to play the game without understanding its story entirely and just enjoy the gameplay, and learn to read another language just for the sake of understanding the game more xD I JUST WANT THE GAME! now my rant is done, I think i'm going to go play one of my digimon games because it's been a while since I refreshed my digimon knowledge. Or maybe start up Xros Wars again and get a better understanding of the series hehehe

ps: please ignore me lol