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Level-5 Responds To SEGA's Legal Threats Regarding Inazuma Eleven

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We've concluded that there is no patent violation"

Japanese developer Level-5 has responded to SEGA's recent legal campaign to have the company remove its Inzauma Eleven series from sale due to an alleged patent infringement.

SEGA is claiming that Level-5's soccer RPG features a touch-driven interface which violates two of its patents.

The following statement has been issued by the company, which is also responsible for the Professor Layton series:

Inazuma Eleven does not violate Sega's patents. As a result of examining these discrepancies, we've concluded that there is no patent violation. While Inazuma Eleven does not violate Sega's patent, we do recognize that Sega's lawsuit could restrict choices in gaming from here on out as well as hindering the growth of the game industry.

We'll update you on the status of this case as it unfolds.


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Terra said:

Good to see Level-5 standing up to Sega, not that I expected any less as this is just ridiculous. This whole thing reminds me of the Apple vs Samsung case



Jaz007 said:

SEGA's claims truly are rediculous, I mean come on, are they gonna sue most Itouch games now too?!



machomuu said:

It'll be fine, SEGA doesn't have enough on its side to justify such an obtuse accusation, and Level-5 has a truckton of material to use as its defense.



theblackdragon said:

Should be interesting, i guess. Either way it ends, though, the gamers are going to lose... and wasn't the first Inazuma Eleven game released years ago? What, were the patent holders waiting to see if they made money off of it before trying to go after Level-5 for some of it? lol



TingLz said:

Sega should look at what happened to Silicon Knights. They tried to take a bite out of Epic and then got DEVOURED



rayword45 said:

After what Konami did to the greatest music video game series of all time, I say "screw you lawsuits" and always root for the defendants when it comes to these gaming company arguments. People's greed getting in the way of any creativity.



9th_Sage said:

I really DOUBT they have the money to sue someone right now, that's the weird thing. Maybe they're getting desperate for money.



SCAR said:

Crazy claim... I'm pretty sure that the touch screen can do whatever devs want it to. I guess Cooking Mama, and Wario Ware Touched! all violate the patent, compared to XY Feel the Magic(or whatever).



Obywan said:

I find it hard to believe Sega is really doing something like this.

Level 5's game came out in 2008 and this patent is from 2009 anyways.

Also, Phantom Hourglass (2007) and Spirit Tracks (2009) use the touch screen to control Link too and I dont see them going after Nintendo (Because they'd get squashed lol).



defrb said:

And sega all stars racing transform hurts like 8 patent violations, not that i care.
But fascinating to hear these words out of sega's mouth.



SKTTR said:

You all make good points. This is a bad joke.
I should get Inazuma Eleven Strikers for Wii now soon.
If Sega wins this case they could pull it from the market.



KromCompany said:

I hate Sega. If they're hurting this bad for money, just sell the only big franchise off to Sony or something. I think Sony would like Sonic.



Banker-Style said:

So I guess Rhythm Thief,and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing didn't were both original idea's and didn't copy any other games to make them.

Sega,I like you,but this is taking the p***



SushiGummy said:

"we do recognize that Sega's lawsuit could restrict choices in gaming from here on out as well as hindering the growth of the game industry."

Holy damn do I love you, Level-5.



bluecat said:

"We do recognize that Sega's lawsuit could restrict choices in gaming from here on out as well as hindering the growth of the game industry."




Neko_Ichigofan said:

If SEGA doesn't win the lawsuit it'll be game over for them given their current financial issues, but either way SEGA doesn't have rights to that motion patent since Nintendo used the concept long before they did.



Pixelrobin said:

so thats what kept me from getting a sonic game for 5 years, sega's hypocrisy and desperation.
big words lol.



TheSonicdude97 said:

...SEGA is doing what now?! Ayayayyy..not good.. suing is not what you need SEGA.. I don't want the risk of losing a good company and the super awesome Sonic The Hedgehog!! :0



Volmun said:

by all rights isnt this the same as suing a company for having the same jump button as you? as most use A or B SEGA must be getting desperate --- no more SEGA means no more Phantasy Star.. 8(



Kyloctopus said:

Even Level 5's Jean Descole has responded to these actions. Tweeting the following: "Dying company @SEGA attacks @LEVEL5_times in pathetic lawsuit. @SEGA you have no case. This behaviour is really low. You have no money left"
"Leave @LEVEL5_IA alone! @SEGA has become an uncreative company that needs to go bankrupt. Games have not been fun for years. #badbusiness"

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