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machomuu commented on Yokai Watch Anime Spiriting Westward:

@Dpishere Hopefully. Little Battlers Experience (aka Danball Senki, a game series turned anime by the same developer) came over some time ago and there's no game in sight.

That said, I imagine there'll actually be a merchandising and advertising scheme for Youkai Watch, considering it's success in Japan and desire for it to succeed.



machomuu commented on Inazuma Eleven GO Shadow & Light Kick Off in E...:

@Peach64 The version that came to the 3DS here is a remake. They took it from the Japanese compilation called "123 The Legend of Endou Mamoru". It was originally a remake of each game in the original DS trilogy, but rather than bringing over the compilation as a whole, they're bringing them in parts. It's similar to how Inazuma Eleven 3 was pulled from the compilation and brought to the UK.



machomuu commented on Inazuma Eleven GO Shadow & Light Kick Off in E...:

@GamerOZO The series is easy to get into regardless of which one you start with, though it's recommended that you either start with Inazuma Eleven 1 or Inazuma Eleven GO 1, since the latter takes place with a mostly new cast after a time skip. It's probably better to start with the original and go forward since there are mechanics added later that might make it difficult to get into it if you go backwards.

@BakaKnight Well, the game was released after the show came out, but it was probably already finished. Inazuma Eleven 1 was the only one to be released before the season based off of it, though all of the shows are based off of the games regardless. They just use the show as a promotional means for the game (though the show itself is pretty damn good, too good to consider as just a lesser form of the game, I'd say.)

And I see where you're coming from. Though I did like Go anime (especially the beginning of each season), I can't really say that they stand up to the original show. But the gameplay has changed from the original. The game is now entirely in 3D, fields are varied and some of them have gimmicks that make you have to be strategic, Avatars are introduced (and can be used in more varied ways than in the show), and skill training is more involved than simply watching a cutscene. So it certainly does innovate, and Chrono Stone brings back a lot of older characters and Hissatsu missing from GO.



machomuu commented on Inazuma Eleven GO Shadow & Light Kick Off in E...:

This is awesome! I love the Inazuma Eleven series and can't wait until this one makes it over to America (if the first one did well enough). I'm glad the rest of the series will see Western shores.

Though...I do have to wonder if they'll keep Kurama's dub name as Micheal Ballzack.



machomuu commented on Two More Inazuma Eleven GO Titles Confirmed fo...:

@element187 I agree with coolvw93. While it may not be as popular as it is in Latin America, and while it may not be as popular as Football here, Soccer is still a very popular sport in the US.
Then you have to consider that you don't have to like Soccer/Football to like Inazuma Eleven. I don't like Soccer, and yet Inazuma Eleven 2 is one of my favorite games on the DS.



machomuu commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destines D...:

@unrandomsam ...Not all Japanese people are about honor and pride, nowadays. This isn't the 1500s, people don't commit suicide over disgraces anymore. At least, not on a wide scale. Sure, it's still something of a component of various Japanese practices, but it's not as prominent as it was in the past, and it certainly isn't as audacious. And Capcom isn't releasing it physically because they don't know how well it will sell, as was evidenced in the past (it was largely the reason AAI2 didn't come over).

And what's this Western mindset you're referring to? I noticed that you called Western games "mindless", and I don't think that could be farther from the truth. Sure, maybe there are mindless games in the West, but that holds true for the east as well. Similarly, there are a lot of intuitive Western games as well. Proteus, Shadowrun, Civilization, just to name a few, are hardly what I would call "mindless".

And saying that Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney having more of the Japanese culture is an incredibly bold assumption given how much you know about Gyakuten Saiban 1. I CAN say for sure that Gyakuten Saiban isn't just a game about Japanese culture, it's a game about law that takes place in contemporary Japan, just like how Ace Attorney is a game about law that takes place in contemporary America. The setting and the exploration of what makes that setting is not the focus of GS/AA. In fact, it's quite similar to Ace Attorney in that there are a lot of puns and pop cultural references, as well as play on words and contemporary jokes. This is because the game was geared towards Japanese audience, it would make little sense to bring it over. It's like if you got a game that made Croatian pop cultural jokes and references...would that truly be accessible to you? Probably not, because the beauty of pop cultural references and play-on-words is that they generally appeal to the facets of life that you grew up on or know very well, well enough to find the jokes humorous. If this stuff were translated directly, not only would Ace Attorney have had an incredibly small amount of appeal in the West, but it would also be incredibly niche and we'd have been lucky if we'd even gotten Justice for All. There'd be no profit, no crowd, and the fandom that it has come to create in the West wouldn't exist.

It's because Gyakuten Saiban had such a great localization that we could laugh at the jokes that were both Westernized and universal, that even the more Japanese savvy could understand jokes and plays-on-words that would normally have gone over their heads. I can almost 100% guarantee that Ace Attorney would not have been better as a direct or literal translation.



machomuu commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destines D...:

@unrandomsam I disagree. Ace Attorney has always prided itself on its localization and Westernization, so much so that the DS remake included a translation before there was even expressed interest in the West. In a lot of ways, Ace Attorney and Gyakuten Saiban are separate experiences, and it is the Western experience of Ace Attorney that has captured the love and attention of gamers for years. Its localization broke down the borders between niche and not-so-niche and created an appeal for all types of gamers. I think it's the impeccable localization that makes Ace Attorney so enjoyable.



machomuu commented on GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Took Just Six Weeks ...:

It's interesting how many people remember the game for the multiplayer. It stuck with me mostly for it's unique single player, I don't particularly remember playing multi too much (well, "nearly as much" is more appropriate).

...Then again, that was so long ago I'm not sure if it's completely accurate, but I do remember the Single Player being a lot of fun, especially when compared to the FPS of today.



machomuu commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

I really think it should depend on the game. For instance, Metal Gear Solid, one of my favorite game series, prides itself in its cutscenes (heck, 4 was like a movie). It has a big story, and that is a large part of what makes the games popular. If they were to try to weave the story into the gameplay...well, it would probably end with the story being much smaller and much less ambitious than it was meant to be, and Metal Gear would not be nearly as convoluted and interesting as a result.

I see what he's saying about there being a necessary amount of gameplay and story, but there are games that thrive on how their narrative is presented (ie Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, etc.). There are other games that can bore you with a lot of talking that can be woven into the gameplay somehow, or can be spread out so that you're not spending unnecessarily long amounts of time reading text or listening to dialog, and in that sense I agree with Sakurai; however, I don't think a game should ever sacrifice it's narrative for the sake of gameplay (and vice versa). If it is the creators vision to make a game that puts an emphasis on narrative (or an emphasis on gameplay), I say so be it.

I think this applies to character deaths, too. I like it when characters die, especially when I'm emotionally invested in them. It doesn't make the majority of gamers mad at the developers, it makes them emotionally react to the game and create feelings towards whatever caused their death. I know that we put time and effort into developing that character, but it is through that time and effort that we create bonds with the characters that make the deaths all that more powerful and the story all the more engaging.



machomuu commented on Zero Escape Director Craves Mainstream Recogni...:

@Pikachupwnage You will be. what makes 999 and Virtue's Last Reward is how radically different the story will become if you do something different. Getting a different ending is something as simple as "going along with mostly the same story until the end, where something different happens", but rather, most of the actions you do n the game will result in the story changing (not just the ending), so it won't feel like a process of "rinse, lather, repeat". And this game isn't particularly short, either. Really, if you only play to, say, one or two endings, it will be short, but that's not at all the way the game is meant to be played.

Also, regarding Devil Survivor, I'd heavily, HEAVILY recommend playing Devil Summoner 2 if you haven't already. I would recommend playing 1 or Overclocked as well (preferably before 2, given that they are the first game in the series), but if anything, you need to play 2/ It does a great job at building on what 1 does.



machomuu commented on UK Press Pins Blame For Sandy Hook Massacre On...:

They're blaming Dynasty Warriors for the shooting!? I...I can't even believe what I'm reading...I've lost all hope for humanity. Good God...seriously? I hate it when the media blames games for the actions of those who just happen to play them. Not too long ago, people started throwing hate on Mass Effect because the shooter liked it...



machomuu commented on Review: Chuck E. Cheese's Alien Defense Force ...:

This didn't even need to be reviewed. I'm all for not judging a book by its cover, but if there actually were a good Chuck E. Cheese game released then the universe would implode. In other words, it really goes without saying that it'll be bad. If there were a good one it'd be breaking news.



machomuu commented on Lack of "OMG" Idea Explains Borderlands Wii U ...:

Makes sense, but I'm a little disappointed that so many developers feel obligated to use the Wii U Gamepad (similarly to how 3/DS developers feel obligated to shoehorn (in some cases) dual screen gameplay and the same story with Wii developers) and when they realize that they don't want to, they don't develop for it at all. I'd be perfectly fine with a game that simply used the Classic Controller/Pro Controller or simply used the gamepads buttons, the Gamepad is simply optional, they don't have to try to make a Gamepad experience when they simply want to make a game.



machomuu commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

It seems more like he wants opinions on exactly what fans want from the series that he could add without treading old ground. Granted, I think there are a lot of things that could be added, it's not exactly a "milked and overstretched" series, far from it, but it seems more as if he's asking for what could be added that would make a well received next game rather than saying that another one shouldn't be made because there's no point.



machomuu commented on XSEED Hints at Rune Factory 4 Localisation:

Rune Factory 3, I believe, is one of the best DS games on the system, and probably the best of the Action games on the systems. I really hope this one will exceed RF3, especially given the exponentially enhanced potential.



machomuu commented on Classic NES RPG Shadowgate Getting a Remake:

I found my GB copy a few days back and I kept thinking "this game would be perfect for a 3/DS port or remake". Granted, this will be for the PC (and others), but nevertheless it's a nice bit of news for what is still a great game.



machomuu commented on Review: Style Savvy: Trendsetters (3DS):

I'm glad to see that this review doesn't simply cast this off as "another fashion game" and give it a 4 or the like. Granted, I'm not particularly interested in the genre, but that sort of bias is often generated from popular review sites, so its nice to see a fair review like this.



machomuu commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven Strikers (Wii):

@DiscordedTeeJay Pretty much, but I, personally, would give it at least a six (or possibly a 6.5), simply because even a non-fan of the series could still get quite a bit of fun out of it, with friends or otherwise, and it has quite some longevity, just not too much content on the side (or much to support the story). It's not a bad game, it just seems a little rushed and lacks polish, but the music, graphics, and gameplay really do make for a good experience. So really, I just wanted to note a few things not in the review and highlight some things that were.

@Henmii I don't disagree with you on the yelling don't say it's Japanese culture, not even as a joke. It is in the spirit of Inazuma Eleven to make an incredibly audacious impression, same with many other anime (and comic books, Western or Eastern), but please don't say it's "Japanese Tradition" for them to do so. The Japanese are, as a generalization, conservative; even they would look silly if they yelled out the names of moves and there were no flames or gigantic tremors to accompany them. It's strictly a media technique.



machomuu commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven Strikers (Wii):

It's actually not a bad game (not that a 5 means bad, more like mediocre, which I'd agree with), and I wouldn't call it a non-Football game, indeed it is one, it just has an exaggerated twist. While I prefer the DS series, Strikers is not a bad game, and fans of the series will no doubt have fun with the game. It's looser than most Sports games, mainly because the source material is largely different than traditional sports games (the games are played in massively different respects), but also because it vies for surrealism rather than realism, as games such as Fifa are geared towards. I'd really recommend one playing the DS games (or really just one of them) before playing Strikers, but you don't really need to. I've actually had a lot of fun with Strikers, and it's great for playing with friends or if you just want to play a few rounds by yourself.

The real problem is that some of the facets of the game, such as scoring normal goals, TP exertion, and the forgettable minigames, seemed more like afterthoughts. That's not to say it's not fun, but at least the former two were critical parts of the original game, and the latter is critical given that the game features no Story Experience or really any extended offerings, and thus it's not really worth $50. Thus, I'd recommend playing the DS games until the Wii title (or titles, if 2012 Extreme comes over) become...say, $20?