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A football RPG from Level-5, creators of the Professor Layton games.

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Posted by Kim Wild

Ready to score

Football (or soccer to our American readers) and role playing: it's not a combination that instantly springs to mind as the basis for a video game, but that's exactly what's on offer with Level 5's latest creation, Inazuma Eleven. Despite sounding like an...

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FonistofCruxis said:

This game has the most male characters with female appearances that I have seen. The main character sounded like Luke from the Professor Layton series. I wonder if it's the same voice actor.



D33G said:

You can tell level 5 made it because some of the characters have the same art style as the professor layton series. If it comes out in the US, i'll get it.



FonistofCruxis said:

Nintendo are giving it some attention now. When I got Mario vs. Donkey Kong: mini-land mayhem, it was in that booklet showing different DS games that always comes with DS games.



m225581 said:

lvl 5 is most of the time a great company who makes great games but some games arent as good as they needed to be but thats my taste i watcht the whole serie in chinees with eng sub its a great game and yeah most people look like girls but are boysO.O

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