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A football RPG from Level-5, creators of the Professor Layton games.

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Posted by Kim Wild

Ready to score

Football (or soccer to our American readers) and role playing: it's not a combination that instantly springs to mind as the basis for a video game, but that's exactly what's on offer with Level 5's latest creation, Inazuma Eleven. Despite sounding like an...

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News: Inazuma Eleven Finally Makes it to UK Today

Inazuma Eleven Finally Makes it to UK Today

Taking its time

The DS football RPG from the developers of Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven finally reaches UK shores today after a huge delay. On-the-ball readers may remember it was mistakenly released in small quantities back in January, but it was always Nintendo's plan to release the game properly alongside the cartoon series which just began airing in the Sceptred Isles. You can check out our..

News: Nintendo Gets Around to Releasing Inazuma Eleven in UK

Nintendo Gets Around to Releasing Inazuma Eleven in UK

About time

In January, Nintendo did something unusual: it accidentally released a video game. A small number of copies of DS football RPG Inazuma Eleven from Level-5 deftly dodged the tackles of Nintendo's distribution system and scored a few goals with customers before Nintendo blew the half-time whistle and the error was corrected. Now the game of two halves is properly coming to the UK, with a..

News: Nintendo: Inazuma Eleven Not Officially Launched in the UK

Nintendo: Inazuma Eleven Not Officially Launched in the UK

Stock released "in error"

Our British copy of Inazuma Eleven arrived recently, flying in the face of general wisdom that the game isn't yet available in the UK. Since then we've been in contact with Nintendo UK, who have been able to clarify the situation. Robert Saunders, Nintendo's head of communications, confirmed that the game has not officially launched in the UK, but that a small number of..

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FonistofCruxis said:

This game has the most male characters with female appearances that I have seen. The main character sounded like Luke from the Professor Layton series. I wonder if it's the same voice actor.



D33G said:

You can tell level 5 made it because some of the characters have the same art style as the professor layton series. If it comes out in the US, i'll get it.



FonistofCruxis said:

Nintendo are giving it some attention now. When I got Mario vs. Donkey Kong: mini-land mayhem, it was in that booklet showing different DS games that always comes with DS games.



m225581 said:

lvl 5 is most of the time a great company who makes great games but some games arent as good as they needed to be but thats my taste i watcht the whole serie in chinees with eng sub its a great game and yeah most people look like girls but are boysO.O

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